Chapter 1519: Hand In Hand

The Chen brothers had always had a good relationship, and they didn’t leave anyone behind when they ran away, except for Chen Jiafu; they had no chance to bring him along.

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K7 and Xia Jinyuan shot back and forth, forcing the Chen brothers to escape in the direction of the No. 4 searchlight; they kept pushing them until they arrived at the wide field where the searchlight No. 4 was situated. The light stopped after about five seconds at a spot on the grass before moving again.


To not arouse any suspicions, the searchlight was temporarily extinguished and turned on when they entered the range.


“Prepare to shoot.” Xia Jinyuan raised his phone, and a cold voice sounded from the headset: “1, 2, 3…, K7, shoot!”

To force the Chen brothers to raise their guns to resist, the light from the searchlight suddenly swept over at the moment they raised their guns. Ye Jian, who had already gotten ready, aimed at one of them and quickly shot fire.


“Bang Bang!” With two consecutive shots, Ye Jian and Xia Jinyuan fired at almost the same time.


The pistols held by the two brothers were directly hit by the bullets. The bullets collided with the barrel, and sparks flew everywhere.

“Get down, the second brother!” Chen Jiakang yelled. He reacted the fastest. As soon as the pistol was released, he fell into the grass, and then he knew how to roll quickly to avoid being targeted by the bullets.

Chen Jiaxing did not react as quickly. He only knew to get down to the ground after being yelled at.


The two of them clung to the ground tightly, wishing to bury their bodies in it. At night, the cool wind blew over the treetops and brought a “rustling” sound. The light smoke of gunpowder in the wind blew through their nose and then disappeared, barely leaving a trace.

Time seemed to pass slowly. Chen Jiakang didn’t know how long he had been lying down, and when he quietly moved his legs, it felt like a few hours had passed.

“Fifth Brother, it seems…there is no movement.” Chen Jiaxing’s trembling voice sounded from the bushes, “Are they all gone?”

Chen Jiakang didn’t respond. Even in TV shows, it was usually best to lie down a little longer after the bullet was shot so that the other party thought that they had escaped.


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After moving his numb legs, Chen Jiakang quietly raised his head and looked around with a vigilant look…it does look like everyone’s gone.


“Second brother, let’s go!” Without further ado, Chen Jiakang stood up at his waist and ran into the mountains.


The two figures disappeared from their sight. Xia Jinyuan hugged the tree with both hands and chuckled before getting off the tree. “T6, it’s time for you to move. The two have already run into the mountains; you can find a way to lead the westerners to the Chen brothers.”


“Okay, give me half an hour,” T6 replied. He easily followed the four Western reporters and started acting alone for half an hour. Only he knew how he performed his task. Xia Jinyuan and the others never asked about it nor said they wanted to support him.

Ye Jian, who had performed several tasks with them, already understood how they cooperated with each other.


If they needed to perform the task together, they would definitely arrange it in advance, and if one of them was to act alone, he would have already thought of the danger beforehand and had countermeasures.


Picking up the pistol from the grass, Ye Jian handed it to Xia Jinyuan, “It is scrapped, the magazine can be opened. All the missing pistols are found.”

In the small mountain village, the Guilin police did not find any foreign weapons; they only found the guns that were used by the sacrificed police.

Xia Jinyuan opened the other pistol and took a look. There were still 18 bullets out of 20. This pistol was held by Chen Jiakang. The other pistol only had 4 bullets left.

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