Chapter 32: What Went Wrong?

Suddenly, black lines appeared on Shi Hao’s face, and it seemed like a crow was flying over his head.

Shi Hao grumbled in his heart. S***! You haven’t even turned off the name display. Am I blind? Do you think that I can’t see? I’m asking for your real name.

Shi Hao was a bit upset. He turned around and wanted to leave with Pei Yuanqing.

In fact, this also wasn’t the fault of Deep Purples and Bright Reds. In her eyes, Shi Hao was an NPC. Why would an NPC ask her real name?

Speaking about it, Deep Purples and Bright Reds was still curious. Why was she still being asked for her name when her name was still displayed? She felt that her charm was too big. It couldn’t be helped, this was proved many times in the real life. She, however, was the campus beauty of C University of H Province! Yes, she was Shan Wanhong!

However, coincidentally or not coincidentally, she had a biological elder brother named Shan Yixiong! Oh? Shan Yixiong, which Shan Yixiong?

Sorry! It was that The Only Hero Shi Hao imprisoned in a dark room of Twin Dragons Village!

In fact, how could a rookie like Shan Wanhong be capable enough to establish Shan Family Village by herself? Don’t look at the shabby appearance of Shan Family Village. Many people didn’t even have a kennel. They could only wander in the NPC’s villages of Divine and Mighty Alliance. Therefore, to be specific, Shan Wanhong didn’t have the ability to establish a village. The Village Building Order she got was given to her by Shan Yixiong (game-name: The Only Hero). The one who had the ability to establish a village was Shan Yixiong.

Originally, according to Shan Yixiong’s plan, after he settled with Shi Hao, he would establish a new village in Twin Dragons Village’s original site and simultaneously become two village’s Vice Village Chief, uniting the two villages. In addition, with the tiger skin of Wei Wentong, he would be quite awe-inspiring, and at that time, among the top players of West Flower Region, there might be his name.

Unfortunately, Shan Yixiong’s plan seemed to have fallen flat. Under the invasion of bandits, Shan Family Village might not be able to preserve without the support of Shan Yixiong. At this moment, Shan Yixiong was helplessly struggling in the dark room. It was no use going off-line because he lived in another city by himself. Moreover, Shan Wanhong was still in the game. He had already sent a message saying he was trapped using his mobile phone. As for when Shan Wanhong would see this message, it was hard to say.

“Don’t go!” Li Min quickly rushed to the front of Shi Hao and said: “You two seem to be a fighter. Our village is truly lacking fighters. As long as there are fighters in the front to block the bandits’ offense, our village will pass the test steadily. Even if you two don’t want to join Shan Family Village, you two can also act as mercenaries. You don’t need to become a part of our village. Our village will hire you two for a day. You can decide on the price. With the armor you wear, those bandits are basically no threat to you two.”

Shi Hao smiled, he smiled again. His Twin Dragons Village was not lacking money. Moreover, even if they had to do tasks to earn money, how could this Shan Family Village alone be able to afford his and Pei Yuanqing’s appearance fee? You should know that just Pei Yuanqing alone was an SS grade historical NPC. Now, you tell, what should be his price?

“Okay! 1,000 cooper coins.” But Shi Hao still decided to stay behind and defend the village together with Pei Yuanqing for Deep Purples and Bright Reds. He didn’t stay behind because he knew Deep Purples and Bright Reds was Shan Wanhong. He stayed behind just because he suddenly wanted to test his new treasure, Cloud Mist Beast.

Shi Hao and Pei Yuanqing rested and reorganized in the village for a long time.

Slowly, night fell. Shan Wanhong’s big brother had not appeared yet, which made her anxious. However, the two new helpers also made her somewhat relieved.

Soon, the sky became darker, and before dawn the next day, Shan Wanhong stood at the village entrance, fully armed and said: “Everyone, get ready!”

The 7 fighters including Shi Hao and Pei Yuanqing formed a flesh wall in front of the village entrance. At this moment, Shi Hao and Pei Yuanqing had already removed their disguise. The Water Clouds Sword in Shi Hao’s hand was emitting blue light, and he also suddenly revealed his mount, Cloud Mist Beast, which was very domineering. And Pei Yuanqing’s Silver Dragon Armor was glittering even more, and he had a pair of hammers in his hands. Although they didn’t look so peculiar, they were also rare. At this point, upon seeing the gears suddenly revealed by Shi Hao and Pei Yuanqing, Deep Purples and Bright Reds finally understood. These two people were either historical NPCs or super players.

However, there was no time to think about it because the bandits’ invasion was right in front of their eyes!

The bandits swarmed over. The bandits rushing in the front were ordinary bandits. The bandit chiefs closely followed behind. Looking from the distance, it was like a tsunami from the mountain. The number of bandits was several times more than that time in Twin Dragons Village. It could only be said that Shan Wanhong was just a rookie in the game. She hadn’t done the task of eliminating bandits’ strongholds properly.

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However, this conformed to Shi Hao’s liking. For Shi Hao, the more people to experiment, the better. On other occasions, it was very hard for so many monsters to appear at once.

Shi Hao raised his sword, his eyes became sharp and said: “Yuanqing, I will go and come back soon!”

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Shi Hao urged his mount and left. He had to say that that Cloud Mist Beast’s speed bluff was truly awesome. It felt like riding a rocket. Shi Hao charged forward and was simply unstoppable. Indeed, how could these level 5 mobs stop Shi Hao? His one attack could kill a bandit (Shi Hao is over level 10, bandits are just level 5). The bandits basically couldn’t break his defense. In addition, no one could match his speed. Therefore, a massacre began.

“Damn it! What went wrong? Where did that fighter riding a mount come from?” The bandit chiefs hastily discussed. They didn’t understand why a fighter was riding a mount instead of holding a shield. This was fine, but wasn’t this fighter’s attack a bit high? The strangest thing was, how could such an abnormal fighter appear in this obviously poor village?

The bandit chiefs were unable to understand. Merely, it was fortunate that they also didn’t need to understand. Because Shi Hao became more and more courageous as he fought and vanished. As it turned out that when he was slaughtering madly, because his speed was too fast, he rushed into the mountain forest, and actually lost his way. Hehe, the person with a poor sense of direction…

“Everyone, seize this chance, charge! Kill the back row first and directly tear down the buildings.” Upon seeing this heaven-sent chance, a bandit chief didn’t hesitate. These bandits had never truly expected that that super awesome person was actually an idiot, and he completely vanished.

“Not good!” Originally, Deep Purples and Bright Reds was very happy upon seeing that she had gotten such an awesome mercenary with her 1,000 copper coins. She believed that that person was definitely interested in her whether he was a player or a historical NPC. Otherwise, how could his appearance fee be so low with his ability? But she had never expected that that person would actually run away and vanish…

Deep Purples and Bright Reds hastily commanded the soldiers to meet the attack calmly. However, the defense line made of 5 fighters was truly sloppy. It was basically impossible to stop all the bandits.

Eh! 5? Why only 5? Should it be 6? Yes, it was 5 because Pei Yuanqing basically didn’t listen to Deep Purples and Bright Reds’s commands. Pei Yuanqing was Shi Hao’s subordinate. Deep Purples and Bright Reds had no right to command him. Therefore, Pei Yuanqing did whatever he pleased.

Upon seeing this, Deep Purples and Bright Reds stared at him blankly while shooting arrows.

She then said: “You should also go up. Or else, these bandits will break through our defense line.”

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