Chapter 1532: So Cruel

There were only three girls in the class, so the whole class knew something was up. As a top student in every subject in the class, the whole class would know something was up as long as Ye Jian made any unusual moves.


The freshman training task was more important than study. As a result, every student had to take time to rest after training. Some students who had poor physical fitness and had not yet adapted to the high-load training schedule would fall asleep during class.

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Under such circumstances, Ye Jian, as a girl, could still study every day, attend class carefully, never doze off, and had topped the whole class from September to October.


And now, she was even having night shifts!

Last night, all students in the class took part in a five-kilometer run. After the run, all the students were exhausted and collapsed on the spot. They returned to the school at 7 in the evening and dragged their legs into their dormitory.


But Ye Jian didn’t. After taking a bath, she greeted. He Jing and Xu Wen and went to the library to study.

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After running five kilometers during the day, she could still study until midnight. The next morning, He Jing said to the boys in the class: “She’s such an extraordinary person with a strong will. I can only wish to be like her.”


“You and Xu Wen have worked hard too.” The boy Qian Yanjun looked at her “distressedly”, feeling sad, “You two have to stay in the same dorm as her; there must be an unusual level of pressure.”


The most terrible thing is not having someone better than you, but having someone who is better than you and yet still works harder than you.


He Jing nodded heavily, grabbed her book on the desk, gritted her teeth, and said: “I have to work hard. I must strive harder; just look at Ye Jian every day!” As a military academy student with lofty ambitions, how can she be worse than her!


“You girls are so ruthless; why do you all always want to embarrass us boys?” Qian Yanjun also grabbed his book. His eyes widened, digesting the knowledge he learned.


Less than five minutes later, Qian Yanjun’s wide-open eyes began to squint. He was so tired and sleepy that he wanted to sleep on the table for a while.


This is too difficult! He hadn’t even recovered from the five-kilometer run yesterday, and today, they started doing exercises early in the morning again. He really just wanted to have a good sleep in class.


A few minutes ago, he said he was going to strive, but at this moment, the dizzy Qian Yanjun turned his head and glanced at He Jing. Good fellow, he had already fallen asleep on the table!


Forty-five students in the class. They were once top students, but after entering the military academy where training was more important than academics, the practice had consumed so much of their physical strength that it was difficult for them to do both academy and training.


He Jing and Qian Yanjun were the epitome of the class. The daily high-intensity and high-load training made it difficult for these college entrance examination tyrants to devote their energy to their studies.


Besides, military, internal affairs, and marching queues must be good, as a military academy student; otherwise, it would bring negative impact as compared to having poor performance in their studies. Therefore, the students were not worried even if they knew that they were not focusing on their studies.


After all, as long as they didn’t miss the courses or make-up exams, no one would trouble them.


After a long period of time, their focus naturally shifted to the military, internal affairs, marching queues, and physical fitness.


But not Ye Jian. She listened carefully in class and took notes. After her training, she studied while resting, integrating both together, turning learning into rest and rest into learning. So, she never missed a lesson.


She had always known what her ideals were and had always struggled to realize her ideals. Today’s hard work was all for becoming a special soldier like Xia Jinyuan in the future.


So what if she had to suffer a little more now?

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