Chapter 1530 So Awesome And Yet We Don’t Know

“Furthermore, her arrangement is very scientific and reasonable. She makes good use of time and effectively improves her efficiency. Through our analysis and observation, the Dean and I agreed that Ye Jian will leave school on December 12th. The total leaving days is 45 days.”


Ye Jian was going to leave school for 45 days. The teachers quickly calculated the time and found that she would actually be back three days before the exam.


“Principal, I would like to ask how are we going to arrange her schedule for the comprehensive physical test? She would be back three days before her exam; by then, the comprehensive physical test has ended. All the students will be in their final review. She may not be able to keep up with the other students’ progress.”


“I agree with Instructor Du. This is her first-semester comprehensive physical test. It will affect her future entrance examinations, postgraduate examinations, and selection examinations if there is any mistake. Dean, I also want Ye Jian to be awarded the 99th “Excellent Cadet”, but now the military department has made such an arrangement, I am really not sure if I could agree with this.”


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Teachers consider professional class performance, and instructors consider physical performance, all of which show how much they value Ye Jian.


The Dean turned sideways, facing the teachers and instructors who participated in the discussion, “Everyone, the case is like this, the military department has considered the related issues you mentioned. Therefore, the professional courses that Ye Jian will be taking one month before she leaves will still be arranged by the teachers and instructors. We still need you all to draw out the plan focusing on the key points of her final exam.”


“Ye Jian training this time is not ordinary training but is for the sake of the reputation of our military. You all know that our country just held a big celebration. Still, you must not know our school student, Ye Jian, has secretly joined in that big celebration and protected the safety of our national leaders as a soldier.”


This matter was not a secret. After the end of the course, what merit Ye Jian had made during her school period would be printed on her personal completion certificate one by one.


Furthermore, during the live broadcast of the big celebration, Ye Jian was seen three seconds in it; anyone who was familiar with Ye Jian would notice her.    

She had only enrolled for a month in this school, and the teachers and instructors were already impressed by her, but they had not been even more impressed when they saw the Ye Jian in that three-second live broadcast.


“You all can go have a look at the big celebration live video. There is a shot of Ye Jian in it. It was only for three seconds. She noticed that the camera was facing her, and she reacted sharply to avoid it. Otherwise, there would be at least ten seconds of her in the live broadcast.”


The Dean also watched the video another time before noticing his student.

He was surprised to learn that his student was sent to protect the national leaders as soon as she entered the school. The teachers and instructors who taught her were all surprised. They all watched the big celebration that day, but they overlooked Ye Jian.


We must watch it again tonight!


As her teacher and instructor, how could they not know such a big matter!

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This was too low-profile!


The Dean smiled, watching everyone’s expression, and continued: “In other words, our school student Ye Jian is valued by our leader and military, and needs the cooperation of our school to let her leave to complete this important training.”


“As for a reason for her leaving school for training, I’m sorry, this matter is confidential. The Principal and I also don’t know the reason. However, the military department has already considered all of your concerns and has a countermeasure.”


“In other words, Ye Jian’s training will not affect her studies and physical training. What students learn during school, Ye Jian will also learn it, her training will not affect her studies.”


However, she would have to suffer.


However, as a soldier, she couldn’t be afraid of hardship and tiredness; she must overcome even if she encountered great difficulties.


Hard work is nothing because the one who benefits, in the end, is always only oneself.

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