Chapter 1516 The Heroic Soul Returns To His Hometown And Sleeps There

It was too scary. There was no sound at all.

“I don’t know; I heard that they are soldiers from a special force.” The captain holding the pistol in his hand, stared at the front where he could not see clearly. He was waiting for the officers to bring back the bones of their sacrificed brothers.

The special military soldier put the bones in their marching backpacks and met with another action team, solemnly handing over the marching backpacks. Then the officers took them back to their brothers.

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The heroic soul returns to his hometown and sleeps there forever.

In a cave about five kilometers away from the small mountain village, several figures stood up and walked around from time to time—four western faces, all from a western newspaper office.

“God, I don’t want to wait anymore! It’s too cold here; I really have enough!” A woman said impatiently, “No way, I don’t want to wait anymore; I believe the result will still be the same even if we wait longer!”


She picked up the travel bag at her feet, turned on the flashlight used for walking at night, and insisted on going out.

A western man with a dreadlocked beard blocked her and scolded, “Mary, calm down! You are a reporter, don’t you even have a little patience?”


“No, my patience is very good, but, take a look, take a look, oh, I can’t wait any longer, because we’ve been waiting for three days! Darned, I knew I should stay in Beijing, instead of following you guys to this, this…, this empty mountain!” The female reporter Mary did not get any valuable news so far, so her patience had been lost, and she didn’t want to wait for a moment longer.

Darned it, why would someone from the military and the police kill civilians with guns? Oh, my God, how could she be so naive to believe it!

This country strictly manages guns and ammunition, a country that absolutely does not allow soldiers and policemen to shoot at civilians! Why did she believe it?

Mary had a very stubborn personality. The other three had no way to stop her from leaving. She got out of the cave, stepped on the withered grass, and rushed to the foot of the mountain alone.

She was not afraid of getting lost or encountering a beast. In the direction she had come three days ago, Mary walked very fast, without any intention of stopping.


“Darned it! It’s definitely a wrong decision to call her up!” A man picked up his backpack. “We must follow her! There is no news for three days. I think there should be no news anymore.”


No gunshots can be heard at a distance of five kilometers, but you can definitely hear gunshots coming from the bottom of the mountain.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Three consecutive gunshots were heard, and the four Western reporters became excited. Mary exclaimed directly, “Oh my God, I think I hear gunshots!”

It was indeed, gunshots. Chen Jiafu’s brother fired indiscriminately while fleeing toward the mountains desperately.

The village was in chaos.

A large number of police entered the village. Every household had its figures walking in and out. The villagers had their hands cuffed and were detained by the police.

The arrested villagers all yelled at them. The younger and stronger ones even tried to escape, but to no avail; even if they ran to the door, they were directly blocked by the police guarding outside.


“Lock the handcuffs, stay down!”


“Bring all of them away! Destroy all promotional materials!”

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