Chapter 1278 – You Are More Detestable Than Demon Men!

A tear rolled out from the corner of the giant bird’s eyes when it heard Nan Gong Bei Cheng’s words.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng noticed the tear and his eyes started to turn red then. His expression turned even colder and firmer.

“You are a King Spirit Master. Why are you not killing enemies in the frontlines but back in Holy City defending a Greater Demon? What sort of hero is this?”

“You attack your fellow humans for demons, you are even more detestable than demon men!”

“The Half-Sage is here! The Half-Sage is here to catch the Demon Man…”


Plant Sage and Bai Li Ren were flying towards the area.

Everyone started reporting their grievances.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng suddenly felt his heart racing. His injuries were still not recovered, yet he had travelled to Holy City without stopping the moment he woke up. His current state was far from capable of resisting a Half-Sage.

However, he cannot give way. He was unable to save Little Yan, so all he could do was to protect her and reduce the pain she was receiving.

He had never expected Little Yan to be a Half-Demon, this was something even his Third Eye failed to notice.

All he saw was the human portion of her bloodline…

“Lord Sage! She is only a Half-Demon…”

Plant Sage looked at Nan Gong Bei Cheng emotionlessly and nodded.

He stretched his hand towards the air and cancelled the restrictions that Poison Sage imposed on the Greater Demon.

And grabbed the spirit chains binding the Greater Demon with his hand.

Plant Sage addressed the crowd, “This Greater Demon is related to the Demon God Command. Due to the severity of the matter, we are not executing it temporarily! It has been here for several days, and everyone has managed to vent their frustrations over this period. The Greater Demon will be imprisoned in the dungeons from today onwards. Everyone, please disperse.”

Nan Gong Bei Cheng’s heart relaxed and was grateful to Plant Sage.

Bai Li Ren also heaved a sigh of relief. This was all he could do now regarding this matter for now as well.

Even with Crazy Sage’s presence, he will still not be able to protect Huan Qing Yan due to the current state of war and with such an enormous blunder being committed.

The Ji Mo Clan as well, they have been silent all this while.

The Ji Mo Clan will undoubtedly be the ones hating the demoness the most.

Everything was now in the hands of fate!

Now that Plant Sage has spoken, the masses unwillingly dispersed.


Lion Emperor was angrily walking in circles.

When he encountered Bai Chen Feng by chance.

The unhappy Lion Emperor spoke coldly the moment he saw Bai Chen Feng, “Bai Chen Feng! Where have you been hiding? When so many of my lion tribe members have fallen, why are you still fine and well?!”

Bai Chen Feng cursed in his heart before replying, “This subordinate was trapped in an illusion formation and was unable to arrive in time.”

Lion Emperor snorted, “They were able to arrive, why are you the only one who failed to hurry over? Come over here!”

Bai Chen Feng was shocked. Countless thoughts went through his mind.

“What? Resisting an order!” Lion Emperor shouted after noticing that Bai Chen Feng was not moving.

“Yes!” Bai Cheng Feng acknowledged the order. He took out an item as he walked over, “This subordinate was late because I found this item within the illusion formation. Please have a look, Lord Lion Emperor.”

After speaking, he offered the item with both hands.

“Demon God Command!”

Lion Emperor was extremely shocked when he saw the item and disbelief coloured his eyes. 

It was at that moment, Bai Chen Feng’s hand parted and a flying dagger shot towards the Lion Emperor! 

Bai Chen Feng had hidden the flying dagger underneath the Demon God Command, intending to ambush the Lion Emperor.

Due to the close proximity, he was highly confident of success.

Bai Chen Feng had such an intention for a long time. But back then, he was still not powerful enough and did not dare to act on it.

Until this very day. The Lion Emperor was obviously planning to do something undesirable to Bai Chen Feng, so the latter could only take this risk.

Either it dies, or he dies!


Lion Emperor had his guard up all along. His arms hardened and he blocked the flying dagger!

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