Chapter 1539: Have Countermeasures

The young man blocking Ye Jian from outside heard the voice inside and laughed loudly: “Hui Zi, don’t regret it if you don’t come out. I will snatch your beauty if you don’t come out.” Even his laughter was annoying.


The faces of Liu Yang and Song Zhiqiu darkened.


“We’re going in to find our friends. Please move aside.” Ye Jian didn’t look annoyed at all. Instead, she was still slightly smiling. Like a lotus blooming with dew in summer, her smile was like layers of petals, making people want to pick them off so that they could smell the fragrance.


The young man was stunned by her beauty. Beautiful woman, this person was indeed a beautiful woman!


Pervertedly, his eyes stared straight at Ye Jian; he smiled lightly and said: “Hey beautiful, don’t be so ruthless, don’t worry about finding your friends first, come chat with us.”


“Sorry I really want to look for my friends.” Ye Jian said again, her expression and words were still the same as before, but her eyes had already turned cold.

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The young man leaned over to Ye Jian, “Why don’t you let us accompany you to find your friends? After that, you can accompany us to have some fun. You can’t disagree with this arrangement, can you beautiful?”


“Hey beauty, my brother wants to play with you because he is interested in you. Don’t you reject him!”


“That’s right, you have to be acquainted with yourself. It’s an honor that our brother likes you. If you refuse, Brother Cheng will let you go, but the rest of us won’t. You better don’t cry then.”


Liu Yang was furious, “Hey, stop bullying her!”


“Little boy, watch your mouth” Two young men in black tights jumped out immediately. To pretend to be powerful, they even slapped the steel pipes in their palms. “If you don’t want to be beaten, you better move aside.”


Song Zhiqiu pulled Liu Yang back, “Don’t be impulsive; follow Ye Jian.” So far, Ye Jian had been very calm, and it seemed that she had other plans. Moreover, he also felt that Ye Jian was gentle deliberately.


They must be like her, gentle first, fight later.    

Noticing this, Song Zhiqiu whispered to Liu Yang, “Ye Jian told the teacher that she will reason with them first. She is reasoning with them now. After reasoning, we will go look for Xu Wen and the others, and then only we’ll see what to do next.”


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This “see what to do next” was naturally… a fight.


“Okay, can you give way and let me in.” As Song Zhiqiu thought, Ye Jian really planned to do that. She accepted his offer with a slight smile, waiting for them to step away.


In any case, they had to find Xu Wen and the rest first. That was the key point. Once they gathered everyone, there was no need to be worried about other factors when they started fighting.


Ye Jian walked forward with the young man, the other party said something, and Ye Jian also answered, politely, without a single trace of anger, but when the other party wanted to touch her, she glanced lightly and warned, “Watch out, you don’t want to have your limbs broken.”


It was an understatement, but it made the young man named “Brother Cheng” tremble fiercely and quickly retracted his hand.


There was a green net engineering bracket covered with sand and splashes in front. Ye Jian hadn’t walked over yet, but Ge Jinglin, who was guarding inside, had already seen her, “She’s here, she’s here, Ye Jian is here! She also brought backups over! 1, 2, 3…” He quickly counted and said joyfully: “Awesome, nine people! Almost half of our class came out.”

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