Chapter 1531: Hard Work And Push Forward

The teachers and instructors fell silent one by one.


Later, an instructor in charge of the physical fitness sighed and said with a smile: “Military students have three major nightmares: housekeeping, marching queues, and physical fitness. Every freshman will be tortured for at least two months. And so far, there’s no difference between Ye Jian and the veterans.”


“Let’s take folding quilts as an example. Some students still hadn’t mastered folding their sheets in the standard tofu cubes; the corners are not in shape either. But on the first day Ye Jian entered school, I checked her dorm that night, among all the students, she was the only one who met the standard.”


“The housekeeping team was surprised; they even took a measuring tape. And my goodness, it’s 65 cm long and 15 cm high, it was perfect, not a centimeter longer or shorter. The surface of her sheets was so flat that, it’s like what her classmates like to say, if you drop a drop of water on the sheets, the water can even slide down.”


The freshly-collared blanket is so new that it still has the smells of the warehouse, it feels soft and slippery, and it is absolutely comfortable to cover. Still, it is difficult for this fresh blanket to be folded into a standard tofu cube shape!


Everyone sitting in the conference room knew that every year the first problem that new students have to conquer is “folding their sheets.” Even those students who had friends or family, who were once soldiers or were currently in the army, had to experience this problem.


Some days later, they all managed to fold well, but it was still rare to see them fold up to the standard like Ye Jian, even if they were mostly boys.


Just this one housekeeping problem was enough to let people remember Ye Jian.


“Although Ye Jian is a freshman, her housekeeping and marching queue are exemplary. If I’m not there in normal training, she can become an assistant teacher, and she can guide students who did not meet the standard. Since the military has made the arrangement, I believe that she will not have any problems in the comprehensive physical test.”


The instructor in charge of physical fitness no longer had any concerns. The teacher in charge of teaching courses also said: “Ye Jian has always been very hardworking. As long as she has free time, even if it is only half an hour, she will hurry up to study.”


“I have observed her study for half a month and also read her study plan. In her summer schedule, the usual wake-up time for students is 5:30, but she wakes up at 4:50 to study for half an hour. In her winter schedule, the usual wake up time is 6, but she wakes up at 5:00 and studies for an hour.”


“This was her everyday schedule; she never failed once. During weekends, she spends most of her time in the school library and public computer room. Her wake-up time and bedtime are also the same as usual, no difference from weekdays.”


She is so talented and smart, and she is clearly in the upper reaches of her grade in all aspects, but she has never let go of herself.


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She has perseverance. Day after day, her schedule never changed.


Such a student obviously has a bright future even before graduation.


Sure enough, they all chose to secretly protect the national leaders in the big celebration. The teachers and instructors in the conference room had not even had the opportunity to accompany national leaders.


Smart, hardworking, and focus on studies… The teacher smiled slightly. Such a student was very rare.


After discussion on this matter, there was no longer any doubt, and it was decided that Ye Jian was leaving school for training in mid-December.


Ye Jian didn’t know that she would be leaving school for training. The principal specially organized this meeting. Since learning from the Major General that she would leave school for about a month, her study schedule had become more compact.


It was so compact that it was rare for the girls in the same dorm to see her.

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