Chapter 179: Sevenfold Mountain

“Mo Zifei, how are you even walking?” Zhao Haisheng cried in shock.

Mo Zifei, the ex-Army God, was standing there like nothing happened! 

Zhao Haisheng knew the most how heavy-handed he was on Mo Zifei. He even used a dagger to cut Mo Zifei’s tendons in his limbs and turn the latter into a cripple.

Logic dictated Mo Zifei shouldn’t be even standing, wasting the remainder of his miserable life in bed. 

But what was he just seeing? Hadn’t it been just a few days? How was he was all fine after only a fortnight?

Zhao Haisheng rubbed his eyes.

The young man in front of him had spotless skin, with a smile and dashing good looks. If that wasn’t China’s Army God Mo Zifei, who then? 

“I am the challenger!” Mo Zifei shouted. 

“Zhao Haisheng, do you accept?”


Only Mo and Zhang clans were allowed to issue an Army God challenge whenever. If the challenge wasn’t met, that meant the challenged renounced his Army God title.

Zhao Haisheng cooled, “Mo Zifei, I don’t know nor care how you’re even standing, but you are no match for me!”

Mo Zifei snorted, “You’ll know it after I try!”

“Good, great, perfect. Time and place?”

“Right here, right now!”

“Now?” Zhao Haisheng jerked.

“Yes, now!”

Zhao Haisheng cupped his hands, “Vice-chief Lan, will it be alright for Mo Zifei and I to fight here?”

“Do as you will.”

“Then this is where we’ll fight. But first, there’s something I would like to add!”


“Life and death are ruled by fate!”

Mo Zifei turned to a man holding a camera, “Are you recording?”

“Already am!”

The Army God title fight wasn’t a game. There may not be a designated place, but it had to be recorded and witnessed by more than fifty people. And these two conditions were more than met today.

“Ha-ha-ha, Mo Zifei, so you came prepared. Good, little Li, record as well!”

“Yes, Army God sir!”

The crowd withdrew and Zhao Haisheng charged Mo Zifei.

“Zhao Haisheng, I know you beat me last time thanks to drugs. But I don’t blame you. Someone once said to me, a loss is a loss regardless of the reason. So this time I’ll allow you to use any method you can think of, even jucing.”

“What drug? I don’t know what you’re talking about, Mo Zifei. Cut your slander!” Zhao Haisheng’s face sank.

“Come then!”

The match was on.

“Threefold Moutain!”

Mo Zifei shouted and punched. Three visible ripples shot for Zhao Haisheng.

Mo clan’s martial art, Fivefold Mountain could unleash five times the power when trained to the max. Such destructive force allowed them to make a name for themselves among the three greatest clans of China. 

“Tiger Roar!”

Zhao Haisheng entered horse stance and punched with both hands. 

A great tiger qi shot forth colliding with Mo Zifei’s Threefold Mountain ripples, canceling each other out.

“Good, here comes Fourfold Mountain!”

Zhao Haisheng’s face fell. He was only a peak third level. He won last time against Mo Zifei’s fourth level because of the drug. He could take Mo Zifei’s Threefold Mountains, but Fourfold Mountains, he’d have to use the drug.


Zhao Haisheng’s hands shifted, picking up dust and obscuring everyone’s sight. He popped the cork to a vial in his sleeve and took a sip.

Just as he finished taking valiant water, a sudden gale blew away the dust leaving everyone to witness his glorious deed.

Zhao Haisheng paled.

He was more than clear of his ending if the jig was up.

[Balls! Where the hell did that wind come from? On this sunny day no less!]

Mo Zifei laughed, “No worry, please take it. Because the Fourfold Mountains are getting closer.”

“I-I was only thirsty!” Zhao Haisheng chose to die than admit it.

“Go ahead, drink your fill. Just give me a heads up when you’re done.”

“Blast it!” Zhao Haisheng snapped and charged Mo Zifei.


The two had been at it for dozens of moves in a blink, but this time, Mo Zifei wasn’t on the losing side as before. This time they were at a standstill.

“What’s going on? How did you recover so fast and even improved so much? Did you also take drugs?” Zhao Haisheng shouted in shock.

“Who are you yelling at?”

“You, who else?” Zhao Haisheng quibbled.

“It’s fine, it won’t matter anyway. A certain annoying runt told me once, that true power can ignore any cunning ploy!”

“Fivefold Palm!”

Mo Zifei shouted and struck, taking the pose of a proud peacock and unleashing his might. He struck Zhao Haisheng with five times his power.

Even if juiced, Zhao Haisheng could only take the fourth stage. And having been struck three times with fivefold attacks, he was spewing blood and driven back with every attack.

Zhao Haisheng threw away all pretense and drank all the valiant water in the vial.

“Mo Zifei, you’re too weird. I may not know what happened to you, but you can’t be allowed to live. I will gamble three decades of my life to kill you!”

“Peak fourth level!”

Zhao Haisheng roared, his power surging and a tiger appeared behind him.

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This was his qi turned physical in the form of a tiger.


Zhao Haisheng’s every punch unleashed a tiger roar, but Mo Zifei’s Fivefold Palms canceled every one of them.

“So what if you can use the Fivefold Mountain! My qi is now physical. Now you will taste my Zhao clan’s true Tiger King Fist!”

“It is indeed amazing for a Zhao clan’s skill. A pity it’s in the hands of a waste.

“In the end, this power isn’t your own, but the drug’s. Your Tiger King Fist is nothing but paper-thin.”

“Sevenfold Mountain!”

Mo Zifei shouted. His hands spread just like a peacock showed its tail, then attacked Zhao Haisheng.


After the clash of these mighty skills, Zhao Haisheng was sent flying.

Mo Zhennan was left speechless.

He was also an expert, although of the second level, but he also trained in the Fivefold Mountain skill. His father and grandfather only ever managed to train it to the fifth stage, its peak.

Then what was this? How did it reach the seventh stage then?

“Sevenfold Mountain! W-wasn’t your Mo clan only capable of Fivefold Mountain?” Zhao Haisheng was sprawled on the ground with all his bones broken, gasping from shock and disbelief.

“True, it was so. But my talent is exemplary and raised the Fivefold Moutain to the seventh stage.”

Mo Zifei grinned, winking at Li Mo in the crowd.

His recovery and boost in power were all thanks to Li Mo’s refining of his body.

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Li Mo used many ingredients to refine his body through Fortune of Heaven and Earth Art. Across the entire cosmos, it was an art among the very top. And this result was still poor since Mo Zifei’s recovery took too much time. Otherwise, he’d be in the 8th if not 9th stage by now.

Zhao Haisheng aged swiftly. His face went all wrinkly, his black hair turned white, just like a seventy-year-old fogey.

Mo Zifei took the Army God token from him and laughed.

“Rest easy, I won’t kill you. Your Zhao clan still has the right to challenge me for the Army God title. I’ll be waiting.

“And by the way, see ya grandpa Zhao.” Mo Zifei waved Zhao Haisheng goodbye.

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