Chapter 208: Great Master’s Agreement

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ming Tian, you should understand that a siege is not just about an advantage in numbers. Are you sure you want to do this? You might eat a loss!”

Ling Xiao knew very well that Ming Tian would definitely target him at the beginning of this battle. Even he wouldn’t dare to confront Ming Tian, an Initial Rank Nine Martial Vein Martial Master, head-on. Like that, he might not have a chance to escape.

The gap between their cultivation bases was too big. It couldn’t be made up with cultivation technique or talent.

Therefore, he didn’t want this situation.

“I have worried Junior Apprentice Brother, but your concerns are unnecessary! You all are not my opponent.”

Ming Tian said with a smile.

“It’s troublesome, but Senior Apprentice Brother Ming Tian will give us some compensation, right? We will not be abused by you in vain, right?”

Ling Xiao didn’t like doing things without benefits.

“Regardless of the result, each person will get a low-grade True Essence Pill.”

White Cloud Temple Master said.

From his words, it could be seen that White Cloud Temple Master was heavily leaning towards Ming Tian. To let Ming Tian regain his confidence, he actually took out 11 low-grade True Essence Pills.

True Essence Pills were not candies. Even a low-grade True Essence Pill was incomparably precious, at least one hundred thousand taels of gold. Many couldn’t afford to buy even one.

“Temple Master, this won’t do. What if we win by chance?”

Ling Xiao asked with a smile.

“That’s impossible.”

White Cloud Temple Master shook his head. “Not to mention the gap in cultivation bases, even if all of you were Peak Rank Eight Martial Vein Martial Masters, you all would still not be Ming Tian’s opponent.”

“I mean just in case.”

Ling Xiao insisted.

“Let’s not talk about winning. As long as you can hurt Ming Tian, each person will get not one but ten True Essence Pills!”

White Cloud Temple Master answered with a smile.

“Okay, Temple Master is straightforward.”

Ling Xiao smiled, before calling together the four people from the Hidden Dragon Battalion and whispering something.

It was not that he refused to join forces with the Heavenly Ren Academy’s geniuses, but rather that he only believed in these few people. If he joined hands with others, he might just be dragged down instead.

“Do as I say. Are there any problems?”

After speaking, Ling Xiao looked at them and asked.

“No problem.”

Dai Yuling nodded.

In fact, among the four, as long as Dai Yuling agreed, the other three would definitely agree.

“Then, it’s set!”

“Is your discussion over?”

Ming Tian had already walked to the center of the Training Hall while impatiently asking Ling Xiao.

“We’re done. Let’s start.”

Although he said so, along with the four people of the Hidden Dragon Battalion, he didn’t get close.


Fei Yu cursed and stepped out with Fei Liu, Dei Wu, Zhu Hua, Lu Xing, and Zuo Leng to surround Ming Tian.

Ling Xiao said nothing. Facts would prove everything.

At this moment, the atmosphere within the Training Hall was a bit strange.

Ming Tian stood at the center surrounded by the geniuses of Heavenly Ren Academy.

Outside the circle were a few people from the Hidden Dragon Battalion.

Unless you were a transcendent martial artist, if you were arrogant like this, you could only wait to eat a loss.

Ling Xiao sneered in his heart, believing in his own strategy. Even if they couldn’t defeat Ming Tian, they would be able to injure him.

At the same time, three people in the True Spirit Hall argued.

“This Ling Xiao, I fear he still doesn’t know the might of Rank Nine Martial Masters!”

Wan Ben sneered.

“Ai, he has taken advantage of Ming Tian twice in a row, and he is already a bit too proud of it. This does not indicate a good character.”

White Cloud Great Master sighed.

“Teacher, I don’t think Ling Xiao is that kind of person.”

Lin Ze disagreed.

“Lin Ze, you are too protective of Ling Xiao. Do you dare to bet with this Teacher?”

White Cloud Great Master asked indifferently.

“This disciple doesn’t dare.”

Lin Ze hastily shook his head.

“Are you disobeying this Teacher?”

White Cloud Great Master frowned: “In this battle, if Ming Tian remains unscathed, you have to reconcile with Wan Ben and listen to him from here onwards, okay? You all are low-grade races. Why are you fighting against each other? What about the territory of the Human Race? It might be better to let the stronger Blue-Eyed and Ren Races rule over it.”

“Teacher, don’t mention this matter again! You have not seen the dirty deeds done by them. If the Human Race gives up all resistance, it will only face extinction and subjugation!”

Basically, Lin Ze would never rebel against White Cloud Great Master, but for this matter alone, he truly couldn’t agree with his master’s opinion.

“I said this is a bet. If Ming Tian is injured, this Teacher will never mention this matter again; moreover, this Teacher will save you once at a critical moment!”

White Cloud Great Master added with a smile: “This benefit is rich, right? Or do you not dare to bet at all? Don’t you believe in that Ling Xiao?”

“Teacher, can you give this life-saving chance to Ling Xiao?

Lin Ze remained silent for a moment before asking.

White Cloud Great Master was stunned before nodding: “I didn’t think that you treated him this sincerely. Okay, this Teacher promises you.”

“Many thanks, Teacher.”

The three people stopped talking and began to pay close attention to the battle in the Training Hall.

“Susanoo’s Sword!”

Zuo Leng took the initiative to attack. Behind him, a huge phantom suddenly appeared, a very well-known Ren Spirit of the Ren Race——the Susanoo Ren Spirit. 

Moreover, it was also at the incorporeal state, the second stage of complete souls.

In terms of Ren Spirits, Zuo Leng didn’t lose to Ming Tian.

He shouted loudly, and Susanoo brandished a huge sword, slashing at Ming Tian.

A strange black flame burned around Zuo Leng’s body.

If his opponent was any other Initial Rank Nine Martial Vein Martial Master, under the pressure of his power and momentum, the other party would have been forced to react.

Ming Tian didn’t even flinch. 

Behind him, a huge nine-tailed demon fox roared, instantly defeating this terrifying pressure.

His Demon Fox Feather Robe grew even more gorgeous.

At the same time, the other five people from Heavenly Ren Academy attacked. Naturally, they coordinated with Zuo Leng.

Ren Race Secret Technique——Giant Transformation Technique!

Die Wu instantly transformed into a giant and brandished his huge blade at Ming Tian.

Ren Race Secret Technique——Shadow Transformation Technique!

Lu Xing didn’t move, but his shadow flashed at Ming Tian along the ground. Transforming into a sharp blade, it was not only fast but also very difficult to notice.

Whale Swallow Palm!

Fei Yu also made a move. A whale phantom appeared behind him, a complete Ren Spirit at the first stage, the transparent state.

Flowing Water Sword!

Fei Liu struck with his sword, accompanied by the sound of flowing water as countless water arrows shot at Ming Tian.

His Ren Spirit was also a complete Flowing Water Ren Spirit.

Flying Flower Slash!

Zhu Hua also made a move. A piglet appeared behind her and spat out countless petals, which turned into sharp blades that shot towards Ming Tian.

It looked like these six were not holding back, wanting to gain some insight from their battle with Ming Tian.

Naturally, they knew that White Cloud Great Master was watching this battle in secret, so they wanted to show their strength.

Among these attacks, Zuo Leng’s attack was the most powerful, but the accumulated attacks of all six were even more terrifying.

It was certain that most Initial Rank Nine Martial Vein Martial Masters would never be able to easily deal with it.

However, Ming Tian just stood there with a disdainful smile.

“This power is not bad, but it’s useless!”

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