Rigged 19

Sunset was about to happen, and Moffet was in the rig with his men, celebrating their victory. The only loss they had borne was of Moffet’s house. But he could take it on his chest for the rest of his life. By taking over water, they could earn more than they ever had within months.
A man came towards their direction after passing a dune. Mitchell put his binoculars on to see who the person was. A while later he recognized him. 
Moffet scanned around to look whether he was alone or with Roderick.
He got no signs of Roderick anywhere, but his gangsters were still skeptical. They were also gazing at Mitchell with their  on their sniper scopes. They saw Mitchell coming nearer by raising his hands.
“You are thirsty or what?” Moffet laughed at his own jest while nobody else found it funny.
“No.” It didn’t go well with Mitchell. He would have talked more if he hadn’t remembered what Roderick had planned for him.
“Then there is no point for you to be here.” Moffet scoffed, “There is no point for you to live as well.”
“Roderick is coming to take over this place.”
“The guy who left the metal detector in my house?” Moffet didn’t take him in a serious note, “What else can he do than blowing up houses unintentionally?”
“He can bring down entire army camp, travel dimensions, fight off eagles, father a duck and make it rain.” Mitchell counted on his fingers. He knew he had missed some, but he didn’t bother remembering everything in details.
His eyes were set on the vehicles parked behind the huge rig. With every gunman aiming at him, there was nobody to pay attention to the jeeps consisting of warm clothes. Mitchell was forced to make lies about Roderick when he saw Roderick crawling his way towards the jeeps. Mitchell had to stop Moffet and his men from looking back while Roderick conducted the ultimate heist.
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