Chapter 1520: Deserved Consequences

“Chen Jiakang has plans; he is smarter than Chen Jiaxing.” Ye Jian said lightly, with a thin haze in her low-hanging eyes. The murderer who killed the police… actually planned to escape abroad; giving them a few more days to live was too kind.


Xia Jinyuan put the magazine in the magazine pocket of his combat vest and said to Ye Jian: “The Great Hall will arrange, we don’t need to worry. Someone will get rid of those two criminals. This escape is only temporary.”


When politics were involved, soldiers on mission had no right to intervene.

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Ye Jian nodded slightly to show that she understood his words.


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“Go down the mountain, meet with the Guilin police.” Xia Jinyuan took out his helmet, his eyes narrowed towards the depths of the mountain, and now they were only waiting for the news from T6’s side.


K7, carrying an assault rifle on his back, walked out of the woods, smiled at Ye Jian first, and then asked Xia Jinyuan, “We can leave this place, right? I don’t want to stay overnight here.”


He had a deep rejection towards a place full of criminals.

“Don’t worry, we won’t be staying; we will leave directly. Ye Jian’s holiday is coming soon.” Little Fox would only have a holiday for the next two days. It was just the beginning of school, so it should be fine to ask for a little vacation. Although freshman and sophomore focused on physical training, professional knowledge never failed.


Ye Jian naturally wanted to leave tonight. Since the task had been completed, of course, she must return to school on time.


But tonight, she had to go to Fu Hui. That little girl helped her to capture her parents by herself. Even if she had been mentally prepared, stemming from aspects of emotions, morals, and filial piety, there would always be some hurdle in her heart.


The three people came down from the mountain; the villagers in the small village under the mountain had already been under control.


Fu Hui took two police officers to bring her parents out of the kiln, where she used to store sweet potatoes. She was quietly watching her parents stoop and staggered out of the kiln, biting her lower lip.


She didn’t want to see this; she couldn’t bear it.


Fu Hui’s parents did not notice their daughter standing aside. Seeing the uniformed policeman, the couple’s first reaction was not that they could not protect themselves, but that they looked around for the “Chairman” Chen Jiafu, who made their family wealthy and free from illness.


“Move quickly!” Facing the villagers who killed their brothers, the policemen naturally weren’t nice, so they pushed them to walk quickly.


Fu Hui wiped away the tears that flowed in her eyes. She only left when her parents walked past her.


Don’t listen to what they say. Hearing it will only make you feel soft. They broke the law; they deserve their consequences. Her parents probably would have to spend the rest of their lives in prison, and Fu Hui, as their daughter, would pay for the debts caused by her parents to the families that lost their children.


One of them was said to be the only daughter.


Chen Jiafu was taken away in solitary confinement, but he did not meet the villagers. After the arrest, he did not stop by the village; he was taken away directly.


Lee Er, who had one broken leg, was not given special care. Two male policemen held her left and right shoulders and dragged her away unceremoniously.


When Fu Hui’s parents came out and saw this scene, they were so shocked that Fu Hui’s mother immediately shouted, “How can you treat Sister Lee like this! You are all possessed by evil spirits; you all should die! You all should be killed!”

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