Volume 7 Chapter 437: Mystery of Alan Island’s Facade and the Beginning of a Terrible Night

Near the Aldridge Empire’s seaside resort city Aldrango, at the place that came to be known as the holy land of summer tourism by the Human Race, Alan Island. After confirming that there were no Demonic Beasts on the island, the ships carrying the students from the Human Race’s Twelve Academies finally docked. According to the schedule, the students’ first stop was the temporary residence at Ota Town.

Ota Town was a resort town on top of Alan Island. The ducal manor in the center of the town belonged to Duke Wagner. Duke Wagner was the only non-magic profession noble in the Aldridge Empire with the title of Grand Duke. The reason for receiving this title was not recorded, but it was a hereditary position for Duke Wagner and lasted for many years.

Bella was not very interested in Grand Duke Wagner. She also planned to use the legitimate reason for being on her “periods” to skip the Grand Duke’s welcoming party at his manor, slipping away casually. Right now, Bella was currently wandering around Alan Island. The Twelve Academies exchange tournament would only begin in three days, as the tournament was different this time. It wasn’t a full sparring competition. Some of the events were more like a sports event.

“Bella, is it really fine for you to sneak out like that? You’re now the actual leader of the Rose Society, so there are a lot of eyes on you!”

“Eleanor, it’s not like I’m a student union president. It won’t matter if I don’t go. Moreover, it’s a girl’s special right to take a break during their periods. The welcoming party or whatever, Chief President Angelina and the others will deal with it.”

“Bella, something feels off about this island. The resentment here is very strong.”

It was a rare combination that Bella was hanging out with today. Sky Demon King Dolores, Blood Demon King Eleanor, Dark Night Demon King Aggy, and Ocean Demon King Victoria were there too. Five Demon Kings of both the old and the new factions of Demon Kings were walking on Alan Island casually. If this were in the past, this would definitely be impossible. Bella’s strongest battle forces were left at the shore in the fleet just in case.

Under Bella’s secret instigations, the girls from eight of the Twelve Academies with the Olsylvia Academy in the lead did not head to Ota Town. Instead, they stayed back at the fleet under the pretense of wanting to experience camping in the wilds. For some unknown reason, the Alessandra Academy for the Foreign Races and the Antoinette Academy chose to stick with Bella and did not get off the ship. Instead, they chose to stay on their ships for now.

Not long into their walk, Sky Demon King Dolores could sense that something was wrong. The location they were walking around right now was the beach of Alan Island. Everyone around here was a Demon King, so there was nothing they had to hide. Ocean Demon King Victoria casually chose a position on the beach and pressed a hand on top of the sand. In a burst of blue light, the sand granules gradually moved away, revealing a crimson red coral buried underneath the sands.

“This is… Crimson Coral. That’s not right… Alan Island should purely be a rock island.”

“Bella, this place isn’t the real Alan Island. It’s a coral island in camouflage. Maybe this is that legendary Phantom Island!”

Blood Demon King Eleanor quickly pushed out a lot of useful speculations, including the problem of Alan Island’s authenticity. Bella carefully examined the Crimson Coral. Fortunately, she didn’t arrange to let the girls from her academy and their allies get off their ships. There was really something wrong with this island. Just as she intended to explore further, a pair of patrolling guards spotted them.

“Who’s there? No loitering around the beach. Get out of there!”

A dozen patrolling guards came over and surrounded Bella and the others. Before leaving, each of them changed into black cloaks, and they did, in fact, look like suspicious characters. Bella did not make any sound for now. She had to admire the courage of these soldiers. They were only around a dozen, yet they dared to surround five Demon Kings. This really was worth admiring.

But Bella keeping quiet did not mean that the Demon Kings by her side would do the same. One of them stepped forward to respond in Bella’s place soon after. It was Blood Demon King Eleanor who understood the humans better. She was the most knowledgeable about the Human Race among all the Demon Kings present. None of the others knew as much as she did, so Eleanor was the best choice to come forward.

“There aren’t any no-entry signs set up around the beach, so why are you driving us away? You’re not trying to hide some sort of scandalous secret here, are you?”

“You talk too much, woman. It’s not good to spout nonsense, you know? I… I…”

“You what? Speak louder. I can’t hear you!”

The patrolling guard did not show any pity for the fairer sex at all. When he saw that Eleanor was speaking too much, he thrust his spear straight over. Before Eleanor could move, Sky Demon King Dolores on the other side could not hold herself back any longer. She took the first move of flashing in front of Eleanor and grabbing the guard’s weapon. If not for the fact that Bella had yet to take a stand, she would have exterminated this group of guards who didn’t know any better. No matter when, if one were to provoke a Demon King by pointing a weapon at them, then you’d have to pay a heavy price.

When the other guards saw this situation, they wielded their weapons and prepared for a fight. With both sides rearing for a battle, a strange white fog suddenly emerged at the originally quiet beaches. From a distance away, Bella could hear strange cries from within the fog. There seemed to be shadowy figures shuffling around in the beach fog, approaching them.

“Quickly run! Those things are coming again!”

“Seriously? They’re coming out now? Quick, let’s go…”

The guards, who were taking an aggressive stand, were now so frightened by the sea fog that they didn’t even care about their equipment anymore. They all abandoned their armor and fled towards the island. Bella and the rest stood where they were. They didn’t want to be the first Demon Kings to do something as laughable as getting scared by a bunch of spirits and running away. As Demon Kings, they just stood there without moving. Those souls won’t dare to do anything to them.

The way things were developing was just as Bella thought. After approaching Bella and the others, the souls on the sea automatically split up into two directions and left. These souls won’t dare to pounce on a Demon King. If that were to happen, the Demon Kings might even suck up their energy, causing their souls to disperse. Looking at these souls, Bella found that they didn’t seem to be in a drowned state. They looked more like the inhabitants of the island, but she had no idea how they died.

While the souls were standing clear, Bella logged onto the Savior’s contact device to see if she could get any information about Alan Island. There were many System-type Saviors who arrived at Alan Island. They should have noticed that something was off too. There were so many Saviors. It didn’t matter how bad their eyes were; there should be one or two with good ones.

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F-1118: Alan Island is really strange. Why does it say this is Coral Island? Is my detection system broken? Does it say Coral Island for you guys too?

E-1629: It’s the same on my side. I thought it was because of the low level that caused the system to malfunction, but I’m relieved to hear you say that.

F-1224: Everyone, I found a… strange island near Alan Island. It looks the same as this place. Anyone wanna group-up to check it out? When I went there alone last time, the system warned me that it was too dangerous and that I’ll need a few people to group with me.

F-1197: Give up, buddy. I went there with a team last time, but…

D-905: Everyone, the mission is to earn points in the Twelve Academies Tournament to raise our visibility this time. Just give up on exploring that island.

F-1444 (Bella): Seniors, where is that island you’re talking about?

D-905: Uh, that island is normally invisible. Once the fog of the souls appears, follow it and go in the opposite direction of the souls.

F-1444 (Bella): Thanks, Senior.

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There really was something wrong with Alan Island. Not only that, but there was also an unknown mysterious island nearby. Bella almost fainted when she inadvertently saw the system mailbox after closing the chat. There were a whole bunch of tasks sent over by the system, clogging up the inbox. When she looked at the mission sender, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Those tasks were all sent in by the eighth Fate. Is this Fate seriously so free? Spending all day sending tasks to these system Savior “coolies.”

It wasn’t until later that Bella finally found out that she was the only person who received this treatment. Usually, the System-type Saviors, even the highest-ranking SSS Saviors, would not receive more than twenty tasks per day. Even though Bella’s tasks were difficult, she could do as many as a hundred and more per day without breaking a sweat. But, to the unknowledgeable, they would think that there was some unspeakable under-the-table deal happening between her and the Eighth Fate to have this special right.

The group of patrolling guards who wanted to drive them away could have been good people. Bella looked helplessly at the ground not far away. Over there were the corpses of guards who weren’t able to escape in time, as their eyes were all wide open, clearly having died from shock. The souls of the dead at the ocean didn’t date to provoke Bella and the others, so they could only vent all their anger on those unlucky patrol guards.

Bella and the girls waited for the sea fog to dissipate before temporarily retreating back to the Olsylvia Academy’s ship. After agreeing with the others on their next departure time, Bella began thinking of a plan to investigate that mysterious island. According to the information she obtained from the Savior Camp, the best time to go was when the sea fog would appear again.

“Bella, you’re back. So, what sort of bad things did you discuss with those Demon King big sisters?”

“Uh, Kriss… would I really need to discuss with them if I really wanted to do something bad? Oh, that’s right. Didn’t you go to that Duke Wagner or whatever’s welcoming party? How come you’re back so soon?”

“Don’t even mention it. We planned to go, but halfway there, Senior Puppet Master Elaine said that she could feel something wrong with Ota Town, so we didn’t go. When we didn’t go, the student union presidents of the academies also turned back with us.”

On the deck, Bella saw Kriss and got to know the situation from her. Puppet Master Elaine of the Renegades had already discovered the strange occurrence on Alan island, and under her warning, the girls of the Olsylvia Academy withdrew in advance. With them were also the girls from the other academies of the Twelve Academies who had become “allies” with the Olsylvia Academy.

Stars littered the sky that night with a beautiful and bright full moon. The moon was as big as the full moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival tonight. The moonlight sprinkling down on the world was as bright as the sunlight during the day. If one were to think carefully about this phenomenon, they would realize that something was very wrong with this. The moonlight was way too bright. Something funny was definitely going on.

Inside the captain’s room of the Olsylvia Academy’s ship, Bella was currently enjoying herself. She was holding Half-Elf Princess Kliveny and getting sweet with her while two beauties were tumbling around naked on the bed’s snow-white sheets, a scene comparable to the CGs in eroges. Kliveny had already gotten addicted to the feeling of being bullied. She tried to “get on top” several times, but sadly, her plans were foiled as Bella’s skills were superior.

The snow-white sheets were covered with strange wet stains, but it was unknown whether it was sweat or perhaps something else. The air was also filled with a strange fragrance, which was probably the scent of lilies. In addition to Princess Kliveny, who was being bullied underneath Bella’s body, there were also other beautiful ladies inside the room.

Both the Student Union President Caroline of the Frederica Academy and Student Union President Assassin Dinah of the Alexis Assassin Academy were present as well. Under the pretense of discussing private matters, Bella “tricked” the two beautiful student union presidents from the Twelve Academies with their ships neighboring her left and right to bring them her captain’s room.

Both Caroline and Dinah could guess Bella’s evil plan, but they couldn’t deny the feeling inside them and could only pretend to be tricked and acted in compliance with Bella. Once they entered the captain’s room, Bella had unsurprisingly pounced on them and removed any obstructions, placing the girls naked on the large bed and began getting intimate with them.

“Big Sister Kliveny, your half-elf blood doesn’t belong to the Dark Elf Tribe, does it? Your performance in bed really is…”

“Enough from you, Bella. My elven half is Nature Elf. Have you ever seen a Dark Elf with bright green elven eyes?”

“I don’t care either way. Whatever type of half-elf you are, you’re all mine.”

After a round of intense french kissing with Bella, Princess Kliveny had become completely limp in bed. She was now in a disoriented state. After Bella gave her a kiss on the forehead, she reached over the side to pull the spectating President Dinah and President Caroline over. These two beautiful student union presidents were covering their awe-inspiring plump chests with their hands while sitting in a W position on top of the snow-white bed sheets, awaiting orders.

With a gentle pull from Bella, the two beautiful student union presidents fell completely into her arms. Dinah was desperately trying to maintain her indifference as the strongest assassin in the Human Assassin’s Union. Even if her face was burning red, she still gritted her teeth to prevent herself from leaking out any strange noises. President Caroline, on the other hand, was much more open. She would let out sweet whimpers as soon as Bella kissed her neck.

“Bella, weren’t you… going to discuss private matters with us? Why did you pull us straight to bed?”

“Aren’t we doing just that right now, Dinah? A private affair is still private, right? Alright, it’s time to stop resisting now. Your body is already confessing.”

“Bella, you… This is sophistry, how does that make sense… You’re pulling this trick again!”

Bella buried her face into Dinah’s soft chest and gently bit the beautiful “red cherries” that had perked up. It was also recently that Bella discovered that this trick could restrain most beauties. No matter how aloof they were, they won’t be able to keep up the act anymore once you kiss them on this sensitive spot on their chests. Dinah was no exception. She still had a trace of reasoning in her, but that was instantly washed away. She quickly raised her chest so that she could cater to Bella’s sucking.

Bella did not neglect Caroline either. She always kept an egalitarian rule in bed and would never mistreat any of her intimate partners. She reached her other hand down to the most sensitive flower garden on Caroline’s body and began a “secret exploration.” Caroline’s body almost went limp at the ministrations of Bella’s fingers.

After the two beautiful student union presidents went limp, a crisp knock emerged from the captain’s room door while Bella was planning to get her other girl friends in here to top off the night. Bella casually wrapped a scarf around her and went to the door just like that to see who had come to disturb her rest. But the visitor was someone that Bella did not expect. It was actually Dark Night Demon King Aggy.

With a coat on the outside, Dark Night Demon King Aggy wore a thin sheer purple nightgown underneath. It was one of the erotic lingeries Bella had designed, as Aggy had worn it without wearing anything underneath. Through the moonlight, Bella could see the attractive pink shade of the two points in front of Aggy’s chest.

Appearing before Bella in such a get-up in the middle of the night, Bella almost thought that Aggy couldn’t help herself and wanted to take the initiative to come seeking her for pleasure. However, Aggy’s serious face caused Bella to keep her evil fantasies away from now and instead sought out the reason for Aggy’s night visit.

“So it’s Aggy! What a rare guest. Are you here to observe and learn from me, or are you here to get some hands-on experience? Either way, you’re very welcome here!”

“How gutsy, Bella. Victoria is right. You really only care about the other party’s gender, not their identity.”

“Even if it’s a Demon King, it’s fine as long as there’s love. I don’t care about the rules or what the world thinks.”

“Is that so? No wonder you couldn’t feel the abnormality that’s happening. Turns out you were doing naughty things with girls in there! Just look at the sky over there!”

Bella followed Aggy’s line of sight and discovered a shocking scene. It turned out that a second moon had emerged when there was only a single one just before the night sky. Whether it was the brightness or the size, both moons were identical, ruling out the possibility of a phantom image. In addition to the strange appearance in the night sky, the tourist town of Ota in the distance was covered by a layer of white fog, as the originally brightly lit town had become hard to see.

The entire ocean surface around Alan Island was covered in white sea fog. Linking this with the fact that Alan Island was quite likely the legendary Phantom Island in disguise, a sense of foreboding rose in Bella’s heart. Just as the white fog was about to surround the fleet, Time Space Demon Noesha of the Chaos Bringers appeared right outside the captain’s room door.

“Noesha, why are you here? Do you know what’s up with the fog?”

“I do. Quickly inform all the girls to hide in the ships.”

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