Rigged 18

“Holy s***.” Mitchell said, “Moffet didn’t want to steal fuel. He wanted to destroy it. He disposed it in this restricted area so that nobody would find it is here.”
“And I was wondering why this place didn’t turn into quicksand.” Roderick laughed, “Density.”
“Roderick! Moffet doesn’t want the fuel.”
“Yes, isn’t it good news? You got what you wanted.” Roderick smirked, “You should apologize to this duck for what you had said.”
“You don’t get it.” Mitchell said.
“Why did Moffet do this? Doesn’t he want fuel?” Roderick was perplexed.
“He wants power.”
“Why didn’t he destroy the rig if he wanted to dispose fuel?”
“He wants to replace fuel. This is why he did not destroy the rig. He needs the rig for something else.” Mitchell then scratched his head, “But what could it be?”
“Water?” Roderick put his opinion.
Mitchell glanced at him with full seriousness. It was also a hint for Roderick to keep on speaking.
“Maybe he wants water to come out of the rig instead of fuel. And if he owns the rig of water, then it would give him ultimate power.” Roderick said, “No matter how much fuel you gather for your cars, at the end of the day everyone craves for water.”
“You are right.” Mitchell nodded several times, “Then he must be in the rig. We must go there and snatch it.”
“Hey! Don’t change your demand.” Roderick came forward, “You wanted fuel. And you got it. Now don’t put me in more mess.”
“But you said my demands can be changed.”
Roderick began shaking in anger while Mitchell continued to speak, “My satisfaction matters, doesn’t it?”
“Moffet’s men also might be there.” Roderick got hold of his wrath.
“Do you have any plan to counter them?”
“Trust me.” Roderick grinned, “If they are in there then I have a strategy.”
“How can I trust you if you don’t tell me your strategy?”
“You will also need to move your arms and legs for it. I will do my half and you do yours.” Roderick boosted his confidence, “Distract those men while I steal their warm clothes. Without clothes thick enough to keep themselves warm, they will freeze to death.”
“We will freeze as well.” Mitchell turned down his idea, “Do you find our clothes warm?”
Roderick’s eyes fell on the thin clothes on their bodies. He punched his own head by the bottom of his palm, thinking what he could do for the problem. 
Eduwardo had thick clothes, but they were dead.
Duckling quaked, seeing them worried. A wicked grin spread on Roderick’s lips.
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