Chapter 1526 Little Fox, You Are Irresponsible

Ye Jian didn’t understand Xia Jinyuan’s words. She raised her head from his arms and blinked. How could she have anything to do with being a professional firefighter?


The innocent Little Fox doesn’t understand anything, and yet she always teased him, without knowing how a real tease was…this was expected of her.


His chin touched her ears, breathing clearly into her ears, and then he said some sexual words, stunning Ye Jian for a few seconds.


Yes, this time, his girlfriend understood.


His thin lips lifted upwards, and his warm lips brushed her earlobe. He wanted to repeat it, but Ye Jian in his arms trembled, and her hands that had wrapped his waist were retracted like an electric shock.


How would she know that he was actually teasing her back!


She hadn’t paid attention to it at first, but she was awakened by him at this moment. Ye Jian finally felt his change,…like how she clearly felt his body reacted last time.


However, she was still in high school at that time, so she believed he would not take any further action.


But now that she was older, at eighteen years old, she was already considered an adult, what if, what if…, Ye Jian, who had not experienced love in both her past lives, was a little panicked.


He had said some things that made her face flushed before, but he said it tactfully and obscurely that time. However, today he spoke so blatantly, he even said he was “hard”.


Ye Jian felt that she was burning from the soles of her feet, all the way to her face until she suddenly opened her mouth… After recovering from her panic, Ye Jian found that she had bitten his chest muscles, and the bite position was so precise!


She was even more anxious and panicked now. Of all places on his chest, why was it such a coincidence that she had bitten on his pap!


“So anxious? I can’t let you do this, you deliberately tease me, but I have to sit still?” He said softly with a smile, his slender hands touched her, like warmed iron tongs, burning Ye Jian’s waist, making it boiling hot.    

It was easier for him to speak; this point on his chest muscles had not been touched by the opposite sex after all, so the stimuli received were not ordinary.


“It’s time to let go, Little Fox.”


He had received a lot of anti-temptation training, but it never worked in front of her. The body always responds honestly. He had no way to control it. No matter how proud he was of his self-control ability, his body was very sincere at this moment, expressing how bad his self-control ability was.


Fortunately, he could restrain further movements.


Ye Jian quickly turned her head away, afraid to look at him again.


What to do, she really wants to run away!


But even if she wanted to run, she had to see if Xia Jinyuan would allow her. The weather, location, people, these three factors had to be considered, so how could she be allowed to run away.


Xia Jinyuan, who saw her thoughts, didn’t give his girlfriend a chance. He moved his hands away from her slender waist and slowly held her face. His slender fingers gently stroked her face. When he lowered his head, there was something in his nose, a fragrance.


That was his Little Fox’s pleasant fragrance that could arouse the most primitive possessiveness of a man.


Ye Jian had closed her eyes and felt the warmth between his fingertips. After years of training, the strokes from his rough fingers caused her eyelashes to tremble.


She closed her eyes and let him touch her. On her face was nothing but trust she had in him. She was not afraid that he would have any bad intentions, nor worried that she would be harmed. She trusted him wholeheartedly.

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