Chapter 99: Death? (Part 2)

“Scramp.” Qi Huan raised her head and cursed mercilessly. Her hands and feet were locked in heavy shackles, she didn’t know what material it was made of, anyway, she couldn’t get rid of it at all. Moreover, the iron fetters seemed to be able to restrain people’s cultivation. Qi Huan could not absorb a single ling qi at all, even the ling qi in her body seemed to be sealed.

“I have been busy for so long, I think it’s time I should have some fun with you.” The warden had a grim expression as he spoke, then he stretched out his hands to grab Qi Huan’s chest.

In a flash, Qi Huan’s clothes were torn into pieces and scattered on the ground, leaving only her dudou (TLN: a traditional Chinese female silk undergarment covering the breasts and belly, and tied at the neck and waist.)

“If you can satisfy me, perhaps I might make your death easier, but now I hate the look in your eyes.” The warden slapped Qi Huan’s face hard, although it wasn’t too much of an effort, it did make her face swollen. After being slapped several times, the warden strangled Qi Huan’s neck with one hand and tore her skirt.

“You better just give up, as long as you enter here, you will never get to escape.”

Feeling that her skirt had been torn away from her body, Qi Huan couldn’t help trembling, thinking about what might happen next. She stared at the man that had pinned her down and was crawling on to her body now, her eyes instantly turned blood red.

Thunder sounds kept ringing from Qi Huan’s body. The man, who had his face buried in her chest, suddenly raised his head. At a glance, he saw her blood-red eyes, he was shocked for a moment. When he felt the danger and wanted to retreat, it was too late.

Two blood-red thunderbolts with the thickness of a thumb shot out from Qi Huan’s eyes and directly into the man’s forehead. Before he could even realize what had happened, his head exploded, blood splashed out everywhere.

Warm blood sprinkled on Qi Huan’s face, but the blood-red colour in her eyes still didn’t go away, but became deeper and deeper, as if the blood in her eyes were going to bleed out.

The moment the headless corpse fell on her body, blood-red thunder began to appear on the surface of her body. There were more and more thunder appearing, and soon the thunder wrapped her body tightly.

At the same time, everyone in Li Du City saw that a blood-red tribulation cloud had appeared in the sky above Mo Mansion, and countless blood-red thunder made a terrifying sound in the air, but they only stayed up in the sky, not striking down.

“What’s happening outside, why is it so noisy?” Mo Yu had just sent away Yan Si, so his mood was very good. He had killed two birds with one stone.

“Master, not good, there is a blood-red tribulation cloud above our mansion.” Just after Mo Yu asked, he saw Sui Lei bursting into the hall, panting. Her face was full of panic, and she looked like she had lost all her blood on her pale face.

“How is it possible?!” The Thunder God Hall Master of the Immortal Realm was the one in charge of the Heavenly Penalty in the mortal world, but he was not in control when it came to the Heavenly Devil Realm. Mo Yu frowned, striding out.

Outside, he looked up at the sky. As soon as he raised his head, he gasped, “It’s the Blood Thunder… Such a terrifying Blood Thunder… could it be that that person has arrived at the Heavenly Devil Realm?”

“Quickly, order everyone to leave here immediately.” The moment Mo Yu finished speaking, before he could even act, countless blood red thunder finally struck down from the sky.

In the thousands of thunders, screams and wails continued to be heard from all parts of the Mo Mansion, and even Mo Yu, the Master with the highest cultivation level, was severely injured. The Blood Thunder is the nemesis of the devils. If it was only a tianjie, he believed he could resist it, but the clouds above had become thicker and thicker, and the power of the thunder that had been striking down became stronger and stronger, showing no means of stopping at all.

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Soon enough, the blood of countless people was mixed, and in just a few minutes, the Mo Mansion became a purgatory.

By the time Mo Ye arrived, it was already a day later. Since leaving Qianlong Mountain, he had been setting up at the Killing Divine Sea this whole time, just to advance the war. A month ago, he finally had time to go back to Qianlong Mountain, only to find that Qi Huan had disappeared.

Discovering the aura left by his father in the room, Mo Ye wanted to rush back immediately, but he was stopped by an “old friend” who had always been famous to want to be like him (TLN: a.k.a a Mo Ye wannabe), and had no choice but to fight him. Fortunately, Xing Huang9Xing HuangLittle Huang sent over the news, telling him that Qi Huan had been living well in the Mo Mansion, so Mo Ye became less anxious and was not in a hurry.

He knew Xing Huang’s character. This elder brother of his would never lie to him, but Mo Ye didn’t expect that after he came back, the reality was completely different from what he had thought.

When Mo Ye walked through the gates, all he saw were corpses. His father Mo Yu sat on the ground, in a complete mess, letting the now powerless thunder strike him. Xing Huang was not too bad. Under Mo Yu’s protection, his injury was not too serious, but he had fainted, resisting the countless thunder strikes.

That Thunder Tribulation (leijie) lasted for more than a day, and it didn’t stop for a moment so even if Mo Yu’s cultivation level was so advanced, it couldn’t protect him too much, and he was seriously injured.

“Where is Qi Huan?” Looking at the thunder that was still falling from the sky, Mo Ye rushed to Xing Huang, demanding while strangling his neck tightly. The expression on his face was filled with unprecedented fear and ferociousness.

Except Qi Huan, no one in the Heavenly Devil Realm could release Blood Thunder. If nothing had happened to her, she certainly wouldn’t pull out such a powerful scene.

“Cough cough…Second brother…Let me go…” Xing Huang tried hard to get rid of Mo Ye’s grip, but he really didn’t have any strength at all.

“I’m asking you, where is Qi Huan?” Mo Ye stared at him, and the strength in his hands gradually deepened. Who told him that Qi Huan was okay? Who told him that Qi Huan was doing well in Mo Mansion? His brother was the one that told him that Qi Huan was okay!! And now, the moment Mo Ye entered the Mo Mansion, dead bodies were everywhere, his father was severely injured, his brother collapsed on the ground. Mo Ye’s heart was filled with fear, and his body was already shaking uncontrollably.

“Blood cell…” Xing Huang only had time to say two words, and then he fainted. There were five black fingerprints on his neck.

When Mo Ye broke into the blood cell, there was no living soul in the entire prison. He ran around frantically, looking everywhere, and finally found Qi Huan’s pale face in a corner. She was still alive. No, rephrase, she was still breathing.

Qi Huan’s eyes were wide open, there was no expression on her face, her skin was very pale, without a trace of blood. When Mo Ye broke into her sight, Qi Huan’s mouth was slightly bent.

She finally waited for him! Mo Ye, you’re finally here! 

Mo Ye knelt next to Qi Huan and hugged her tightly, the fear in his heart became heavier and heavier. He could feel the woman’s breathing weakening in his arm, and there was no heat in her body at all, she was as cold as a corpse.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry……”

Qi Huan’s eyelids blinked, but she didn’t have the strength to speak. All the anger in her body turned into thunders, even her Taiji pattern and eight divinatory trigrams in her dantian had become obscure, and the four spirits in her body seemed that they could disappear completely at any time.

The thunder core from the Blood Thunder that she snatched from the Dark Thunder Lord was completely consumed, and at the same time, her vitality was also consumed. Qi Huan knew very well that she couldn’t live anymore and no one could save her. Her body was basically completely ruined due to excessive use of her thunder power, and her soul was gradually dissipating.

A second before Mo Ye appeared, the only person Qi Huan was thinking about was him. She didn’t know how much portion this man had in her heart until then. It’s a pity that everything was over when they had just started.

Suddenly she felt something warm on her face. It slipped over her forehead and nose, and then flowed into her half-open mouth, it’s salty? Oh, it’s tears. This man can actually cry.

At this time Qi Huan really wanted him to stop crying. He had such a handsome face, crying would make him look ugly, but now she couldn’t even open her mouth to speak.

It would be nice if she had her next life. She hadn’t married yet in this life, how could she die like this? 

But fortunately, she had fallen in love with only one man all her life, and this man, well, he still had some good qualities. It’s not too bad if I died in his arms…

Qi Huan thought secretly. And then she felt her body heavier and heavier, her eyelids also getting heavier and heavier, a chill of coldness slipped into her brain, and then she lost all consciousness.

“I won’t let you die.” Mo Ye’s five fingers turned into claws, abruptly punctured into his chest, and took out his heart. The golden blood flowing out of his heart flowed into Qi Huan’s mouth drop by drop, staining her lips.

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