Chapter 2: rebirth?

Alex awoke surrounded by flames and ash, his entire surroundings were on fire, nothing made sense to him. As  he staggered to his feet he heard a man shout”Burn the filthy Elven village, no longer will we tolerate them leeching off of our resources and refusing to pay taxes.” A noise resounded in Alex’s mind it gave a brief rundown in what he needed to know to survive in this new world.

It explained that this world is real and any actions that he commits here may have dire consequences for the people that live here, it explained that there were 6 continents on the planet each filled with countless kingdoms that are constantly in a state of war with one another. It told him that there were more races, spells, skills cultures and monsters than he could ever imagine. He was informed about the Kingdom nearest to him and how to use the kingdom management screen, status screen and Inventory screen.

The Kingdom nearest to him was the Auyukesta Kingdom, it had a deep hatred for Elves following a war with the nearby Elven Kingdom that destroyed its economy and military. Before the Elves could wipe out the Auyukesta Kingdom, a larger Kingdom intervened and forced both sides to make piece however the Auyukesta Kingdom was forced to cede it’s the richest territory to the Elves as well as pay them war reparations.

Alex thanked the voice for the introduction and then ‘Tutorial ended rung out in his head’ which caused Alex to shake his head. He decided to hide in the nearby forest while he checked out his inventory and his own status screen. He decided to check his own inventory first to check whether he had any weapons in it.

                                                  Player’s Inventory

Upstart King Pack

Alex remembered that he spent some of his skill points to buy the pack and he decided to open it. An alert appeared ‘Are you sure you want to open this?’ Alex selected Yes and within a few seconds the pack opened and the items appeared in his inventory with a brief description of what they were.

                                              Player’s Inventory

Citadel: A large castle, placing this down will spawn a capital city around it, this will be the capital of the user’s kingdom. Be sure to use this in unclaimed land to gain the most benefits.

Hero’s bow: A legendary bow said to be wielded by a godly king, the first of his race. The bow levels up with the user and the power provide the user with the ability to use mana arrows, instead of normal arrows.

Monster Lottery egg: Gives the user their first tamed monster, the user will be given a random monster of rare rarity or better.

Daggers of redemption: Daggers that inflict major damage to anyone who was wronged the user, level with the user.

The Demon’s light armour: Light armour designed to give the user an intimidating presence while keeping them hidden at any given time, levels with the user.

Throwing Knives set

x5 Dark Elves: Spawns 5 Dark Elves that will be 100% loyal to the user, they will be of varying classes and skills.

Alex was stunned by what the pack had given him, intrigued by what was in the inventory, he eagerly checked out his status to see what else he had been given. He equipped his bow and armour while checking the status screen, he also placed the daggers into the sheaths on his belt. Finally, he placed the throwing knives in one of his sleeves, it had a hidden compartment to store the knives in.

                                                                Player’s Status

Name: Alexander

Race: Dark Elf

Class: Monster Trainer (Lvl 1 0/100)

Heath: 150/150

Only allowed on

Level: 1 (Rookie)

Stats score: Strength= D Intelligence= A Agility= S Dexterity= SS Charisma= B Constitution= C

Magic affinity: Dark Mage


Diplomacy (Lvl 1 0/100)  Archery (Lvl 2 0/200)  Dagger combat (Lvl 3 0/300)  Magic  (Lvl 2 0/200)        Survival (Lvl 2 0/200)    Stealth  (Lvl 2 0/200)  Sleight of Hand  (Lvl 4 0/400) 

Movement Speed  (Lvl 1 0/100)    Acrobatics (Lvl 1 0/100)    Free Running  (Lvl 1 0/100)    Assassination  (Lvl 1 0/100)


Magical throwing Daggers (SOH + Magic) (Lvl 2 100/200) :

Stealth Kill (Stealth + Assassin) (Lvl 1 0/100)

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Pickpocketing (SOH) (Lvl 4 0/400)

Engulfing Sphere  (Magic) (Lvl 2 0/200)

Class Abilities:

Monster Taming (Lvl 1 0/100):

Dark Element Archery (Lvl 1 0/100) :

Animal Shapeshifting  (Lvl 1 0/100):

Intrigued by his status Alex began to investigate it more thoroughly, he found that his class skills were solely based off of class lvl while his other abilities were based on his skill scores. He began t read the descriptions for his abilities and what they could do for him going forwards.

Magical throwing Knives: The user can infuse mana or an element into their throwing knives, this makes the knives deal additional damage over time to their target. The knives will instantly re-appear in the users’ hands once the target has died or they manage to remove the knives. Levelling this skill up will allow the user to put more than one element on the knives as well as increase the damage they do to the target.

Stealth Kill: Does extreme damage to enemies that can’t see the user, has a chance to instant kill targets that are a lower level than the user.

Pickpocketing: Allows the user to steal items from others without being detected.

Engulfing Sphere: A sphere of unstable mana that absorbs the energy of the target, when it is done, it explodes dealing significantly large amounts of damage to those around it.

Monster Taming: This ability determines how effective the user will be when taming a monster. The user should note that they can only tame a certain number of species of monster, to increase the cap a tamer should level this skill. This skill also determines the growth of all tamed monsters and how effectively they fight.

Dark Element Archery: Allows the user to infuse dark magic spells and elements into arrows and launch them with a bow, as the skills level rises the number of spells and their power will increase.

Animal Shapeshifting: Allows the user to shapeshift into the same species as any tamed monster.

Alex was amazed and confused by some of the details that he could see however he knew that the best practice would be to use them. His abilities would allow him to get an edge in combat over normal infantry and that is when he decided to set up a mercenary group to gain experience in combat before setting up a kingdom.

Alex walked back towards the burning town, he figured that if he could kill some of the invaders that it might give him some levels, before engaging them however he decided to hatch the monster egg to see if it would give him a good fighting companion. As the egg hatched Alex noticed a young elf woman being dragged by a group of human man into a stable, laughing to himself Alex decided that his first kills in this new world would be men with their pants down…

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