Volume 7 Chapter 439: Reunited After Wandering Alan Island for Eight Thousand Years

At Alan Island over a thousand and three hundred years ago, in the islands under the Bridges Kingdom’s control, Bella’s fleet has come to this past world as travelers from the future. It was the first time Bella had transmigrated back in time as a group. Fortunately, there were five Mothers of Creation present to help Bella protect the fleet so nobody was lost.

It was currently early the next morning. Bella’s fleet was sailing in the oceans more than a millennium ago. Even though it had turned back over a thousand years in time, this other world was not much different now than in the future. As for buildings and whatnot, they were still the same Western medieval style.

Bella could feel someone guiding her forward. Currently, Bella was the only one standing on the deck and looking around. The other girls were all hiding in the cabin and did not come out so as to not to interact with the world too much. This caused Bella who was used to being in the company of many beautiful ladies to feel a little lonely.

The only ones still moving about outside are the Mothers of Creation and one of the Renegades, Time Space Demon Noesha. However, they still had their eyes shut and were in a meditative state. In order to maintain the time stability of this small area around the fleet, they could only maintain that state. Currently, Bella was completely alone while occasionally receiving various messages from the Third Fate in the Savior’s system.

The messages sent by the Third Fate are mostly encouraging words telling Bella not to fret and that there will definitely be a way to return. This Fate probably belonged to the optimistic and warm type. Bella was just asking when she was asking her for help. Strictly speaking, the Savior Camp can’t help with this sort of situation at all. The only thing she could do to save her is to forcefully cancel the system-type Savior’s account so as to kick her out of the Savior Camp, then the Savior will return back to the dimension they came from before they became a Savior.

The Third Fate did not cancel Bella’s account, because once she does, this Savior will not be eligible to become a Savior again in the future. For many transmigrated Saviors, saving the world is a normal dream filled with positive energy. It was still something that was hard to give up. The Third Fate did not want to end the dreams of other Saviors so easily, and so decided to give Bella some time to adapt.

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Right now, Bella saw not only the Third Fate whose name was lit up in her friend interface, but also the Eighth Fate who privately friended her before. The Eighth Fate’s name was also lit up on the display, indicating that she was currently online. Only, Bella had previously received a warning from the Third Fate, which made it so she had to fight down the urge with much difficulty to send a message to the Eighth Fate.

In the Savior’s system over a thousand and three hundred years ago, the Fates did not block the name search system in this Dimensional Other World as the system-type Saviors have not entered this world yet. Since Bella was free with nothing to do, she did a search and could see that all twelve of the Fates’ names were lit up, indicating that they were all online.

Perhaps since Bella was already used to seeking death, she subconsciously added them as friends. Unexpectedly, it went through without requiring any authentication. The Twelve Fates of a thousand and three hundred years ago have not blocked the automatic friend-adding function yet. They probably would never have thought that a Savior would be bold enough to add the “company’s major shareholders” as friends despite being mere “temp workers”.

Looking at the gender indicator, Bella could see that the Twelve Fates were all girls. For Bella, this was much more important than any other information. However, after she discovered the Twelve Fates, there was an extra hidden Thirteenth Fate whose name was hidden. When Bella added this mysterious hidden figure, she realized that there was a question restriction set up. She had to answer the question, “Who is my most important person?”, before she could proceed.

Right now, Bella doesn’t know the name of even a single one of the Fates, so how could she answer that? Out of her trickster nature, she had the impulse to put in the name of her original form, Sacred Demon God Samantha’s full name. Seeing no response from the opposite side, she got off the system.

Unexpectedly, the other side automatically passed the friend authentication just after Bella logged off. Due to the timeline issue, the system on the other side reacted a bit slowly. From then on, Bella’s friends list has achieved something none of the system-type Saviors would be able to achieve in all their lives. She had not only all Twelve Fates in her friends list, but also a Thirteenth Fate that is usually displayed as offline.

The Thirteenth Fate is an unrecorded resistance, and nobody knows if she even is part of the Fates. The other Twelve Fates had more of a deep fear towards her rather than awe. They were simply scared to death. Bella had yet to discover what sort of amazing person she had added. After getting off the system, she leaned on the side of the ship and admired the ocean from a thousand years ago all by herself.

Maritime trade was quite developed more than a thousand years ago. Bella even wondered if the current maritime trade had regressed. In the ship route, Bella could see many human merchant ships flying the Bridges Kingdom’s flag, which is a sea blue hexagram. Many merchant ships, both in size and navigational ability, far surpassed the regular warships of the Human Race from a thousand years later. Even their sturdiness was comparable.

However, for some reason, the other merchant ships were unable to see Bella’s fleet and just continued on with their voyage. Bella’s previous worries were for nothing. She was originally afraid that her fleet would be seen! Perhaps it was due to the special barriers set up by the Mothers of Creation that the others were unable to see Bella’s fleet.

“Don’t be so surprised, Bella. Other than you, we have kept the timeline of the fleet just a moment before the time it was warped to. People from different timelines are unable to see each other.”

“Is that so? Thanks, Vianne. Oh right, there’s been a voice that’s guiding me forward this whole time. Do you know who it is? It feels like I only started hearing that voice after we transmigrated over here.”

“A voice? So it’s her…Bella. You’ll find out soon. By the way, you’re the only person who can see them so I won’t be butting in. She will guide you towards what to do next.”

After that, Creator of Light Vianne continued shutting her eyes and resting. Bella didn’t feel good waking her up so she just waited for that person to appear. Right now, the fleet was completely being guided by that mysterious power so Bella didn’t have to intervene in anything. Under the guidance of that mysterious power, Bella’s fleet avoided the other ships on the route and arrived at Alan Island’s port, the Bridges Kingdom’s capital from over a thousand years three hundred years ago.

Alan Island from a thousand and three hundred years ago was as prosperous as any of the super empires in the future human continent. After the fleet docked, Bella did not even have time to admire the prosperous harbor before she saw an elegant beauty standing at the dock. The place where the fleet docked was a bit strange. Not a single pedestrian could be seen all around, as if the beauty was the only one there.

You could tell at a glance that this beauty was awaiting Bella’s arrival. She had gorgeous platinum hair that was fair as her alabaster skin, with delicate features similar to finely-carved works of art. Her perfectly slender body also looked almost specially designed. Bella could visually estimate that she had a golden ratio body. Moreover, this beautiful maiden was also surprisingly well-endowed. This was seriously foul-play. She had such a good body, yet still maintained beautiful curves both front and back.

The first feeling Bella got from this beauty is that she was perfect. You couldn’t really compare her face value with Kriss and the other Renegades whose faces are beyond ordinary, but her beauty was too mechanical. It felt like this beauty was deliberately designed this way. The beautiful maiden was wearing a snow-white dress that looked a little crude. Perhaps the designer did not have talent in designing clothes.

When Bella stepped off the ship, she paid attention to the reflection on the water. Sure enough, she couldn’t see the beauty’s figure there. This gave rise to a shred of suspicion within Bella. She was wondering if this beauty was a phantom. However, that suspicion was quickly dispelled. The beauty carried huge power within herself and gave off an aura similar to the Mothers of Creation Bella had come in contact with, and there was a bright glowing rainbow halo behind her.

The beautiful maiden’s eyes were shut. This made it so Bella was unable to see what color her irises were. However, despite closed eyes, Bella could feel something similar to a gaze locked onto her body. It was the same feeling of sight she felt on her before. There was no doubt about it, the person Creator of Light Vianne mentioned earlier must be her.

Right now, with Creator of Light Vianne in the lead, the five Mothers of Creation were meditating with closed eyes; this dispelled Bella’s plans of asking them for help. The beautiful maiden had already flashed in front of Bella. Bella almost didn’t notice her. This ability truly was ridiculous. A huge aura of all sorts of attributes pressed down on her, but fortunately, it wasn’t hostile. Otherwise, Bella would have fought back out of instinct.

“Mis…stress. I finally get to see you. Since you’ve come, I will not interfere with this place anymore. Everything will be left up to you to decide.”

“Uh, do we know each other? Why haven’t I seen…Why don’t I remember you! Right, are you a Creator?”

“This…Please don’t scare people like that, okay? Aren’t you still here! I’m not a Creator, I’m a God of Creation.”

Under the God of Creation’s somewhat shy yet pleasant voice, Bella finally knew who she was. She is the Dimensional Creator of this dimension. Upon completion, each Dimensional Other World should have two Creators. One creates the world and the other creates the objects within. The World Creator is the one who creates the world, but oftentimes, the World Creators have too much to work on, thus they will first create a God of Creation and have the God of Creation deal with creating most of the world’s unimportant living creatures.

There are two sources of Gods of Creation. One is created by World Creators to act as helpers, while the other is automatically generated in the case where there is no World Creator for this dimension. These types of Gods of Creation do not have human shape. They could be anything, from animals, plants, and even trees. The naturally occurring Gods of Creation have a chance of gaining consciousness after many years of uninterrupted creation, and then they will advance to become World Creators.

Those created by the World Creators will inherit the position of the World Creators after they disappear and continue the cycle of the world. To put it simply, Gods of Creation are the “robot” versions of the Creators when they are out and about or lazing about in order to help manage the dimension. Therefore, Gods of Creation are mostly emotionless and are no different from robots.

Creator of Light Vianne and the rest are able to run over to Bella’s Dark Sacred Lands to have fun and “slack off”, and the Fathers of Creation are able to run over to this dimension to stir trouble and not care about their own dimensions all because they have their own Gods of Creation constantly helping these unprofessional Creators who are out dealing with side business.

Bella speculated that so many people dying accidental deaths were lured into various worlds to become “part-time worker Saviors” with the reason of “you are the Chosen One to save the world, this world needs a hero” given by the Creators or Savior Camp Fates of other dimensions because this world only had a God of Creation.

The intelligence of a God of Creation is lacking. If you want to destroy things, she will stop you. If you want to steal something (souls), then since she could remake it after it’s stolen, she won’t stop you. Bella has no idea if she was lucky or not, but she was actually mistaken as a World Creator by this dimension’s God of Creation. This joke is really going a bit too far. Isn’t she a Demon God of the World Destructors? How did she end up getting acquainted with this world’s God of Creation? If she was found out by the World Destructor Camp, then would she end up getting “dealt with” for being a heretic and a traitor?

Bella would like to deny what the God of Creation was saying, but on second thought, the strength of a God of Creation is basically about 90% that of a World Creator to begin with. On the extreme end, they would be at the very same level as the original World Creators. If she denied it, then in case the God of Creation decides to make any strange moves, it might affect the purpose of her trip. So, Bella chose to remain silent and agree tacitly as a means of silently acknowledging the God of Creation’s misunderstanding. Anyway, she did not admit or deny it, so she wouldn’t offend either side.

“Mistress, should I take you to the place of the incident? This Human Race is constantly thinking of changing the rules. They really are a difficult race to take care of.”

“Uh, do you have a name? Also, stop calling me Mistress. Just call me Bella.”

“A name. I have no such thing. Unless I become…My apologies, I have lost my composure. Mis…Bella, my current body has just been remodeled not long ago. I haven’t found suitable materials for the eyes yet. I have already been searching for more than eight thousand years but I still haven’t found the right material.”

Gods of Creation do not have genders and will plan their sex based on the gender of the World Creator that created them. Bella learned through her communication with the God of Creation that she still appeared to be a boy more than ten thousand years ago. After the World Creator disappeared for a while, she destroyed her body out of instinct and reshaped herself into a new girl’s body afterwards. Currently, she was a real girl without a doubt. She was just short of finding the right material to make her eyes out of.

Bella had to admire the naivety of the Gods of Creation. Wasn’t this a clear sign that the original World Creator had already met with an accident and possibly disappeared? Yet she was acting foolishly, not knowing anything. After the disappearance of the World Creator, she still continued fulfilling her duties, silently maintaining the operation of this Dimensional Other World for more than ten thousand years.

Such naivety made it hard for Bella to just abandon her. Bella is lucky that her first encounter with the God of Creation is more than a thousand and three hundred years ago. During this timeline, the eyes of the God of Creation have yet to be done, so she could not see Bella’s appearance and could only remember Bella’s voice. She was now relying on aura to identify the World Creator. So, how Bella had the aura of a World Creator in her was still a mystery.

The God of Creation’s eyes will finally be done about three hundred years later, which is a thousand years in the past. If it was that timeline, then Bella would not be able to fool the God of Creation so easily. The God of Creation has seen the appearance of the true World Creator of this dimension and that person looked completely different from Bella. No matter how naive she was, Bella would not be able to fool her. Her preconceived impression would make her doubt Bella’s identity.

But things are different now. Bella met with the God of Creation a thousand and three hundred years early, so the God of Creation memorized her voice now. Once they return to the normal timeline, then the God of Creation will recognize Bella as the World Creator with this memory. The worldline can also affect Gods of Creation and World Creators.

Bella was the only existence within the perception of the World Creator. The fleet was not present because of the barriers set up by Creator of Light Vianne and the Mothers of Creation. Creator of Light Vianne secretly opened her eyes and gave a meaningful glance at where Bella left to meet the God of Creation. There was one important thing she did not tell Bella. She could only feel the presence of the God of Creation but was unable to see her. The God of Creation of each world is an existence that can only be seen by one being.

“Alas, Bella. I am sorry. There are some things I really can’t divulge to you. Only the relevant ones can tell you. Must be hard. Even though it’s true, you still have to pretend. What sort of crazy experiment did this dimension’s Creator do more than ten thousand years ago to bring about this situation?”

Naturally, Bella did not hear what Creator of Light Vianne said. She was heading towards the capital of the Bridges Kingdom with the God of Creation to investigate the root cause of the situation. With the magical assistance of the God of Creation, Bella received a “cognitive impairment” buff so that the people on the streets are unable to see Bella and her.

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The God of Creation held onto Bella’s hand very naturally and the two walked on the streets just like a couple on a date. Bella had no time to care about the appropriateness of this behavior now. She had just discovered marks of other transmigrators.

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