Chapter 1518: Tight Encirclement

They got orders from the Great Hall to deliberately let the suspects go, but they must not let the guns be brought to the society, even more so since the firearms belonged to the sacrificed police.

Plus, the bullets were not eye-catching. If the suspects were to retaliate, how many innocents would be injured by them?

So the gun must be taken back from them; even if they could not take back the guns, they must at least destroy the guns.

It was not difficult to make the suspects think that they really escaped, and at the same time, find a way to confiscate the guns in their hands.


“K7, force them to the direction of searchlight No. 4. There is a grassland 200 meters away from there. Ye Jian, ambush and shoot their weapons.” Xia Jinyuan, in an army uniform, caught up with Ye Jian and jumped to the front.


The two Chen brothers had been led up the mountain, and the next step was to force them to hand in their guns.

Xia Jinyuan charged forward, covering all sides, and then K7, who followed up, was at their back, responsible for guarding and protecting.


The three of them alternated their positions; their speed was fast but not chaotic, according to the trajectory of the bullet firing and the movement from the front, the two Cen brothers had been trapped.

The speed of K7 was fast; he went from the last position to the forefront. After making a gesture, Ye Jian jumped over the two of them and towards the No. 4 searchlight.


As soon as Ye Jian passed him, she heard a “bang” gunshot from behind her. K7 wanted to confuse the Chen brothers’ judgment.


The bullet seemed to graze Ye Jian’s shoulder; the bullet left a faint smell of gun smoke drifting from the tip of her nose. Ye Jian did not stop, nor even dodge. The bullet did not have eyes, but the person holding the gun was her comrades, who she trusted, so she wasn’t worried about the bullet hitting her.

T6’s voice came on at the right time. He said that he was going to do some damage. Ye Jian, who was advancing, avoided a beam of searchlights and swept behind the leaves like a night bird.    

Xia Jinyuan fired a shot in the direction of his right hand. Hearing the rustling sounds of the leaves in front of him, he said to Ye Jian, “Ye Jian, move quickly.”


He fought with K7, forcing the two Chen brothers to run in the direction of searchlight No. 4. There was no other route for them.

Chen Jiakang tried to escape eastward twice but was forced to return to his bullets’ original path. He whispered to his brother Chen Jiaxing, “Brother, we can’t run outside, we can only run directly to the mountain, the mountain inside is very big, it won’t be easy to find us.”

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Compared to Chen Jiaxing, Chen Jiakang was much more courageous, and his mind was much more delicate.

Although he was holding a gun in his hand, he did not blindly fire it. He was afraid that he wouldn’t have enough bullets when he really needed it.

“Let me take a breath; my ankle is shot.” Chen Jiaxing, the second child of the Chen family, was naturally not as strong as the fourth son, Chen Jiakang, in his forties. He squatted behind a bush and panted.

This was a big deal. With so many police officers coming out all at once, he really panicked.

Chen Jiakang was anxious, “The second brother, you will be like our third brother if you keep resting. Do you want to be arrested? F***, there seem to be several policemen chasing after us, we must hurry up and run!”

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“The mountain is our world; as long as we enter the mountains, they can’t get us!”

The two of them stayed still, and a bullet flew directly over their heads. The wind wiped several leaves, shocking Chen Jiaxing to hide behind the tree.

“Why are you hiding? Run!” No matter how bold Chen Jiakang was, he didn’t dare to face the bullets head-on, so he quickly pulled Chen Jiaxing into the woods.

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