Chapter 1517: Complete Search

Although there was chaos in the village, it was all just people shouting here and there.


But when Chen Jiafu’s two brothers fired their guns continuously as they fled to the mountain, the villagers in the small mountain village were shocked. Several middle-aged men, who had their heads facing at the wall, accidentally hit their heads on the wall at the sound of gunfire that surprised them.

If they had not heard the gunshots, then they would not be so scared, but they were afraid now because they heard and saw before the power of bullets.

Before they could stand firmly, they were directly pressed to the ground by the police, yelling: “Don’t move!” They were so scared that they directly obeyed the police’s order, daring not to move.

“I won’t run away, I won’t run away, I will come down, I will come down.” A villager who fled to the roof heard the gunshots, and his knees became soft. He was not as strong and bold as he was just now; he directly sat down on the blue tiles. He dared not move. He waited until the police climbed up to get him, and he also did not resist anymore; he obediently let the police handcuff him.

Gunshots, it was gunshots just now!

The police all brought guns; would the villagers run? No matter how fast they tried to escape, could they be faster than the bullets? One of the policemen who were killed some time ago ran so fast, but he was shot by the bullet in the end.

Recalling the dead policeman, the villagers who still wanted to escape all became well-behaved.


“Send all to custody, cuff their hands and feet.” The captain in charge of the entire operation commanded. The whole small mountain village was brightly lit, brighter than a small sun. It was like daylight.

The policemen who escorted the villagers were not armed. They only had pistols for self-defense, with only two ammunition. In fact, all of them were empty-pack 84 (style) pistols.

Unless they encountered villagers who were extremely vicious and carried dangerous goods, then they would use their guns for self-defense.

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“They’re really here, three men and one woman, four people in total. Their sneaky look tells you that they’re anxious” According to the trajectory sent by the signal source and the walking course of the other party, T6 pressed his headset and secretly whispered: “Do you want to do some damage? They all are equipped with cameras.”

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There was no answer from the headset for a long time. T6 smiled to himself and stopped talking, alright, that means yes.

The other party did not reply because they had no time to reply.

Pigeon and Crane encircled and suppressed Chen Jiafu, while Xia Jinyuan, K7, and Ye Jian deliberately forced Chen Jiafu’s elder brother and younger brother to escape into the mountains. The Great Hall issued an order to let the Chen brothers go deliberately. In that case, they had to find a way to make them think they had really escaped.

“There are also two pistols that are missing. Please do your best to search!” The voice of the police officer in the village, with a deep anger, shouted, “Search the place thoroughly!”

The two unaccounted pistols were the sacrifice of policemen’s pistols. They all had ammunition in them. The consequences would be disastrous if the pistols were in the wrong hands.

Ye Jian, who was already equipped with a headset, drew out a dagger and dug out a bullet that had been shot into the tree. The bullet was still a bit hot. In addition to the smell of gunpowder smoke, it also smelled of burnt trees.


She put the bullet into her pocket and whispered: “I found the suspect shot with a Type 84 (pistol) bullet, which is in line with the bullets of the lost pistol of the sacrificed policeman. The two suspects each have a Type 84 (mobile phone).”

“We can let the people go, but the gun must stay here.” Xia Jinyuan, who was chasing from the side, said, “It is confirmed that the police still have two Type 84 (pistols) that have not been recovered.”

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