Chapter 3

As Alex was considering the best way to take out the men, the egg in his had shattered and an Alce landed in front of him along with a notification that read ‘The user has successfully hatched a level 1 Alce, its status can be read in the same tab as the users status. Thank you for taking a part in the Lottery’.

Alex smiled at this and took a good look at the Alce, based on what he knew from his old world, the Alce looked like a Griffin without the wings. It was the size of a large dog and it had large Talons where it’s front two feet should be. Its Eagle like head lead into the dazzling golden furred body of a Lion, it’s hind legs were like that of the Lion and it had a tail like one. The Alce walked up to Alex and began to nuzzle its head against him, Alex assumed that it recognised him as it’s master and was displaying affection for him.

Satisfied with the result Alex opened the Alce’s status page, to see what it’s combat potential is. As he opened the page, he heard a woman’s scream from the barn where the men had dragged the Elven woman.  Alex began to move towards the barn, he decided he would assess the Alce’s skills as he moved, he also needed to name it which he would do on the status page.

Name: Bucephalus

Race:  Alce

Gender:  Female

Class: War Mount

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Stats score: Strength A Intelligence A Agility= A Dexterity= A Charisma= D Constitution= B

Magic affinity: Wind


Melee Combat  Lvl 2 (0/200) Carry Limit lvl 2 (0/200) Athletics lvl 2 (0/200) Disease resistance lvl 1 (0/200)  Health regeneration Lvl 1 (0/100) Damage resistance Lvl 1 (0/100) Magic Lvl 2 (0/200) Perception Lvl 2 (0/200) Stealth Lvl 2 (0/200) Assassination Lvl 2 (0/200) Movement speed Lvl 2 (0/200) Acrobatics Lvl 2 (0/200) Free Running Lvl 2 (0/200)


Hurricane Lvl 2  (0/200)

Carnage: Lvl 2 (0/200)

Stealth Kill Lvl 2

Class Abilities

Enraged Charge Lvl 1 (0/100)

Unpredictable Movements Lvl 1 (0/100)

Only allowed on

War Cry Lvl 1 (0/100)

Intrigued by Bucephalus’ status Alex began to investigate it more thoroughly, he found that like his class skills, Bucephalus were also solely based off of class Lvl while his other abilities were based on his skill scores. He began to read the descriptions for Bucephalus’ abilities and what they may offer him when dealing with the invaders.

Hurricane: The user summons a large hurricane that destroys everything in its wake, the spell gains more power and damage as it levels up.

Carnage: The User loses all control over their body giving in to pure rage, they attempt to kill everything is that is not considered an ally.

Enraged Charge: While a rider is on the Alce, it will aggressively charge at enemy troops dealing extreme amounts of damage.

Unpredictable Movement: The user is unable to be pinned down by any archers unless they are extremely good at their jobs. The user is almost impossible to predict when they use this ability, it would require a telepathic connection to know what is going to do.

War Cry: A extremely loud screech that can tear eardrums at close range, it can paralyse other monsters out of fear for its own life.

Extremely happy with the monster he was given as his first, he signalled for Bucephalus to go around the back of the barn while he would sneak through the front and attack the nearest one to him while Bucephalus would attack the nearest to it. The man had thrown the woman on the floor and had taken their trousers off, they approached the woman and turned her over, as they began to touch her all over, Alex slipped into the barn and nodded towards the direction Bucephalus was.

As the closest man to the woman was about to slip himself into her, Bucephalus broke through the wall and grabbed the man closest to him by the throat and crushed it between his claws, the two other men ran towards their weapons. Alex quickly pulled his bow off of his back and shot a manna arrow through the hand of one of the men pinning him to the wall of the barn.

He decided that the punishment for the last man would be much worse, he flicked his wrist and the throwing knives fell into his hands. He enchanted them with the darkness element and threw them at the man, they hit him in the spine, causing intense pain to both his body and his mind. He fell to the fall and began to scream in an unknown language to everyone in the barn.

Alex then stepped out of the shadows and walked towards the man who was pinned to the wall and whispered in his ear “I’m the darkness that is hidden within all elves, your acts here have woken me from my slumber, tell me how many of you attacked this village and I will make your death quick. Fail to  tell me and my dear companion will eat you alive, I can make it so you can’t scream while she slowly tears you apart with its claws and beak.”

The man to shake and beg for mercy, Alex just shook his head and nodded towards Bucephalus who slowly approached the man. When he could see his gruesome death slowly approaching him he whimpered and finally said” There is around 40 of us attacking the village, we have some elite troops with us that will kill you and your pet. You only managed to get us through a ” Before he could finish his sentence Alex hit him in his head with the hilt of his daggers before cutting out his tongue.

Unable to scream out in pain the man just stood there pinned to the barn in extreme pain, Alex turned to the Elven woman and said:” He is yours to deal with now, I suggest you deal with this quickly and leave the village, I will only save you once, after this, you are on your own.” Before she could respond Alex had already left the barn and moved towards the centre of the village, hoping to find the one in charge of this attack and take him out quickly for easy experience.

Alex and Bucephalus kept to the shadows as they crept closer to the main attacking force, en route Alex noted that the battle was already over and they were now just looting, raping and killing the remaining Elves. Alex decided to climb on top one of the few buildings that was not burning to see if he could spot which building the invading force was used as a temporary command centre.

He quickly scanned the nearby buildings and saw one with guards stationed outside it and assumed this was the one with the Commander in it, as Alex and Bucephalus stealthy approached from the rooftops, sounds of men’s pleasure and woman’s screaming began to fill the air. Disgusted by what he was hearing Alex pulled out his bow and shot an arrow enchanted with engulfing sphere at the building when the arrow hit the building a large sphere appeared and began to suck out the mana of the living things in the area before it detonated itself bringing the entire building down on top of those in it.

Alex simply thought of the act of saving those woman from a fate worse than death and he moved out of the village and walked towards the nearest town, he checked his and Bucephalus statuses and found that they had both levelled up twice, smiling at this he walked up to Bucephalus and began petting it and stroking its fur as they travelled.  Little did Alex know at this time saving that Elf woman would have massive repercussions on future events for both him and his Kingdom.

— New chapter is coming soon —
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