Two disciples wearing the casual outer Sleepless Devil outfit travelled through the stairs leading towards the peak of the sword like mountain.

each one of them held two gigantic water buckets in their hands as they made their way to the top.

“Haa, there is only 1 month left till the Outer Disciple tournament” exclaimed one of the two, as he tried to start some small talk in order to pass the time.

“Brother Chu, who do you think will make it to the top 10 this time around”

“I can’t really guess the full set up of the ranks, but there is one thing that I’m sure of, Senior brother Gang Ying will surely take first place”

Said Brother Chu as his face showed an expression of worship.

there was no person in the Sleepless Devil Sect who didn’t know about Gang Ying the Crown Prince of the Shining Iron kingdom. the man who took first place in sect recruitment competition, currently at the top of Foundation establishment.

he was just too strong, he had inherited the Royal Bloodline of Shining Iron and his spiritual bone was also of the advanced property known as Diamond.

Indeed he was a child of heaven.

“I don’t think so, after all Senior sister Li Rou is also here, and she had just awakened her Extreme Yin constitution under the tutelage of Grand Elder Gao, last time they had fought she only lost by a small margin, now that she grew stronger, she will surely win”

replied the slightly shorter outer disciple with a tone of admiration.

“what do you know, last tim”

suddenly as Brother Chu was talking, a powerful gust of wind passed by him and his brother, almost sweeping them off their feets.

“What the hell was that” they both exclaimed and looked around in vigilance.

but they couldn’t spot anything even after looking around for a while.

“Must have been the wind”

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so they went on with their conversation.

As I stepped on stairs made of marble I could see the majestic figure of the manor called Spirit herbs Peak slowly coming into picture, so I slowed down my speed of climbing, there was but a short distance left that I could cover quickly with just walking normally.

like any other outer disciple, after I reported into the sect, I was given a rank and certain tasks to fulfill every 3 days.

naturally what I was doing right now, was one them, I was supposed to bring 12 buckets of clear water up to the Spirit Herbs Peak every 3 days alongside cutting logs from the nearby fertile land from time to time.

these two water buckets on my hand were the last batch that I needed to hand in.

after fulfilling my tasks I would gain sect contributions which I could use to set myself off into the road of immortality by exchanging them for one of the sects cultivation manuals.

I naturally had no need for any cultivation manual, as my cheat inventory provided me with every existing item in the world, from the strongest sword in existence to basic sandals.

but I did my tasks regardless, I was living my dream and my current situation was much more relaxed than back when I was in earth, where I had to deal with troubles left and right.

it wasn’t easy being the head of gigantic Corp on the world level.

compared to now.

I loved doing the so called mundane task that the sect assigned to me, as well as making friends and enemies with my sect brothers.

it was lots of fun.

‘this is the life’ I thought as I made my way towards the back of the spirit herbs garden.

i continuously nodded at the Inner Disciples guarding while showing them the hanging grey badge on my chest with a spiritual Herb marking on it.

it was the only way to justify my presence here, otherwise id be instantly kicked out of here.

the Spirit Herbs peak wasn’t like the other peaks, it was much more heavily guarded because it was here where the precious spiritual herbs of the sect were grown.

None of the inner sect disciples acknowledged my existence, some of them even had an expression of disgust as if they couldn’t bear my existence at all.

but that didn’t really bother me, these inner disciples had tasted just a bit of success and now grew so arrogant and complacent, you’d think they were the rulers of the sect.

they were just idiots. why would I bother with them? I didn’t bother with their likes back on earth, why would I now?

” Hi there brother Chen”

a petite girl who had smooth skin and an above average looks approached me with a slight smile on her face.

her hair was long and black, and she naturally wore the sects clothes, the only difference between hers and mines was that mine was grey clothing for males while hers was blue but designed for females.

the clothes looked really nice on her and emphasized her body curves which made one not help but take a second look at her.

the blue color signified the status of an inner disciple.

“Greetings senior sister Xiao”

I responded back with a stale tone while climbing the small ladder that was attached to the 6 meters tall barrel in front me.

to unload the water buckets.

i wished this vixen would just perform her job and leave me alone.

Li Xiao was the disciple assigned to the spirit herb peak whose job was to supervise the tasks and distribute the contribution points.

at first I had a good impression of this girl, I thought she had a kind nature.

but later on I found out that I was completely wrong her, she wasnt kind at all, this little witch here liked to select a victim m and show him a bit of favor as if he had caught her attention, which in return made her suitors go after the selected person.

naturally the persons would end up beaten and humiliated, and she found glee in that.

“You’re looking rather handsome today junior brother Mo Chen”

The day I had reported to the sect, they asked me about my name, and the name Mo Chen just subconsciously jumped off my tongue.

why Mo Chen? There was no particular reason, I just liked the sound of it.

this girl was really giving me a headache, what kind of hobby was this, she was totally messed up in the head.

I smiled back at her and replied with a light tone.

“Senior sister, can I bother you to give me my contribution points”

I didn’t want to bother with her anymore as I could feel the glares of the inner disciples on my back.

her instigating others to go after me didn’t really register in my mind, as I thought of her tricks as nothing but a kids tantrum.

when a casual punch of yours can split the whole continent to two, would you bother with this kind of stuff?

it was degrading.

not to mention her beautiful looks had nothing on me, what a joke, his wife used to be one of the most beautiful women on earth, why would he bother with someone with slightly above average looks.

I just wanted to get out of here as soon as possible.

with the number of contributions I currently had, I will finally be able to go to that place.

The smile on Li Xiao’s face stiffened, as she had never expected the man standing in front of her not to even give her a bit of his time, rather directly asking for his contribution points.

when was the last time something like this happened? she knew she was extremely beautiful, even the sect elders fawned over her.

did I not put on my make-up today correctly?

Li Xiao proceeded to take out her small mirror to check her face.

There was nothing wrong she looked just as beautiful as always.

she raised her head once again, only to see Mo Chen looking at her with a weird expression.

“Ah, yes your contribution points, silly me”

I handed over my badge and looked at her, as she used her spiritual Qi to change the number written on it.


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