Chapter 1: An end and a Beginning

When Alex was diagnosed with cancer his belief in the world plummeted to extremely low levels, he had to deal with the illness alone. His wife left him as soon as he told her the news, saying that if he was unable to provide for her then there was no point in them being together. The rest of his family had outcast him form a young age, he had been seen as a sign of bad luck ever since his mother passed away in childbirth.  His father turned to alcoholism when his wife died, he would often neglect and beat Alex.

Alex finally got a break when a young couple reported his father to social services and offered to look after the young boy in their home instead. His life in their home was better than at his father’s however he was still an outcast in school and this carried on all the way to college. He finally got his first girlfriend while in college however, the relationship didn’t last long as Alex found her cheating on him with one of his few friends.

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This was the final straw for Alex and he went through the rest of his life in standby mode until he went to the hospital to get his check-up which concluded that he had stomach cancer that was spreading at a rapid pace throughout the rest of his body, the doctors gave him just over a year to live, Alex just laughed at that and said “A year? That means I will be dead in 6 months max”.

Months passed with no signs of him recovering, the illness was getting worse and he was now unable to move without assistance. Alone except when a nurse came to check his condition, Alex began to contemplate taking his own life. He changed his will so that his savings would go to charity and decided enough was enough.

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As he was considering ending his life, a mysterious app appeared on his phone and it activated itself. It asked him one question. “Are you fed up of what this world has given you?”  Alex looked at his phone a little surprised but clicked yes out of instinct, the next question threw him off a little bit as phoned asked: “Would you like to go to another world far from here?” 

Alex laughed and thought ‘Soon I will be in hell anyway, why not click yes for fun’ He then pressed the yes button and the screen then took a picture of his face and said” Please wait a few seconds while the system applies your face to the character creations screen”

“Ah so it’s just a game huh, might as well give the developers an extra character in the database before I end things. “Player please select a name to use in the new world” Alex just entered his first name, then confirmed it again. “The player will be known as Alexander in the new world, please select or create a new race to play as in the new world.”

Alex scrolled between the races under the humanoid tab and was torn between a Wood Elf who specialised in being a hunter and a Mystic Elf who specialised in magic. He then remembered that it didn’t matter as he wasn’t actually going to play the games so he used 10 out of his 150 skill points of his character to fuse the two races to create a new race known as the Dark Elves. He checked their racial traits out of interest before going on, the Dark Elves specialised in both being a hunter and using dark magics, a unique spell type just for them.

“Dark Elf confirmed, Please choose a class or create a new one based on player preferences.” Alex spent 20 of his characters skill points to merge the hunter and sorcerer class to play into his racial traits. “The player has created the monster taming class, this is a unique class and only the current player can use this class unless the player teaches it to someone else. Would the player like to purchase the upstart king package for 20 skill points? ” 

Alex selected yes and made the app assign the rest of his skill points in the recommended areas for his character. “The character has been created, the player will be moved  into the realm of the Warring Kingdoms now.” Alex looked at his phone and tried to turn it off as far as he was concerned he was done with it however the phone wouldn’t turn off. He thought that the app had broken his phone so he just left as it was and wheeled himself closer to the edge of the building.

He rammed his wheelchair over the edge of the building, as he fell his phone said” Transferring player now, prepare for a new world when you awaken” As the words travelled through the air, Alex left earth, his journey would continue elsewhere…

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Hey there, this is my first attempt at properly writing a book and I look forward to continuing it with you all. I hope you enjoy the first chapter and have a good day!
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