Volume 7 Chapter 438: Time Traveling to the Bridges Kindgom from a Thousand Years Ago

At the Aldridge Empire’s seaside resort, holy land Aldrango City’s coasts, the oceans nearby Alan Island. Bella’s joint fleet was docked at the shore. The white fog that suddenly descended tonight made Bella and the others feel strangely nervous. Thinking back to the mist during their previous encounter with the souls on the ocean, Bella felt a little worried.


The fleet on Bella’s side was full of girls, and girls tended to have a great psychological shadow on things such as the undead. However, the white fog this time was unrelated to the souls. As a Demon King, Bella still had quite an accurate prediction with souls, and the white fog did not emit any undead aura.


Time Space Demon Noesha appeared at the captain’s cabin with a gloomy expression, which was far from her usual character as someone who liked teasing beautiful girls. After seeing the defenseless beautiful student union presidents on Bella’s bed, Noesha had a rare bout of seriousness. She turned back to Bella without staring too long.


During any other day, Noesha would very likely engage in a “second bullying” if she ever caught Kliveny and others in such a state. When she saw how solemn she was, Bella also put away her mood for fun. It was possible things had already become so serious that even Noesha of the Chaos Bringers was reacting in such a way.


Dark Night Demon King Aggy subconsciously obeyed Noesha’s words and headed back into her own room to hide. Out of instinct, she could sense that Noesha, the crimson twin-tails loli who had suddenly appeared in Bella’s room, was no simple person. It was better for her not to know certain things.


“Noesha, do you know what’s wrong with the fog?”


“I do. Big Sister Bella, if you don’t want to lose most of the girls in your fleet, then please do as I say. Of course, I don’t wish to lose these lovely big sisters either.”


“Is it that horrible? Will Kriss and the others also…”


“Not to that extent. Kriss, the others, and the Demon King big sister earlier should be fine. Their bodies will definitely be alright, but their souls and memories might not be so.”


Bella finally realized the urgency of the situation and began paying attention to Noesha. Her expression gradually turned from seriousness to shock. The origins of the white fog had already surpassed her knowledge.


As early as when she was still on Earth, Bella had heard a lot of urban legends about time traveling. All the strange phenomenons she had been experiencing were the “other world” versions of time travel. In fact, the entire Alan Islan was embroiled in a huge forbidden time travel zone.


If there were no other incidents, Bella and the fleet were likely to travel back to a certain period in the past. Such a large-scale Time Warp would end up bringing them more than a thousand years back at the very least.


Time Warp was one of the most forbidden spells that even gods dared not try casually. People who could use such magic were basically crazy lunatics wishing to change the past to alter the future. Practically none could succeed. Even Creators would not dare to try such tricks that could possibly screw up the world line.


The main authority of a Creator was to create and manage the present. To get involved in the past and the future would obviously be overreaching. The situation right now was clear enough: Someone in the vicinity of Alan Island had launched Time Reversal magic.

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Bella and the others had really hit the “jackpot” this time. They had originally thought of coming to Alan Island to play, but they didn’t expect to get into an extra secret tour program, collectively traveling back to the Alan Island of over a thousand years ago for free for a special time travel.


Time traveling might sound cool, but the actual price of it was immense. The cost of the Other World version of time traveling was beyond imagination. After listening to Noesha’s introduction, Belal would rather not transmigrate back in time to enjoy this special experience.


First of all, most of the girls in the fleet could not leave the warships. Noesha had already launched an emergency teleportation array to summon the Mothers of Creation, who were lazing around in the Dark Sacred Lands, to help. With their assistance, they could guarantee that the fleet wouldn’t be separated, avoiding the tragedy of individual ships slipping away and separating into different points in time.


Based on Noesha’s requests, most of the girls could not disembark later. It was best if they hid inside the cabins and stayed in. Since they were going back to the past, it was best if they didn’t leave the ship either and converse with the people of the past and so on. This was known as a general taboo for the Human Race. If you intersected too much with the past, the world line would likely change when you returned to the future. Actually, you’d never be able to return to the future anymore.


Moreover, if you move around a lot in the past, then after transmigrating back, time would be consumed especially fast for them. If you weren’t careful, you might lose much of your life force at once, aging rapidly, and die.


The bodies of Renegades like Kriss and the others, as well as Sky Demon King Dolores, these super high-level existences, would not be affected by the passage of time. However, their memories would be changed. So, it was best if they did not interact with the people in the past. Otherwise, it was possible they would have gaps in their memories or have strange memories from out of nowhere.


In Bella’s view, this was an even more serious cost. If Kriss and the girls lost their precious memories with her, then she would be losing out a lot. It had been a very long time since anyone used a forbidden spell like Time Warp.


According to what Noesha said, even Chaos Bringers and World Destructors would more or less receive a variety of adverse effects from the Time Warp, much less the Saviors. In a worst-case scenario, you might even lose all your memories. Only Creators, the Creator Gods of each dimension, could not be affected by any negative effects from the Time Warp.


Bella was a special case, though. Noesha said that in the entire fleet, Bella was the only one who would not be negatively affected by moving around in the past. The other Creators also had to avoid interacting with the people of the past so as to avoid any changes in the word line. They could only be quiet bystanders. However, Bella was different. She wouldn’t influence anything even if she talked to them.


As for why Bella had this privileged ability, Noesha declined to answer and said she didn’t know. When Bella was just about to nag her, the Mothers of Creation arrived and cut off Bella’s conversation. Creator of Light Vianne, Creator of Darkness Mystica, Extradimensional Creator Alfreia, Mechanical Creator Andrea, Magic Creator Bethia, and the others were all present. Each of them carried packages containing various precious objects, seemingly making ample preparations before they came.


“It’s a good thing you’re here, Bella. If it were anyone else, I wouldn’t want to be here for something so troublesome.”


“When this is over, Bella, you better treat us. We Creators have kept so many people from being separated in the Time Warp. That in itself is already interfering with the world line.”


For these Dimension Creators who dared to come give their support, Bella quickly promised to gift them candies and beautiful clothes later. Vianne wasn’t exaggerating. If you were not the Creator of this world, then intervening in the Time Warp in this world itself would be interfering with the world line of another world. This kind of world line related behavior would require at least three or more Creators to be present, with one of them being proficient in Time Space abilities. Only then would you have any possibility of retreating after intervening.


Vianne and the others met those criteria, and that was why they dared to join in such a tricky operation. Mechanical Creator Andrea took out special metal chains and tethered all the ships in the fleet together in order to prevent any of the ships from falling into a different time. Extradimensional Creator Alfreia and Time Space Demon Noesha worked together to set up a time-space barrier above the ships to prevent the fleet from being adversely affected by the Time Warp.


A number of stationary pocket watches and hourglasses appeared above Bella’s fleet. Under the protection of these strange things, the white fog that originally engulfed Bella’s fleet seemed to be hindered by an invisible barrier at the periphery. Since it could not pass through, it could only linger around the perimeter of the fleet. If they really were surrounded by the white fog, the fleet would definitely be split apart.


“That was close. A tragedy almost happened. Thanks for the hard work, Alfreia. Do you know a way to break the Time Warp? To go back, I mean.”


“This… Bella, you’ll have to find the person behind the Time Warp. Most of the time, Time Warps are done in order to change fate.”


“I estimate there are some special reasons behind it that the other party was successfully able to trigger the Time Warp. Bella, it’s up to you to deal with it later. We can only help you keep the fleet from being affected by the Time Warp.” 


Under the protection of Dimensional Creators, the fleet was covered by several layers of defensive barriers. The white fog could only move around the periphery of the barriers and was unable to advance at all. Other than Bella, the other Creators and Time Space Demon Noesha had their eyes closed in order to avoid seeing anything during the Time Warp.


Once the Time Warp occurred, the Creators were unable to stop it. However, they could always return alone to the original timeline. This time, it was only to help Bella save the girls from each academy that the Mothers of Creation followed along as well.


The girls of the fleet did as they were told when they received the Rose Society’s emergency notice. All the girls hid inside the cabin and did not leave. In order not to cause excessive panic, Bella did not explain the situation to most of the girls. Only the Rose Society’s girls, as well as the student union presidents of the other academies, had the privilege to know the details. The members of the other seven Human Twelve Academies alongside Bella, whose beautiful student union presidents had already been intimate with Bella, obeyed her words without raising any objection, which made Bella feel more at ease.


Bella, as the only witness to the Time Warp, wasn’t that afraid. Probably due to her imagination, Bella could subconsciously feel time flowing back slowly. The white fog outside the barrier gave it a vague feeling similar to a trotting horse lamp as a variety of light and strange images flashed past. Due to the fog, Bella couldn’t see the images too clearly. It was such a blurred image that it was hard to determine what era it was outside.


Once the fog dispersed completely, Bella was presented with azure ocean waters as far as the eye could see. It was currently night time, and only the moon in the sky had changed. There was the extra moon they saw before they warped back in time.


Bella’s fleet was currently sailing along with the ocean waves. However, Bella couldn’t tell what time it was. When she saw the Creators and Noesha closing their eyes, Bella didn’t feel too good disturbing them. She suddenly thought of logging in with the Savior’s cheat system, but she was instantly shocked.


The Savior’s system was partially functional in terms of the chatting system and so on. Prop trading with the system wasn’t working. At this point, the system-type Saviors had yet to venture into this dimensional Other world, so it was normal that the exchanging system was not open yet.


Only, the communication platform that originally had thousands of people was left with just Bella alone. The F-1444 number was lit up all alone, as if she was the only person in the group chat.


Bella scrolled up and could easily see the messages of the Saviors that were dated a thousand and three hundred years later. Like the urban legends on Earth, a scary incident like this was a first for Bella. To be able to see chat records from the future, it was a little weird no matter how you thought about it. 


Scarier things were yet to happen. At this moment in time, a Fate surprisingly joined the platform to communicate with Bella. Bella took a closer look. The one who entered wasn’t the Eighth Fate who was talking to her before but another Fate. And, from the time of the conversation, the person was talking from a thousand three hundred years in the future.


No. 3 Fate: F-1444, what is going on on your side? How did you end up… a thousand years ago?


F-1444 (Bella): Lord Fate, please save me! I don’t know what happened either, but I suddenly transmigrated. We were doing fine at Alan Island, but this happened after some fog came around.


No. 3 Fate: F-1444, stay calm. There was an incident at Alan Island. We have a large number of Saviors just like you who have all been sucked into the past by the fog.


F-1444 (Bella): Then how do we get back to the original timeline?


No. 3 Fate: This… I am only able to contact you through time because of my ability. First of all, don’t run around and wait right there. I’ll find a way to get you out. Remember, don’t talk to anyone else in the past world. If you produce too many crossover interferences with the past world, I won’t be able to save you anymore.


F-1444 (Bella): Got it, Fate, sir. You have to find a way to bring me back!


No. 3 Fate: F-1444, I will try my best. You are the first to enter the timeline who is still able to connect to the Savior system. So far, I haven’t gotten any news from the other Saviors in Alan Island.


F-1444 (Bella): Then, I will log off for now. I have to observe the situation around first.


No. 3 Fate: In that case, please take care of your safety. I will transmit an important information diagram to you later. Also, for the time being, please do not contact any Fates other than me since your timeline is different from ours. The other Fates are all in the same state they were over a thousand years ago, and it may cause some memory confusion.


After adding the Third Fate as a friend, Bella ended their special message exchange with a one-thousand-and-three-hundred-year time difference. The special feeling was just like an ancient person from over a thousand years ago talking to a modern person over the phone. Bella memorized the Fate’s warning in her heart. Even though she couldn’t believe it fully, there was no harm in putting it to heart.


According to the information sent by the Third Fate, this place was the Alan Island region around a thousand and three hundred years ago. During this timeline, Alan Island was still under the rule of the Bridges Kingdom. From the historical records she obtained from the Oceanic Race, the Bridges Kingdom would receive the forbidden book from the Aldridge Empire shortly after. Subsequently, they would be cursed for attempting to open the gates of the Cursed Land, which would ultimately lead to their demise.


Through a comprehensive analysis of the information, Bella could just about guess who caused the Time Warp. There was a high probability that it was the descendant of Bridges Kingdom, Last Princess Brehana, they met prior to this. As long as she could go back a thousand years and stop the forbidden book from being transported to the Bridges Kingdom, the kingdom might not necessarily perish, and the trajectory of history would be rewritten.


Bella didn’t quite approve of this behavior of rewriting history. Moreover, it was impossible for her not to intervene. In case history was rewritten, and if the Bridges Kingdom did not fall back then and instead grew further, destroying the Aldridge Empire and taking its place and becoming the new Nation of Arcana in the human continent, then Bella would have a lot to lose.


Based on the trend of history after it was written, Bella’s fiefs and titles in the Aldridge Empire, namely Angelos Duchy and her identity as Grand Duke Baize, would all be in vain if the Aldridge Empire were to fall a thousand years prior.


The more tragic thing was, since the Aldridge Empire would be destroyed a thousand years in the past, then many of Bella’s girl friends from the Nation of Arcana, such as the “Eight Chapters” from Olsylvia’s magic department, as well as Renegade Princess Ariel, would no longer exist and would be unable to return to the original timeline. Bella could not lose even a single one of her girls; that was her bottom line. No matter what, she was going to stop that person from rewriting history.


The consequences of rewriting history were serious. Even if it was successful, Last Princess Brehana herself would not be able to return to the original timeline anymore. She was the only princess after the demise of the Bridges Kingdom more than a thousand years ago. If the Bridges Kingdom did not fall, Princess Brehana would be considered dead in the world line a thousand years later and would not appear. Normal human beings would not be able to live more than a thousand years, after all.

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Normally, when the word line was being interfered with, the Creators of this world would not intervene. However, the mysterious Creator of this dimension world that Bella was in had mysteriously disappeared when the Twelve Demon Kings invaded over ten thousand years ago.


This was only a thousand years ago, so it was impossible to see the Creator in this timeline. Unless time was turned back ten thousand years, they would not appear. However, even without a Creator, Bella could feel a consciousness locking onto her. That guy didn’t have any hostility, but instead, it felt like a warm and familiar feeling.

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