Chapter 1, Alos

Sitting on a large and verdant plain was the kingdom of Alos. The many villages and large fields that sprawled across the land gave a sense of tranquility. It was almost as if all they had known was peace. Further proven by the fact that many of the towns and villages had no walls, simply a few towers, and fortresses on the outskirts. Although this seemingly small kingdom seemed like an easy target for a kingdom like Relz, their military power was not to be looked down upon. The knight squadrons they had trained for hundreds of years boasted fearsome power and were known for having a 100% win record. As well, their king was a 6th-grade warrior known for his powerful techniques and unique magic that tore through armies.

Their kingdom was also a very short distance from the sea allowing for ease of trade. Through the years they had helped and allied with many of the kingdoms. Delivering goods from even other continents. They were the benefactors of all other kingdoms; attacking them was paramount to placing a target on one’s back.

Sitting in a regal office was a clean-looking man who seemed to scream charm. A defined chin and blonde to red hair that swept past his shoulder made him look fierce. This was the king of Alos, Illos Alos. He seemed to only be 30 when in reality, he was almost 900 years old. The only thing that could give a hint as to his real age was his eyes. They were cold and hollow as if he had lost the meaning to his life long ago. This was only exacerbated by the job he was doing, completing paperwork when there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

“Glory to his majesty, a letter came in with the royal mark of Iceborn.”

The king’s eyes that seemed to stare into the depths of one’s soul suddenly lit up with interest. “Wonder what Requille’s done this time.”, the only time that brat sends letters is when he needs something repaired. Last time I heard he almost destroyed his lab and had to ask for resources to repair it. Hundreds of powerful magic circles and items, gone in an instant.

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However, the letter was truly surprising. As he read through the note the expression on his face changed multiple times. From shock to interest and finally to understanding. Witnessing such a scene the messenger got quite curious. It wasn’t every day you saw the king’s hollow eyes and stone face show such expressions.

“If I may, my majesty, but what was written for you to act such a way?”

 “The king of Iceborn is wishing to borrow my power, surprising, to say the least. You may leave for now but, don’t let anyone into my office.”

As the door shut he rose from his seat to look out the window of the room. The letter was much different from what he expected. The letter was asking for help with the war. Requilles plan was simple, Illos’s knights would help protect against direct attacks against the capital of Iceborn. While Requille himself would lead his army to destroy Relz once and for all. Relz had been a thorn in both of their sides for hundreds of years. Over his 800 years of life and experience meeting with two of Relz’s kings, he could say without a doubt that he hated them. With this favor, he would also earn 30% of any loot from Relz. It was tempting to say the least. Thankfully there were quite a few years to go before the plan was pulled off. The war was still in its beginning stages and he had many things to prepare beforehand. 

The king was a decisive man, however. This was one of his few friends and he should help him. Though it was better to say that he felt like a doting uncle or grandfather. He was friends with the old king and had been there for Requille’s birth, helping to nurture him along the way. Opening the window he cast a simple spell. With a simple waving motion, the flame-like letters flew into the wind and a few minutes later he heard a few knocks on the door.

Opening the door slowly was a man in full knight’s armor excluding the helmet. An unassuming but handsome face and black hair paired with his slight grin made him look sly. This all changed as he met the king with a friendly smile and a small hug. Armin had been close friends with the king since childhood. He was the head son of a high-ranking noble family known for their martial prowess. With his talent in the sword, he climbed the ranks and with Illos’s recommendation was able to become the commander of the royal knights. 

“I heard there was a plan to destroy Relz?”

“Don’t get so excited, we won’t be doing anything ourselves, just letting Requille borrow the knights so he can rampage in peace.”

“That’s good and all but how soon? I’m giddy at the thought of getting rid of them once and for all. You don’t KNOW how many assassins I’ve killed that were sent by Relz. I just need to know when and I’ll destroy them promptly.”

“Once again, you’re not going to actually be there, calm down man.” With a slightly amused face, the king sat back down and read the letter again.

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“He doesn’t have a set time for the raid. However, it’s going to be more than a few years. We’ll just wait for him to contact us”


A dagger coated in black flames flew at a speed not visible to the eye! As it came in from the window a flame erupted behind the king’s back destroying the chair and ground. The flame seemed to take the shape of a long sword and was so well defined it looked like a blade forged from the flames itself. As the two weapons clashed the dagger was sent flying back. However, a sword was not built with just defense in mind. Gripping the sword Illos looked back at a tree that seemed to have been disturbed and a shadow that seemed to be running away.

“Don’t move Armin, I haven’t fought in a while. Been getting rusty sitting in an office for so long.”  

Jumping out of the window he raised a hand, in it a javelin appeared. As soon it appeared so did a flaming platform under his feet. Taking aim he threw the javelin with such strength a shock wave followed it in the air throwing his long hair behind him. In a split second, the center of the moving shadow was pierced through and an explosion ravaged the ground. Leaving a lone assassin in the air as he jumped out of the way.

Quickly realizing that his chances of escape were falling every second the assassin cast magic, “ Corruption shot!”! However, laughing Illos calmy and simply walked to the side right before the magic was fired. The black and green flame went straight past him and instead hit the castle. The castle brick which should have a high degree of magic resistance quickly started to melt displaying the frightening power behind it.

Not wanting to die without a fight the assassin quickly threw 15 more daggers which seemed to curve and attack the king at multiple angles. Above, below, front, right, and left the daggers came in from all sides leaving no room to escape. The man himself also moved in to attack using the highest rated technique he knew, “DRAGON SCALE BREAKER!”. However, the king didn’t want to escape, instead, he calmly took a stance and swung his blade, “Flame Wheel.”. The lackluster name didn’t fit the power of the technique, as the sky lit up and a swirling flame wave not only ate the daggers but also the assassin.

As he turned to leave, releasing the flame platform underneath him, he landed on the floor and quickly shot off a flame to his side. The assassin was released of his stealth and the horrified look on his face couldn’t express the dread and pain he felt. As that small flame turned into a long sword settling itself in his stomach before exploding in a tall pillar of flames.

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