Chapter 1527: An Acquired Taste

Xia Jinyuan’s heart was a mess. This was his favorite lover and his closest comrade-in-arms.


He half-closed his black eyes rubbed the tip of her beautiful nose with his nose, and then he couldn’t help taking a deep breath, “Ye Jian…”


He whispered softly, expressing his affection.

It was so gentle that Ye Jian only felt like she had fallen into a thick cotton ball; it was so soft that she could not help but squeeze her feet together as she welcomed his kiss.


Her cheeks were hot, but her heart was full of joy.


Kissing can make people dizzy, and it can make people breathe harder. Her loosened hands embraced him again, hugging him tightly, and then slowly grasping the back of his shirt.


Xia Jinyuan’s kiss was very soft, not slow, not hurried; it was extremely patient, just like when he was fighting, he used a silent and immersed combat tactic to plunder the city.


“Xia Jinyuan.” Ye Jian, who was trembling after the kiss, grabbed his shirt and leaned into his arms like a collapsed body, feeling the charm of a kiss led by him.


Aromatic, intoxicating, uncontrollable.


Kissing for three minutes was a bit long, but it also satisfied Xia Jinyuan’s careful thinking and relieved the discomfort in their body.


Once two people who were separated, get close, it was like a volcanic eruption, suddenly erupting out of control. Xia Jinyuan’s hands tightened her waist even harder, profoundly enjoying the time they had together.


Ye Jian responded to him. Whenever he couldn’t help calling her name, she would get closer to him, letting him feel her response. She loosened her hands that were grabbing his shirt and then climbed her arms to his shoulder. He kissed her deeply, and Ye Jian kissed back.


No one disturbed them there, leaving a big space for the intimate lovers. There were chirping birds on the treetops, but suddenly they fluttered their wings and quickly left.


Someone was here, and the time was almost three minutes.


“Time is up.”    

When the time is up, it’s time to stop. Ye Jian, whose tongue was still tangled with his, reminded him vaguely. No way, she devoted herself wholeheartedly to knowing how long “three minutes” had passed.


Xia Jinyuan was a little doubtful whether his kissing technique was bad… His girlfriend actually calculated the time when they were kissing! Captain Xia was a little bit shocked.


Xia Jinyuan, who was comforted afterward, suppressed the restlessness that invaded his eyes. His dark eyes watched Ye Jian, who still had her eyes closed. Her lips were red, full of a kind of temptation of wanting to take a bite of forbidden fruit.


Xia Jinyuan lowered his head again, lightly pecked her red lips, letting his lips touched by the temperature of her red lips to relieve his hunger and thirst.


“Next time, I will ask for six minutes.” He requested like a soldier with the spirit of seeking truth from facts, his agitation had not yet subsided, his voice was hoarse when he asked, “Was the kiss bad?”


Ye Jian: “…” There’s really no need to discuss this topic.


“Otherwise, why would you take note of the time so accurately? You didn’t even let me have the chance to extend it.” He said with a low smile, and the hoarseness in his tone was still infused with his restlessness.


After receiving the kiss, her heart relaxed a lot, and she didn’t feel shy anymore. It seemed that she could get used to this kind of thing the more she did it.


Anyway, the person who came over was also a young couple. Coming out of the forest, they were stunned when they saw Ye Jian and Xia Jinyuan in front of them.

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