Chapter 1529 Little Girl Is Quite Ambitious

Ye Jian could roughly guess what the Major General might say to her.


Xia Jinyuan mentioned this matter to her after leaving the Storm Amphibious Frogman Commando during the summer vacation.


Ye Jian calculated the time; yeah, it was roughly around this time.

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“Next year, there will be a confrontation between our country and the Western countries. This is the first time that our country has sent special force soldiers to participate. Ye Jian, you will be one of the female special forces, and you will win glory for the country with the male soldiers.”


What the Major General said was indeed the matter, she guessed. From his tone, it was obvious that the decision had been made, and Ye Jian would definitely participate in this competition. Her name was on the list and would not be changed.


The Major General had considerable confidence in Ye Jian. Otherwise, a cadet would not be allowed to participate in such an important match.


“Do you have the confidence to win glory for your country? To return with victory?”


Facing the Major General’s question, Ye Jian, who stood upright like a green pine, answered each word clearly, “I will definitely live up to expectations.”


“Good! I appreciate your fearless temperament! Next, Ye Jian, you will work harder than male soldiers and put in more effort than them.” The Major General laughed loudly. The girl’s temperament was still the same as when they first met. Her heart had never changed. She had been firmly advancing towards her goal.


Such a talent, such a female soldier, how can he bear his heart to silence her as a soldier?


He will only better develop her potential, let her walk step by step, solidly and steadily to reach the peak, becoming the most dazzling star in the army, guiding the younger soldiers to march forward like her, with a steel gun in hand, she will live up to her life.


Ye Jian yearns for training, eager to improve, and at the same time does not want to lose in her studies.


But after listening to the Major General, she seemed to need to take time off for training, so she would definitely fall back in her studies, which wasn’t what she wanted.


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Then she asked, “Major General, will there be any plans for my study arrangements between the military and the school?” After all, she was still a student, and there was no way she could completely disregard her studies. She thought to herself, the military and the school should know to make arrangements for her, right?


“You can rest assured that the military will have a plan for your study courses.” The Major General’s laughter grew even louder.


The little girl had always been looking for room for improvement for herself, never wanting to leave one thing behind another. This ambition of hers had never been small.


Learning is very important as a military academy student, so she will have to work harder than the other male soldiers later.


With such a sentence from the Major General, Ye Jian hung up the phone with confidence, waiting for the next time she had to leave school again.


The school’s initial response to the military’s arrangement was only one word: nonsense!


“Isn’t this nonsense? Let a student leave for a month to participate in training and then return to school after final exams? We disagree on this matter.” A phone call from the Military Ministry opened a discussion meeting in the courtyard, and the teachers and faculty who spoke all expressed their opposition.


The principal and the dean, sitting at the top, glanced at each other. The principal lay his hands flat on the conference table and tapped his fingers on the table. The teachers and faculty advisors, who had objected to the matter, calmed down and sat upright. They turned their head sideways, focusing on the dean.


“This is an order from the military department. The school only has to obey and cooperate. The dean and I have studied Ye Jian’s performance for two nights and also investigated her trajectory during her time in school. In 24 hours, she occupied classrooms, training grounds, etc. The library occupied her for 17 hours.”

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