Chapter 1521: Severe Punishment

The policemen who escorted the couple directly sealed their mouths with tape. It is evident that this couple had been seriously brainwashed!


Since they couldn’t speak, the couple jumped up and down, struggling with their legs, and mumbling angrily.


They were still waiting for their son to return and get married; they still wanted to see their grandchildren!


They hadn’t got to do all these things, so how could Fu Hui’s parents follow the police obediently? Fortunately their mouths were sealed. Otherwise, who knew what other nasty words would they say.


This was not only true for Fu Hui’s parents but also for all the villagers.


When they saw Lee Er being dragged away with limp legs, more and more of the villagers became very angry. They cursed and shouted, treating the policemen as “evil spirits,” shouting and screaming about justice.


Her home, her mountain village, her hometown…, ruined, all ruined.


The only one who wasn’t taken away was Fu Hui, who stood at her house; her tears had not stopped since the moment her parents were taken away. Her tears had been flowing as if she was about to shed tears for a lifetime.


There were 30 households in the village, with a total of more than 170 people. The young people recruited believers outside, madly collecting money for Lee Er and Chen Jiafu, and instigated the believers to give up production and change their property in exchange for all the money to be given to Chen Jiafu.


The middle-aged and the elderly stayed at home and “prayed” every day. All of them were arrested this time; there were so many of them in a line like a long queue. Unfortunately, there were not many obedient ones. Several middle-aged women who were initially already powerful in the village simply did not want to leave. They wept and yelled, saying that the policemen destroyed their family, and things like the policemen were jealous of their good lives.


They even said words like the policemen had “betrayed” them.


They were so noisy. All the policemen involved in the action became impatient; okay, you don’t want to move, right? We will drag you then! Still don’t want to leave? Remember how you killed our brothers? Well, we don’t mind using the same method on you!


The funny thing was when they felt threatened, they immediately pointed their fingers at the policemen and said that they shouldn’t treat rightful citizens that way.


Tsk, they still consider themselves as rightful citizens?


Rightful citizens live a normal working life, abiding by the discipline and the law, not like them.


Lee Er, who left at the end, heard the villagers fighting for her, and she was moved to escape again. If the villagers were unrest, then she would have the opportunity to escape, wouldn’t she?


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She was indeed a whimsical one, one of the main criminals, a person like her was only waiting for her death penalty.

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“Cry well tonight, the sun will rise tomorrow, and you will start to walk your way again.” Ye Jian handed out a wet towel and whispered: “Now is the life you wanted to live. Your life will no longer be anxious, fearful, full of hesitation, or uneasiness. Your parents broke the law and hurt several families. Their punishment is a must, for the sake of the families that they have hurt.”


Behind them, the newly built red brick house lit up a light in the lobby. Without any laughter, the whole house looked freezing.


Fu Hui glanced back at her home, and after a while, she nodded, “I still have a lot to do; I have to cheer up. Thank you, Ye Jian, thank you for helping me.”


“No, we should thank you.” Ye Jian stared intensely at the strong girl, “There are many countless families who have to thank you, Fu Hui, you saved countless families with one call, you did a great thing, you’ve saved the country and the people.”

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