Chapter 1280 – The Heart Is Also Slowly

Sky Dungeon.

It was constructed above the skies of Holy City and was covered in layers of Spirit Energy Restrictions.

Without a guide or the permit issued by the Holy City, no one would be able to locate the location of the Sky Dungeon. Not many could have expected that it would be hidden in the sky.

This place was filled with bone-chilling winds; each wave of winds would make one feel as though it had seeped deep into the deepest part of their bones.

Common criminals were usually locked in the Underground Dungeon. Only individuals who were deemed to have committed the most severe of crimes or people of extreme evil would be locked in the Sky Dungeon.

After Ji Mo Ya arrived in Holy City, he requested Fifth Elder to help him acquire the permit to enter the Sky Dungeon before charging in there immediately.

Carrying complicated feelings of anxiety, nervousness, disgust and pain. When he arrived outside the Sky Dungeon, he hesitated to step into it…

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He was now standing outside No. 1 Sky Dungeon and from afar, he looked at the Greater Demon within. The figure that was as large as a house was quietly curled up and had laid there without moving.

Ji Mo Ya stood there for some time before a complicated glint flashed through his eyes, “Fifth Elder. I wish to enter alone. Please wait here for me.”

Ji Mo Yi Fan did not make things difficult for Ji Mo Ya and simply acknowledged the request and remained where he was standing. 

Ji Mo Ya walked in.

His expression was bland, yet one could see the hesitation and fear in his pose. He was afraid…

He was scared of facing the current Huan Qing Yan, yet he had a strong desire to see her…

A giant bird with dishevelled feathers was curled up in the corner of the Sky Dungeon. The cold wind that felt like blades were blowing on its body, preventing its wounds from healing and to continuously bleed…

Its pair of vigorous crimson claws that initially looked as though it possessed the power to shred the horizon… were now weakly unfurled, injuries could be seen in between each claw. 

They were tiny, looking as though they had been injured by needles or small flying daggers.

The injuries have been carefully cleaned by someone before, but the small holes were still bleeding.

Its head laid weakly to the side while its eyes were closed. The flame marks on its eyelids looked like bundles of mighty blazing clouds.

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However, they were currently covered in wounds as well.

None of the feathers on its neck, body and wings looked intact. Whenever the demon energy spreads out or when the wind blows, the rainbow feathers would crack and scatter everywhere.


The more Ji Mo Ya looked, the more desolate his heart became. He had tried to find that lively and beautiful image that he knew, even if it was just a small trace or shred of it.


This was a Greater Demon, one that was emitting powerful demon energy!

Ji Mo Ya wanted to say many things but did not know where to start.

He stretched his trembling fingers and uncontrollably wanted to touch the injuries on its body…

The heartache was extremely complicated.

At that moment, the Greater Demon seems to have sensed Ji Mo Ya’s arrival and struggled to raise its head.

It opened its crystal-like giant eyes and looked over.

Its gaze was filled with alluring demon energy.

At that instant, Ji Mo Ya felt his body froze. That gaze that was filled with demon energy seems to have brought him back to his childhood, to that time when he saw the cold gaze of the Snake Demon…

There was nothing within the darkness. Only the eyes of that Snake Demon that was looking at him coldly and emotionlessly…

Ji Mo Ya’s trembling fingers finally calmed down as his heart slowly hardened.

This is a demon!

“Demoness. You are a Half-Demon, right?”

Only Half-Demons could perfectly hide their demon energy to the point that even Half-Sages were unable to detect.

When the Greater Demon heard the words Demoness, its crystal-like eyes lost several shades of brightness. It released a weak cry and struggled with great effort to stand up. It was trying to walk towards Ji Mo Ya.

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