Chapter 100: The Days in the Thunder God Temple (Part 1)

Qi Huan did not die, and she was certainly very happy about that. After all, she hadn’t spent enough time as a deity yet. It’s just that she didn’t understand why when she woke up, there was a bearded old man resting his chin on her bed next to her, drooling at her while smirking.

Qi Huan turned her stiff and sore neck with difficulty to glance at her surrounding environment, and was sure that she had come to an unfamiliar environment again, but she knew it was the immortal world.

“Oh, you’re awake! How do you feel? Are there any discomforts? Are you hungry? Would you like me to get you something to eat?” Before Qi Huan was fully awake, the enthusiastic old man approached Qi Huan, with his face very close to hers, and kept talking.

Qi Huan only felt very headache, she really wanted to punch the old man to shut him up.

“Who are you?” She asked, hearing her dry voice that sounded like an 80-something old woman, she sighed silently, oh my sweet voice…

“My name is Lei Gong.” (TLN: Something like Thunder Master)

“Where’s Dian Mu…” (TLN: Something like Thunder Mistress) Qi Huan rolled her eyes weakly, still thinking that the old man was just kidding.

“Hey, how do you know that my wife is called Dian Mu?” The old man looked surprised, but his surprised expression looked like the expression of a fierce bandit during robbery, it was quite scary.

“Aiya, we are so fateful. I just so happen lacking a descendant. Why don’t you be my apprentice and then I will teach you peerless kung fu and let you dominate the immortal world. Alright, this is a good idea, let’s do it.” Before Qi Huan could say anything, the old man had already arranged for her to dominate the immortal world. His thinking was quite beautiful.

“Second brother, you’re scaring the little girl.” Another person’s voice suddenly sounded in the room, it sounded more calm and majestic.

Qi Huan rolled her eyes and looked at the speaker, who was also an uncle, but his beard was not as dramatic as the old man in front of her. This uncle was much more gentle, even though both of them were burly.

“Oh, brother, I finally have an apprentice, don’t you dare snatch her from me.” Uncle Lei Gong suddenly rushed to his brother and violently pulled his elder brother’s clothes, glaring at him with a pair of threatening eyes: you dare to snatch my apprentice, I will fight you.

“…She hasn’t agreed yet.” Thunder God finally broke free from his younger brother’s grip and said. How could he let his younger brother take away such a talented young junior as an apprentice casually? Everyone knew that Lei Gong’s apprentices never had a good life. He had received five apprentices over his five thousand years of living, and not a single one of them made it out alive, but he was still living well.

“Erm, you two, may I ask, where is this place?” Seeing the two uncles in the room arguing with each other, Qi Huan frowned at the noise.

“Thunder God Temple.” The two said in unison.

… Qi Huan was stunned for a moment. How did she come to the Thunder God Temple? Who sent her here? Mo Ye? How is he, what has he done to make her alive? Qi Huan was very blur, she couldn’t understand at all.

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“Then… how did I get here?”

“Err…” The two uncles looked at each other, and closed their mouths at the same time, refusing to say a word.

“Uncle Lei Gong, you want me to be your disciple, right? You see my qualifications, I am so good. It is a rare encounter, once in a hundred years.” Since they didn’t want to answer her directly then she shall trick them to answer her. Lei Gong looked much easier to persuade so Qi Huan decided to trick him first.

“It’s not just a rare encounter in a hundred years, I haven’t seen one in hundreds of thousands of years!” Lei Gong’s praise made Qi Huan blush. Since when did she become so talented? If her shifu knew about this, he must be thankful.

“You see, people say that as a noble cultivator, we must always be grateful. I was so badly injured before I was sent to the Thunder God Temple. I must know who my savior is, in order to thank him.” Qi Huan intended to use emotions to reason with them. However, her words stunned the both of them.

“You weren’t injured when you came, and the one who sent you here was a snake…” Actually, it wasn’t that Lei Gong and his brother wanted to deliberately conceal the truth from her, but the snake disappeared in front of them after sending her here, they couldn’t even find a trace of the snake. This was the reason why they didn’t want to tell her about it. They felt that it would be too embarrassing to answer her since they couldn’t find her saviour at all.

“Okay, okay, you just woke up. Although you’re not physically injured, your soul is still very weak. I don’t know how you survived the injury but please have a good rest and take care. You can ask further after some rest.” Thunder God couldn’t help saying after seeing Qi Huan looking a little dazed after listening to what they said and then dragged Lei Gong out of the house with him.

After the two uncles left, Qi Huan still lay in a daze. It was Little Yin who sent her to the Thunder God Temple. This proved that Little Yin did not suffer much harm. This made Qi Huan felt a little more relieved, but where was Mo Ye? Where the heck is he? I should have died, but now I am totally unharmed, what happened?

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Qi Huan’s question couldn’t be answered. She continued to stay in the Thunder God Temple for the following days. At first, her soul was seriously injured. Although she didn’t know what was controlling her injury, she couldn’t heal it with ordinary medicine, only the purest thunder power in the world could heal her. Besides, Thunder God also told Lei Gong not to let her go anywhere. Although Qi Huan had already told them bachelorfully that she had her own shifu, she would never betray her shifu, so they should just give up expecting anything from her, but the two uncles still insisted on keeping Qi Huan with them. Anyway, someone would give up in the end. 

Although Qi Huan was not a member of the Thunder God Temple, because of her relationship with Lei Gong and Thunder God, she was treated quite well and she was allowed to walk around freely in the Thunder God Tower.

The Thunder God Tower is a ninety-nine-story tower outside of the Thunder God Temple. It is said that it stores the purest power of thunder in the world. Every disciple of the Thunder God Temple has the opportunity to enter the tower to practice. If they can feel their thunder power in there, then they can cultivate their thunder heart, and then be able to control their thunder spells.

Of course, thunder spells and thunder penalties are two different things. Only after practicing to the level of Thunder God can you control all the thunder penalties techniques in the world. Of course, there were people who could control one or two kinds of thunder penalties. For example, the Dark Thunder Lord whose thunder heart was stolen by Qi Huan, could control the blood thunder as a thunder penalty.

During her stay in the Thunder God Temple, Qi Huan also secretly inquired about the Dark Thunder Lord. As a result, Mo Ye was telling the truth. The Dark Thunder Lord’s father, An Ming5An MingDark Thunder Lord's father, was a Respected Immortal, his son somehow died in the mortal world, but they couldn’t find the trace of the murderer, which really impacted the Dark Thunder Lord, causing a drastic change in his temperament, and his whereabouts were still unknown.

Qi Huan now sat on the first floor of the Thunder God Tower every day, slowly absorbing the pure thunder power there to repair her soul, but what made her puzzled was that although her dantian was back to normal again, it seemed that there was something extra inside.

It was a terrifying aura. Qi Huan was sure that it was definitely not a result of her cultivation, but fortunately, the aura was fairly stable, it had only been lurking under her Taiji pattern.

Qi Huan had been cultivating in the Thunder God Temple for more than half a month now, and she had reached the third floor of the Thunder God Tower. A misty Thunder God Tower also appeared on her Taiji pattern in her dantian, but it was only three floors. The four spirits seemed to like the sudden appearance of the tower because they did not show any dissatisfaction with it.

It seemed that the only dissatisfied person was Qi Huan, but she couldn’t be blamed for that, who would like a building in their stomach? Fortunately, she was used to it, if even a living thing could grow in her stomach, what harm could a non-living thing do?

Although she didn’t manage to cultivate her Thunder Heart, Qi Huan felt that her control over her Thunder powers seemed to have reached another level. At least, this was the evaluation Lei Gong gave her.

Of course, this was after he was directly struck by Qi Huan’s thunder several times before he gave an excellent evaluation. She was now able to arbitrarily call the thunder power from the first to the third floor of the Thunder God Tower to generate a thunder penalty. This was considered quite a good success.

The practice in the immortal realm was very different from the mortal world. It might take one thousands of years to enter one floor but Qi Huan had already started practicing on the 89th floor in 300 years, and at the same time, the tower in her dantian had also reached the 89th floor. According to Lei Gong, Qi Huan’s cultivation speed was faster than his brother.

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