Chapter 1540: Kneel Down And Beg For Mercy

He didn’t even look carefully at the person who came. After counting the number of people, he turned to tell the other classmates behind him. When Ye Jian and the others came closer, he found that apart from knowing Ye Jian, Song Zhiqiu, and Liu Yang, he didn’t know everyone else.


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Moreover, their clothes seemed similar to that of the gangsters that chased them.


No way!


Ge Jinglin suddenly felt cold, the four of them had not gotten away yet, and now Ye Jian and another two classmates were dragged into the matter!


“It’s over; Ye Jian and the others are followed by six more of the gangsters. We haven’t gotten away yet, and we dragged her into our problem.” Ge Jinglin stared outside, quietly saying to the classmates behind him, “Brothers, I will go out later, I’ll leave the ones behind to you!”


“No matter how hard you fight, none of us must be separated.”


They were all smart in mind and knew what they had to do at the first reminder.


Wu Bingcheng said: “A few of us formed a circle back to back. Whoever comes charging at us with a steel pipe first, reach out and grab it from him. We must be fast, accurate, and ruthless! We must grab it as a self-defense weapon.”


“Fight against 23 steel pipes barehanded. This is a bit too much!” Yuan Dabing said cautiously, “Take care of my back, don’t let them hit my head!”


Ye Jian got closer and closer to them, and finally stood in front of the bracket and said to the young man: “My friend is resting here, do you all want to go in and take a look?”



“Darned it, she’s with them!” The young man finally realized that he was being tricked; his hippie smile became an angry expression, “You’re really brave, huh! Dare to trick me!”


Having said that, he yelled towards the alley, “Hui Zi, call all the brothers over! The people you are looking for are hidden here! They are all brave enough to actually call for backups to deal with us!”


Then, there was a sudden sound of footsteps in the alley, and more than a dozen young gangsters all rushed towards the bracket.


Ge Jinglin came out of the bracket first, and said to Ye Jian: “The trouble is a bit too big, sorry, Ye Jian.”


“Don’t worry.” Ye Jian smiled, shook her head, and asked about Xu Wen, who came out afterward, “Xu Wen, are you okay?”


Xu Wen stood directly next to Ye Jian, “I’m okay, I’m okay, I was just shocked earlier. I’m fine now.” She approached Ye Jian and said a little uneasy: “Ge Jinglin and the others said they cannot beat all these people. Let us first run out and call someone for help. Do you think people will come and help us?”


“No.” Ye Jian laughed. “They all have steel pipes in their hands. Most people won’t dare to come and provoke them. They will only hide away. They won’t want to get themselves hurt.” This is human nature, after all.


Xu Wen’s face turned pale, and the group of people who happened to be looking for them came forward menacingly with steel pipes in their hands. Xu Wen shrank her shoulders, scared.


But she did not hide. She stood beside Ye Jian, swallowed her saliva, and said, “Then we can only fight hard! Ge Jinglin said that we will form a circle, back to back, whoever hits us with steel pipes, we will grab the one first!”


Military academy students are healthy when they must be, and this current situation really needs them to be strong.


Ye Jian smiled until her eyebrows were curved; cadets had always been united, “Okay, but you have to remember to take care of your face, don’t get hurt.”


“Brother Hui” who had troubled Xu Wen came over. As soon as he saw Ge Jinglin and the others, he thought to himself, only seven people, hmph! So he ordered directly: “Beat them! Beat them hard! Beat them until they kneel down and beg for mercy!”


Kneel down and beg for mercy, eh…. Well, let’s see who will be the one to do that.

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