Chapter 33: Item Sales (1)

Pei Yuanqing ignored the words of Deep Purples and Bright Reds. Shi Hao had made a move purely to experience the carefree feeling of the Cloud Mist Beast. Pei Yuanqing, however, had no new gear, so why would he make a move? It was too troublesome. But he who looked like a little handsome young man was the most popular target of these bandits.

“Brothers, look! That little white face is so frightened that he doesn’t dare to move. Come! Let’s breakthrough from his side and seize profit from the village first. Heh heh…” Several ignorant bandits charged towards Pei Yuanqing and swung their swords without rhyme or reason at Pei Yuanqing who had no intention of making a move.

Alas! A bandit is a bandit, and a moron is a moron. Daring to attack without looking at the equipment of Pei Yuanqing! Good. This time, Pei Yuanqing was annoyed! He obviously didn’t want to do anything, but why were these bandits forcing him to make a move? Why were there so many idiots in this world?

Pei Yuanqing berated: “You all are just scoundrels, but you all actually dare to attack me. Don’t blame me for being merciless.”

The dual hammers in Pei Yuanqing’s hands danced like a dragon and those bandits around him all lost their lives. And once he started to make a move, he wouldn’t stop. He would kill all the way.

“Ah! This guy is actually so terrifying, run for it.” The morale of the bandits immediately dropped to the lowest point. Pei Yuanqing killed these chaotic mobs of bandits with his power alone. As for those arrogant bandit chiefs, they were also eliminated by Pei Yuanqing in chaos in passing. Pei Yuanqing didn’t seem to even look at them. After all, Pei Yuanqing’s level and grade were unrivaled. When Pei Yuanqing took action to resolve these bandit-leveled characters, he basically had no pressure at all. Thereupon, Shan Family Village’s great victory was so easy.

When the first ray of sunlight shone in Shan Family Village, everybody of Shan Family Village was celebrating joyously in the village.

Pei Yuanqing, however, was quietly waiting at the entrance of Shan Family Village for the return of Shi Hao. Deep Purples and Bright Reds was also waiting at the entrance. She wanted to know the background of Shi Hao and Pei Yuanqing. Finally, when the sun had completely risen, Shi Hao returned riding the Cloud Mist Beast.

“Sorry, I was unable to grasp the accelerator of the new vehicle. I carelessly rushed into that mountain, and as a result, I got lost.” Shi Hao shrugged his shoulders and said. He didn’t seem to be surprised with the scene in front of his eyes. He knew that Pei Yuanqing would definitely wait for him, and it was inevitable that Deep Purples and Bright Reds would be curious about him. And women must get to the root of the things they were curious about.

At this moment, Deep Purples and Bright Reds was sure that Shi Hao was a player. After all, only players could speak like this. Deep Purples and Bright Reds smiled and said: “What is your name?”

Shi Hao shrugged his shoulders and replied: “Shake the Heaven…”

Shi Hao then didn’t even bother to get the appearance fee of 1,000 copper coins he had mentioned before and quickly left just like this with Pei Yuanqing. As a matter of fact, Deep Purples and Bright Reds was not only asking the name of Shi Hao’s game character, but she even more wanted to know his real name. However, Shi Hao wouldn’t tell his real name to other people. Or else, if other people look for trouble in the real world, then he wouldn’t be able to cope with it.

Speaking of which, Shan Wanhong didn’t really know how to play games. She hadn’t even browsed through the forums of <<Kingdom>>. If she had, then she would have known what the name ‘Shake the Heaven’ signified. Now, the entire world knew that Shake the Heaven was the Village Chief of the first player village. There were even rumors that Shake the Heaven was the number one player. All of these were thanks to the intentional postings of Heroic Overlord Under Heaven, which truly made Shake the Heaven famous.

The distance between Twin Dragons Village and Shan Family Village was not too far. Before the sky had gotten dark, Shi Hao and Pei Yuanqing had already returned to Twin Dragons Village. At this moment, the main characters of Twin Dragons Village had gathered in the Council Hall, and Shi Hao told the conversation between himself and Zhang Han.

Feng Tianhao had some misgivings and said: “Zhang Han didn’t reveal the detailed content of the dungeon, and the success rate of this matter is also hard to say.”

Feng Tianhao didn’t consider that Zhang Han was cooperating with Wei Wentong to trap them because if Zhang Han and Wei Wentong truly wanted to cooperate, then Shi Hao wouldn’t have returned with the Cloud Mist Beast.

However, Shi Hao had already thought it over and he said with a smile: “It doesn’t matter even if the set rules of this dungeon are unfavorable for us to kill Wei Wentong. It’s enough as long as we are able to suppress Wei Wentong’s action. We have two goals. First, kill all Wei Wentong’s men. Second, kill Wei Wentong. After the first goal is completed, it doesn’t matter if the second goal is not completed.”

Shi Hao’s words awakened everybody. Yes, with Pei Yuanqing in Twin Dragons Village, Wei Wentong alone was nothing. Well-equipped Wei Wentong might not necessarily be able to defeat naked Pei Yuanqing. In fact, what Shi Hao was worried about in the past was Wei Wentong’s troops. He had many well-equipped cavalrymen under him. If all Wei Wentong’s men rushed up in a crowd, then it would be very difficult for the forefront soldiers to completely block them. Like that, the people in the back would fall, which was a troublesome matter. Therefore, as long as all Wei Wentong’s men were gone, Wei Wentong alone was just a clown in Shi Hao’s eyes.

At this moment, everybody in Twin Dragons Village was at ease about the matter of Wei Wentong. Therefore, the focus of Twin Dragons Village returned to the development issues.

Wang Fu stroked his white beard and asked: “Now, the basic installations of Twin Dragons Village are already completed. Which direction should the development focus in the future?”

Shi Hao smiled and said: “Market! We can open a market in Twin Dragons Village for other players. Naturally, the rules remain the same. Twin Dragons Village will not easily recruit players. All the other players aren’t the member of our Twin Dragons Village. And they are not allowed to freely enter our village. However, this shouldn’t affect their trade in Twin Dragons Village. We’ll build a market at the main entrance of our village. The outside players are only allowed to enter the market, and they must leave the village when they exit the market. Moreover, the players can also leave their items with our market’s staff for sale. We will charge a service fee for it as per the standard market charge. The most important point is, we can produce some low-grade items and sell them to these players. Take note, this must be done as quickly as possible. The production cost of these items is far lower than the selling price. That’s a huge profit!”

Shi Hao said. This was something he had thought in Hibiscus County. Wang Fu listened patiently and memorized Shi Hao’s instructions. And after he withdrew, he immediately proceeded to build the market. Soon, with the villagers working all night, a completely new market appeared before Shi Hao and Feng Tianhao’s eyes before the dawn, which made their eyes shine.

“Village Chiefs, please cut the ribbon for the opening of the market!” Wang Fu respectfully said.

Shi Hao and Feng Tianhao personally put a batch of level 1 items without bluff in a shop of the market, which included iron swords, iron spears, iron armors, iron arrows, iron shields, iron hammers, and even some war-horses! Merely, ordinary people wouldn’t be able to afford the price of the war-horses. The price of other level 1 items was 199 while the price of a level 1 war-horse was 19,999. Yes, the price of a war-horse was almost 20,000 copper coins! After all, there were no other places that sold war-horses. Some people might ask what about Hibiscus County? That place had strict control over war-horses. Under normal circumstances, it was basically impossible for a player to purchase one. As for this place of Shi Hao, anyone could buy a war-horse as long as they had enough money.

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