Chapter 31: Two Soldiers

Deep Purples and Bright Reds smiled like a flower and said: “That’s all right, Uncle Li. You see, I’m already level 10, and my bow and arrows are powerful. Now, I can shoot down a big bandit chief with one arrow. Moreover, our soldiers are also level 5 and are equipped with items. It wouldn’t be a problem to resist those ordinary bandits. The most important matter is, my big brother has promised that he will return before the raid of the bandits. Uncle Li, you can rest assured.”

Deep Purples and Bright Reds patted her big breast and said. She was very confident. Merely, it was unknown whether she was blindly confident in Shan Family’s strength or she was truly confident in her impressive big breast. At the least, if Shi Hao had heard this conversation between Deep Purples and Bright Reds and Li Min, then he would have determined that it was the latter. Because in Shi Hao’s view, a village like Shan Family Village would be swallowed by the raging bandits for sure. There was no suspense.

Some people might ask, why? Just think about it, how many bandits were there? But Shan Family Village just had 9 soldiers. Among them, 5 were fighters, 2 were knights and 2 were archers. 5 fully armed level 5 fighters could resist the attacks of ordinary bandits without any damage. But the flesh wall made up of just 5 people was too lacking. At least 10 people were required to consider it barely enough to use! At that time, Shi Hao had 14 fighters. If the number of people in the flesh wall was not enough, then they wouldn’t be able to resist the bandits’ wave after wave of attacks, and the archers, knights and villagers in the back would be GGed.

Besides, at that time, Shi Hao had also destroyed many bandits’ strongholds in the vicinity. But with this small manpower, only the ghost knew whether Deep Purples and Bright Reds went to destroy bandits’ strongholds like Shi Hao. If not, then she could only wait for dozens of bandit chiefs to come and look for trouble with Shan Family Village.

However, Li Min also knew these things. Not only he had expressed his worry to Deep Purples and Bright Reds, but he had also arranged for villagers to go and see whether there were fighters among the refugees or not. As a matter of fact, someone immediately ran over and reported something.

“Reporting to the Village Chief, two new refugees have appeared in the village! Both of them are soldiers and are well-equipped!” An ordinary villager of Shan Family Village ran over. He had discovered two strange fellows in an empty house. Those two fellows didn’t come out to do farm work at dawn, which attracted everyone’s attention. Everybody noticed that although they were disguised (wore a layer of ordinary clothing outside the armor), they could still find some clues when they looked carefully from a close distance. The two of them were soldiers. Moreover, they seemed to be fighters. At this moment, during the time of Shan Family Village’s survival or extinction, their luck seemed to be very good.

Therefore, Deep Purples and Bright Reds and Li Min rushed over to the scene. From the distance, it looked very awkward over there. Not using too many words, those two fellows regarded as soldiers were Shi Hao and Pei Yuanqing.

“S***! I have said it many times, I’m truly not an NPC soldier. I’m a player! Do you all understand what a player means? Get out of the way. I don’t want to beat people.” Shi Hao was very irritated. Being encircled by people, he wanted to attack but couldn’t bear to do so. Don’t look at how Shi Hao was the Village Chief of the first player village, Twin Dragons Village, now. Not too long ago, he was also just an ordinary freshman. When an ordinary freshman run into such an inexplicable situation, he would naturally get irritated. You should understand it.

“Nonsense! You said you are a player, but are you a player? Your information is hidden and we can’t even see your name. Show your character panel, and if you are truly a player, then we will let you go.” Shan Family Village’s villagers continued to surround Shi Hao. They were not stupid. It was impossible to deceive them with such nonsense. In their eyes, Shi Hao and Pei Yuanqing were already determined to be soldiers who escaped from other villages, and they must keep these two people to resist the invasion of bandits.

“F***!” How could Shi Hao show his character panel to other people? Like that, not only would other people know his name, his level and his identity (Twin Dragon Village’s Village Chief), but wouldn’t they also know that he had a treasure? But it was impossible for him to let other people know about this. Shi Hao said decisively: “Yuanqing, open the way! Don’t kill anyone, just knock them out. I’ve had it enough. S***! My luck must be bad today. I must look at the almanac after returning. Alas, this year’s horoscope augurs ill! S***!”

Pei Yuanqing was dumbfounded. It seemed like he didn’t comprehend the words of Shi Hao. However, he at least understood that he needed to knock out these villagers.

Pei Yuanqing said: “I offend you! Don’t blame me!”

“Wait a moment!” Li Min hastily stepped forward to stop the conflict between the two sides. At this moment, could Li Min not discern the real situation? No.

The views of Li Min and other villagers were basically the same. In his eyes, both Shi Hao and Pei Yuanqing were NPC soldiers. But he at least knew that force shouldn’t be used in this kind of matter.,

Li Min said: “Brave warriors, I wonder where you two come from, and where are you two going? I’m the executive steward of Shan Family Village, Li Min. If you two don’t dislike Shan Family Village, you two might as well stay here. Although Shan Family Village is not prosperous, everyone in the village is close, and Village Chief Little Red is also very good to people.”

“Village Chief Little Red?” Shi Hao was amused. This was the first time he heard an NPC calling this kind of alias. However, at this moment, Shi Hao was also somewhat interested and said: “Where is Village Chief Little Red?”

“Here, here! I’m here.” The stature of Deep Purples and Bright Reds was somewhat short and small. When she stood behind the crowd, Shi Hao couldn’t see her. She squeezed through the crowd and arrived in front of Shi Hao. Her eyes were filled with longing. She longed for Shi Hao and Pei Yuanqing to stay in the village.

Deep Purples and Bright Reds said: “You two, stay in this village, I’ll take care of you two.”

After she spoke, she patted her big breast. She had the appearance of vowing solemnly. Shi Hao smiled after seeing her such appearance. He was not smiling because of her surging waves, rather her such action made him recall a person who also brought surging waves.

Who was the person Shi Hao recalled? That was a person both Shi Hao and Feng Tianhao knew. Shan Wanhong!

Shan Wanhong was also a freshman enrolled in C University of H Province this year. Her family background was not bad. It was absolutely the representation of the middle-class level. Moreover, she had a sweet voice, and although her height was a bit short, the proportion of her figure was definitely the golden ratio, which basically made it impossible to see that she was less than 155 centimeters. In addition, she had a curvy figure. Therefore, she was recognized as the number one campus beauty of C University.

Come to speak of it, it was also a coincidence. Less than a month after freshmen entered the military training, Shan Wanhong happened to be assigned to the same team with Shi Hao and Feng Tianhao. Like that, they became acquainted with each other and became friends.

In Shi Hao’s impression, Shan Wanhong’s biggest symbol was slapping her chest, which would inevitably trigger terrifying waves every time. The first burst came from her own body and the second burst came from the crowds of onlooking men. Shi Hao would always laugh whenever he saw the terrifying waves of those men.

“What is your name?” Shi Hao asked. Shi Hao wanted to confirm whether this young woman who didn’t even know how to conceal her name was Shan Wanhong he knew.

“I’m Deep Purples and Bright Reds. Isn’t this name pleasant to hear?” Deep Purples and Bright Reds replied.

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