Chapter 35: Item Sales (3)

Soon, Feng Tianhao welcomed all the guests of the first group in Twin Dragons Village, then left to find field monsters by himself. Feng Tianhao was the Vice Village Chief. He couldn’t stay at the entrance gate all the time as a shopping guide. But this kind of matter was indispensable. Next, the task of shopping guide would be carried out but the on-duty soldiers at the entrance gate of Twin Dragons Village.

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“Hello, may I ask if the items are sold here?” A little girl ran over while gasping for breath. A few soldiers were following behind her as a guard. Upon a closer look, this person was not someone else, she was Deep Purples and Bright Reds, Shan Wanhong. Although Shan Wanhong didn’t go to <<Kingdom>>’s forum and saw the post, she learned about the item sales of Twin Dragons Village from passing-by players. Moreover, Twin Dragons Village seemed to be giving a discount. Money could be saved from a discount.

One should know that the current state of Shan Wanhong’s Shan Family Village was very poor.

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Don’t look at how Shi Hao and Pei Yuanqing had helped her to pass the small checkpoint of the bandit invasion. Shi Hao also imprisoned her big brother, Shan Yixiong. And without the help of Shan Yixiong, Shan Family Village’s state wouldn’t be good. There was no way out.

“Yes! This side.” A soldier at Twin Dragons Village’s entrance gate brought Shan Wanhong to the market. Her soldiers, however, stayed outside. It was forbidden to bring soldiers into the village. This, however, was a rigid rule.

 In the market, Shan Wanhong wandered and looked around, looking very cute. Her appearance also attracted a lot of players on the scene. Many of these players had also established a village. They came here to purchase some items to equip the soldiers of their villages.

Among them, there was a wealthy-looking personage. He shameless walked over and asked: “Little girl, is your real appearance also like this?”

Shan Wanhong blinked her eyes in a daze and said: “No! my real appearance is more beautiful than this character. Others call me the most beautiful campus beauty of C University!”

Obviously, Shan Wanhong was very proud of her own good looks. However, her foolishness was also very terrifying. S***! She actually revealed her real identity so easily. After other people heard her words, their investigation would practically point to Shan Wanhong.

Therefore, that big boss who looked like an uncle had a vulgar look and yelled with great confidence: “Little girl, at first sight, I know that we are kindred spirits. Today, just say what you want to buy and I’ll pay it for you. I don’t have other abilities, but just this! I mean what I say. If you want 100, I will never buy 99.”

“Wow! Uncle, you are so good.” Shan Wanhong didn’t know what this uncle wanted to do. However, since she was getting free items anyway, she wouldn’t waste this chance. She excitedly ran around the market, looking everywhere. Ah! She truly saw a good thing. It was something no one noticed before. Shi Hao and Feng Tianhao had placed a treasure in the innermost part of the market. That thing was war-horse! Haha, with war-horses, Shan Family Village will be powerful! Shan Wanhong immediately said: “Uncle, I want this. I don’t want more, just 100.”

Shan Wanhong wanted more war-horses, but Shi Hao and Feng Tianhao had just placed 100 war-horses for sale. All other war-horses in Twin Dragons Village had attribute bluffs and they were all treasures used by the soldiers of Twin Dragons Village. Naturally, they couldn’t be sold.

“Not a big deal!” That uncle just smiled with impressive bearing. He didn’t even bother to look at what exactly the thing was. In fact, this person was a small boss in the real world. He had a lot of money, and he was also very fat. However, the build of his game character didn’t match his real fat stature. As he saw it, he had already seen everything here, and all were priced 199. Moreover, Twin Dragons Village gave a 15% discount for this time. Therefore, 100 things would cost less than 20,000 copper coins in total. He, however, was a local tyrant, and he didn’t lack money.

After all, although there was no direct exchange channel of RMB and game currency. There, however, were still many people selling their own game currency online.

Moreover, since more than a month had already passed in the game. The exchange rate of RMB and game currency had basically stabilized. At present, according to the general online quotation, 1 RMB could purchase 10 copper coins. Therefore, 20,000 copper coins were just 2,000 RMB, and 2,000 RMB wasn’t even enough to have a meal in a 5-star restaurant. Not a big deal, not a big deal!

“Hey! I want to pay the bill.” That uncle yelled boldly with his hands behind his back. He was also secretly calculating, waiting for how he would deal with Deep Purples and Bright Reds. He thought that not only he should play with her in the game, he also had to meet her in reality. Although 2,000 RMB was not a lot of money, he was a crafty businessman. No matter how little RMB he spent, he had to get sufficient return.

However, not long after, a villager working in the market checked the goods and his expression changed a little. He then slowly walked over and respectfully asked: “Hello, are you sure you want to buy 100? Isn’t that a bit too much?”

“Hahahaha! No need to ask more questions, it’s 100. I, however, am rich, and these things are mere trifles. They are still not enough to fill my teeth gap.” The more that Uncle spoke, the more excited he became. It seemed that he wanted to poke through the sky with his bragging. Shan Wanhong didn’t care about it too much. Heh heh! She immediately received the entire 100 war horses in her inventory.

By the way, to make things easier for players and NPCs to carry items, under the system setting, the items in the inventory could be stacked. One slot could stack up to at most 100.

“Okay! These items cost 199,990 copper coins in total. Please note that once the items are already taken, they cannot be returned! Please pay in full now.” That villager said concisely. As a market staff, his duties were already fulfilled. He had kindly reminded this uncle before, but who asked this uncle to not listen to him. Almost 200,000 copper coins, this, however, was not a joke.

“No! Your Twin Dragons Village is blackmailing me! How could it be that they cost so much money? At most, it should be 20,000 copper coins. Don’t think that I can’t do the math.” Now, that uncle was anxious. S***! He had never thought that he actually had to spend 199,990 copper coins. This, however, was 20,000 RMB. Although he was a small boss, his monthly income was this figure! If he knew that he had to spend 20,000 RMB, then even if he was beaten to death, he wouldn’t have bragged so much. What kind of campus beauty could make him spend 20,000 RMB?

Besides, 200,000 copper coins, where could he find people to sell him so many copper coins? Most of the people sell copper coins in small amounts. And a lot of copper coin dealers were basically taken over by Young Master Qin Zheng. Alas! This poor uncle truly wants to cry.

Under helplessness, this uncle made every possible effort to not pay. He yelled frantically: “Ask your Village Chief to come over. I want to see Shake the Heaven! If Shake the Heaven is absent, then call Vice Village Chief Blowing Wind Left A Scar. I want to complain! Don’t think that I cannot deal with you all. I will write everything that happened here in <<Kingdom>>’s forum. At that time, you will see how the world will judge it. Yes, you guys have also come to buy things here, why don’t you all help me judge this matter?”

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