Chapter 34: Item Sales (2)

After the items were placed, Shi Hao and Feng Tianhao ran out of the market. They naturally came to the entrance gate of Twin Dragon Village and personally put up a notice that the market was open.

“Good!” Shi Hao had a big smile on his face, and he said: “Now we just wait for players to come and buy things. Profits will pour in from all sides, heh heh…”

Unfortunately, Shi Hao seemed to have forgotten something. Firstly, other than those few old acquaintances, there had never been any other players in Twin Dragons Village. Shi Hao had opened a market now, but no one else knew that there was a market here. Secondly, Twin Dragons Village had always stopped other players outside the village, preventing them from entering the village. This was to protect the peaceful development of Twin Dragons Village. But this also made those players gradually stay away from Twin Dragons Village. After all, who would foolishly wait outside a village that tightly closed the village gate?

Soon, Shi Hao also realized these irritating issues.

Shi Hao looked at Feng Tianhao and told these issues feeling upset. He then blurted out: “Alas! It’s stupid. What shall we do now? Could it be that we have to give up the market?”

Shi Hao didn’t want to give up the market. Feng Tianhao also didn’t want it. Feng Tianhao knew that once the market started operating, the huge profits from the sales of items would make Twin Dragons Village very rich. At that time, Twin Dragons Village would have everything going its way. What about Wei Wentong? Who among the players could match the twin dragons of Twin Dragons Village?

Feng Tianhao suddenly thought of the posts in <<Kingdom>>’s forum. Didn’t those rich young masters like to post their own information? This, however, had an advertainment effect. And speaking of which, didn’t those waves of players that came to Twin Dragons Village in the past had also seen the post of Heroic Overlord Under Heaven?

Feng Tianhao said: “Posts! We can post about Twin Dragons Village opening a market and selling items in the <<Kingdom>>’s forum. That should attract a lot of players. How about we give it a try?”

Upon hearing Feng Tianhao’s suggestion, Shi Hao suddenly hit his head and said: “Ah! How can I forget this method? Let’s do it! Let’s go offline now.”

Shi Hao and Feng Tianhao quickly returned to Council Hall, and after explaining everything to Wang Fu, they temporarily left the game and returned to the real world. However, they discovered that there was no end of trouble after they went offline. Shi Hao looked at his mobile phone that was in a standby state for a very long time, and discovered that it was full of messages. He was confused. Although more than a month had passed in the game, only three or four days had passed in the real world. Obviously, there were not many messages when he came out last time, but how come there were so many messages this time?

Feng Tianhao quietly went to write the post whereas Shi Hao carefully read the messages, one after another.

As it turned out, these messages were basically from Su Xiao! A few days ago, don’t know from where, Su Xiao learned that her big brother had asked Shi Hao to enter a big force of <<Kingdom>> and become its core member. Su Xiao already had a game helmet too. Moreover, it was a gold grade helmet. It was given to her by her big brother Su Wu. Su Xiao was a girl who liked to read. She was earnestly studying at Q University of B Province. She basically didn’t want to play this game. However, when she learned the demand of Su Wu to Shi Hao, she immediately contacted Shi Hao frantically. But she didn’t receive any reply from Shi Hao. She knew that Shi Hao must have entered the game <<Kingdom>>. Therefore, in order to help Shi Hao, Su Xiao also put on a helmet and entered the game <<Kingdom>>.

Upon seeing this news, Shi Hao inwardly muttered: “My wife, after all, is good, heh heh… In any case, I should have already met the requirements of Su Xiao’s big brother now. Twin Dragons Village’s Village Chief, isn’t this a core member of a big force? After some time when the advantages are thoroughly stabilized, I should think of a way (without revealing the identity of Shake the Heaven) to go and look for that Su Wu and chat properly. Heh heh…”

Shi Hao replied to Su Xiao. Your brother Hao is doing very well now. Don’t worry, I will fulfill your big brother’s requirements. No need to rush about and work hard for me. Everything is in my grasp. If you want to find me, you can come to the West Flower Region of Divine Flower Continent. Shi Hao smiled proudly. At this moment, Feng Tianhao had also already released the post. However, they didn’t immediately return to the game. In any case, they had not eaten for over two days. They had remained in the game without going offline to eat something.

Shi Hao and Feng Tianhao went downstairs to have a big meal. On the way back to the dormitory, they ran into proud-looking Wu Batian. Unfortunately, Wu Batian didn’t know that Shi Hao and Feng Tianhao were Shake the Heaven and Blowing Wind Left A Scar respectively who made him miserable in the game. Wu Batian foolishly flaunted. Hearing his words, he seemed to be thriving in the game. And recently, he seemed to be really doing some big things!

Shi Hao and Feng Tianhao also didn’t know that Wu Batian was Heroic Overlord Under Heaven. So, they didn’t bother to respond to him. They quickly returned to the game.

At this moment, a day had passed in the game. The sky was just about to brighten. Shi Hao and Feng Tianhao decided to move separately. Shi Hao ran to the military camp to train soldiers and Feng Tianhao went to the entrance gate of Twin Dragons Village to personally wait for the first batch of player guests to appear.

Not long after, the first batch of players truly appeared!

“Look! Twin Dragons Village truly built a market at its entrance.” When a group of players saw Twin Dragons Village’s market from the distance, they immediately rushed over in crowd. They vied with each other quite intensely. They had seen the post made by Feng Tianhao using the name Blowing Wind Left A Scar. And the post clearly stated that the first ten players that purchased items sold in Twin Dragons Village could enjoy the discount of 15%!

“S***! Don’t squeeze me.” Yelled someone.

“F***! Don’t pull me.” Berated someone else.

Upon seeing this, Feng Tianhao had a big smile on his face. This was the credit of his advertisement. Feng Tianhao said: “Okay, everyone, no need to be anxious. Since you all are our first group of guests, our Twin Dragon Village will give you all 15% discount this time.”

Shi Hao and Feng Tianhao didn’t care about this small sum of money. One should know that the profits of selling items were huge. Even after 15% discount, they would still earn a lot of money. Moreover, this was only the offer for the first time. Later, they would sell at normal prices again.

Although the competition between the player wasn’t as intense as before, there always were players who were ready to cut the line. Why? Because the number of items in the market was not infinite. With so many people here, if by chance one of those guys in front was a local tyrant and purchased everything, then their journey this time would be in vain.

Fortunately, the item production capacity of Twin Dragons Village was very strong. It could produce hundreds of thousands of low-grade items without attribute bluffs in a day using the full power. This number was enough to fulfill these player’s needs. However, the items with attribute bluffs were far fewer. Only dozens could be produced a day. Not everyone could produce these items with attribute bluffs. Only the talents with skills like Cui Tie, Mo Ye and Shi Yi could produce them. Among them, there was no need to talk about Cui Tie and Mo Ye. As for Shi Yi, he was an accessory maker nurtured by Shi Hao. Shi Yi’s profession was strategist. Shi Hao had given him a precious Accessory Cast Skill book. At present, Shi Yi was the only talent with Accessory Cast Skill in Twin Dragons Village.

Therefore, when those players saw that there were enough items in the market, they finally became courteous to each other. It was a harmonious scene. Feng Tianhao acted as a shopping guide and patiently welcomed them, making them happily spend a lot of money.

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