Chapter 1528: No Regrets

Ye Jian smiled at the couple and turned to Xia Jinyuan and said, “We have to give way.”


“Next time, I’ll book this spot earlier.” The Major, who had calmed his restlessness, picked up the duffel bag that he put aside, naturally took his girlfriend’s hand, and walked down the grassy field.


Behind him, the little girl was shocked, “Wow, that man is so handsome!”


“The girl is also beautiful.” The little boy said tightly.


The little girl became dissatisfied with his comment, so the little boy had to immediately lower his head to admit his mistake and try his best to make his girlfriend happy.


Their love can be squandered, and they can argue about little things without scruples. This kind of love is close to life, direct and sweet.


And their love will not lack speed and passion. Maybe the next time they meet, they will face gunfire, and the bullet will “swish” by their ears, and he will say, “cover, go forward”, and she will say, “mission complete!”


Love on the battlefield, love in the flames of war, is thrilling and has no regrets.


The sun began to sway westward. This time, Ye Jian didn’t let him stay; she took her luggage and smiled at him: “Captain Xia, you go. First, I want to see you walk away.”


Xia Jinyuan tidied her uniform, and buttoned her collar, making her look like a true student, then said, “Okay, you send me this time.”


He did not refuse. Anyway, it was either he saw her off, or she saw him off.


His back figure walking in the sun was tall and stalwart, and the majesty of a soldier could be seen through his walk. She watched him for a long time, unable to withdraw her sight.


Xia Jinyuan needed to go to the sea at the southernmost tip of their country. He would be joining Devil King Li Jinnian and began to prepare for the competition next year.

When he left in a taxi, he rolled down the window and waved goodbye to the slender figure who was still standing at the school gate, “Till next time, goodbye.”


“Till next time, goodbye.” Ye Jian waved her hand and replied with her lips. Next time, they would meet again next time.


Stepping onto the campus, Ye Jian, who successfully completed her task, devoted herself to learning. After completing the professional courses, she started a simple but not boring military school life. A week later, she received a call from the military department telling her that she had done another meritorious service.


“Fu Hui has been arranged to study in the city. The school waived her tuition in full, and a company is sponsoring her until she graduates from college.” The Major General informed Ye Jian briefly so that she could be relieved.


She was really rest assured now. A kind and righteous girl must have a good ending.


Chen Jiafu, Li Er, and the villagers involved in killing the policemen were sentenced to death. Among them, Fu Hui’s father was involved in the dismemberment with a mountain axe.


As for Chen Jiakang and Chen Jiaxing, who fled abroad, thought that everything was going well, but they did not know that they were closely monitored. Once the diplomatic action started, their lives would come to an end.


Ye Jian did not ask about the arrangement of the Great Hall. Captain Xia reminded her that as a soldier, she only needed to obey commands, not speak out when she was not supposed to, and not easily question any decisions from those of higher ranking than her.


Obey orders. This is a soldier’s discipline.


Why is there a saying, “soldiers regard obedience to orders as their bounden duty”, because bounden duty is the belief and purpose of the army!


She thought that the Major General only contacted her because of Fu Hui, but she didn’t know that there was another critical thing waiting for her. The Major General’s smile gradually became serious, and he coughed slightly. Ye Jian became alert; she stood at attention, waiting for the Major General to speak.

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