Chapter 1, El’s Diary

El’s Magic Journal

6,21,11115 – The first day of training with mom was horrifying. I couldn’t even make it past halfway around the castle before collapsing. Not even 1/8th of the workout… However mom didn’t stop, instead, she summoned a horse to carry me. The horse was completely black and I couldn’t get a clear look at it. It was obviously a monster she tamed as his body was covered in shadows concealing it. It seemed to move me back to the training area before I could even process that it appeared. It was really cool, It’s called a wanderer according to mom and it uses shadow magic to move. I was already dying at this point but mom made me continue and try each exercise till I couldn’t. Ianna came in just a few moments later after finishing her run and joined us. I learned from talking with her that day that she was a soldier under mom before becoming a maid.

7, 15, 11115 – Today I joined my father to go look at his laboratory and practice ‘frost wave’. The frost wave that I used in the practice book was a weaker version that was made so kids wouldn’t hurt themselves. The real frost wave makes a layer of ice in whichever direction you want and is completely controllable. Things like the thickness, hardness, and whether or not it traps people’s feet.

8, 28,11115 – Master En came up with another solution to my spell casting. It is to make the spells use less mana. When making spell circles there are two types all mages learn. The most common is just making a few circles within another then having a base rune in the center and auxiliary runes on the outside. Some people write their chants inside as well to help them visualize the creation and charging of the magic circle. Then you have what is called the unorthodox tower. Called as such as it turns even the simplest of spells into a 3d formation but it is infuriatingly hard to control. It works off the theory that runes work better when the mana flows in a shape resembling the nature of the rune. With water let’s say, it wants more space, a free-flowing mana path with fewer constrictions. The tower comes from needing to connect different shapes together with paths. While you can keep it two dimensional, if you instead keep the width of the circle smaller, making the tower, you get an even better effect.  

10, 1, 11115 – I have made it to the fourth circle today! To advance to another circle you have to take a test that certifies that you have proficiency of that level. It was a simple test in which they handed me a paper with a spell circle on it and then gave me an hour to cast the spell. With my training focussing on my already high mana control I could create the circle in just a few seconds once I understood how it worked.

12, 15, 11115 – I DID IT. I learned ‘frost wave’ in the tower method! Now a spell that used ten mana to cast only requires 5! Although I now have to speak a full chant to use it I DID IT. I also have a lot higher control over the spell compared to normal since the tower literally fits the nature of the magic. If I get better and better with it I can possibly get it even lower! As well, the Cycling technique is starting to have an effect! Along with my natural growth incapacity, I now have almost 55 mana! Plus It’s been having a positive effect on my body as well, increasing my muscle’s natural strength. I can now do about a quarter of the pre-sword training before passing out! Although it’s still embarrassing that I have to be carried to my room by Ianna. It’s kind of surprising she even has that strength since she doesn’t look as muscular as a mom. She is also pretty small compared to mom, maybe 5’5”. It’s probably because she’s a second stage warrior.

1,1,11116 – Today is my birthday! It’s morning right now but I’m simply writing this cause I learned something new while talking to Ianna about my hair color. I was wondering why I have such dark blue hair when mom has black hair and dad has light almost icy blue hair. That is because magic affinity changes parts of your body. Most commonly both the hair and eyes change color but there have been cases when only the eyes or only hair is affected. In very rare cases even a person’s blood changed color. With Ianna, her hair is a deep black but apparently, it wasn’t so deep. Just that as her affinity with dark magic grew her hair color became darker. It almost absorbs any light that hits it.

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