Chapter 207: Absolute Monster

Combining the Transcendent Internal Core Law <Demon Fox Feather Robe Art> with the Transcendent Martial Skill <Nine Tails Cannon Fist>, Ming Tian slowly swung his fists as a ball of crimson radiance condensed on both of his hands, emitting a dangerous aura.

What Cloud Temple Master tensed; he didn’t dare to be careless because he could feel that this fist could kill any martial artist below Initial Rank Eight Martial Vein.

Whether Ling Xiao would die was unclear, but he must definitely be careful.

Just a moment ago, when Ling Xiao’s arms had been broken, he had not reacted in time. This time, he didn’t want it to end like that again.


Ling Xiao also felt that his Divine Prison King Fist was not a match for his opponent’s Nine Tails Cannon Fist.

What would he do?

He naturally had a way.

He drew out some heavenly dragon true essence from within his body and integrated it with the Divine Prison King Fist.

The death bull’s body seemed to be wrapped by a golden dragon, and Divine Prison King Fist’s aura also rose sharply.

“That’s not right! Divine Prison King Fist is just a Quasi-Transcendent Martial Art, but the might of this fist is not lower than that of a Transcendent Martial Art! How can this be possible?”

Zuo Leng narrowed his eyes while staring at Ling Xiao.

Originally, he had looked down on Ling Xiao, but this battle had changed his thoughts. Even he couldn’t deal with Ling Xiao’s endless means unless he suppressed him with his cultivation base.

White Cloud Temple Master was also greatly shocked.

He truly had not expected Ling Xiao to be able to increase the might of Divine Prison King Fist to this extent.

“Still not enough!”

Ling Xiao knew that he still was not Ming Tian’s opponent.

At that moment, his body glimmered with a golden light as he activated Heavenly Dragon Golden Body, a Transcendent Defense Martial Art not inferior to Ming Tian’s Transcendent Martial Arts.

“You can actually become stronger?”

Ming Tian’s forehead was filled with cold sweat.

He had already displayed 100% of his power with a cultivation base of Initial Rank Eight Martial Vein.

But why did he feel that the opponent had overtaken him?


Once again, the might of Ling Xiao’s Divine Prison King Fist increased, and in the midst of his dark cherry forest, a ghost ship floated, making the aura of this fist even more terrifying.

Finally, the two fists collided.

The entire Training Hall shook. Other than White Cloud Temple Master and Zuo Leng, all the others were greatly frightened.

That terrifying power penetrated their bodies and eroded their true essence, forcing them to sit cross-legged and use their respective techniques to expel it.

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However, this aura was just something overflowing from a simple collision. 

Boom boom——

In the Training Hall, the specially made ground actually shook under the bombardment while the entire building swayed.


The two figures separated.

Ling Xiao swiftly retreated and stably landed on the ground. Although his clothes were somewhat messy and tattered, there were no injuries on his body.

The power of <Heavenly Dragon Golden Body> was truly astounding.

Combined with the defense power of <Nine Transformation Golden Body Art>’s ninth transformation, he could actually avoid most of the damage from Ming Tian’s attack.

The remaining force had been transferred to the ground.

On the other hand, Ming Tian’s situation was actually more miserable than his. Not only were his clothes tattered, but there were even some injuries on his body.

Although the injuries looked light and superficial, he had still been injured.

“Many thanks for your leniency, Senior Apprentice Brother!”

Ling Xiao cupped his hands and said.

“I didn’t show any leniency. You can be proud of yourself!”

Ming Tian frowned and shook his head, adding: “A loss is a loss. I’ll give you the True Essence Pill.”

After speaking, Ming Tian threw the top-grade True Essence Pill to Ling Xiao.

On the surface, he seemed to honestly admit his defeat, but he was still secretly doing bad things. The True Essence Pill was wrapped in his blazing true essence. If one were not careful, one would definitely make a fool out of oneself.

He didn’t want to injure Ling Xiao, simply make him a little unsightly.

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Ling Xiao didn’t even give him this chance. Under the protection of his Heavenly Dragon Golden Body, he completely absorbed the blazing true essence.

Against Ling Xiao, this was like giving one’s enemy a wife after losing soldiers to the enemy.

“Don’t be too complacent. Today, I was suppressing my cultivation base; therefore, I couldn’t display the original might of my Transcendent Martial Arts, so you could take advantage of it.”

Upon seeing tha Ling Xiao didn’t suffer a loss, Ming Tian couldn’t help but say this.

“Of course, I understand this point.”

Ling Xiao knew very well that although Ming Tian said spout of an unreconciled feeling, it was the truth.

Outside the Training Hall inside the True Spirit Hall.

White Cloud Great Master, Lin Zem and Wan Ben sat cross-legged.

When the battle between Ling Xiao and Ming Tian ended, Lin Ze said with a smile: “Teacher, you see? Ling Xiao’s potential is higher than you thought. With just a cultivation base of Late Rank Seven Martial Vein, he can fight against the Initial Rank Eight Martial Vein Ming Tian. His potential might be stronger than Ming Tian’s!”

“Lin Ze, don’t brag too much. He’s just lucky. If Ming Tian hadn’t underestimated his opponent, he would have won.”

Wan Ben naturally didn’t want to let Lin Ze be proud.

“This child is a bit abnormal. This Master had indeed misjudged him, but I can do nothing about it. He has already worshipped you, Lin Ze, as his teacher. Therefore, he can no longer become this Master’s true disciple.”

White Cloud Great Master shook his head and frowned.

He had truly miscalculated this time.

He hadn’t expected Ling Xiao, this freak, to be so terrifying.

“Teacher, I can expel him from my tutelage and let him worship you as his Master.”

Lin Ze hastily replied.

“You don’t need to expel him. Just ask him to change his tutelage, and that will suffice.”

White Cloud Great Master said.

“Okay, thank you, Teacher. I believe Ling Xiao will be pleased.”

Lin Ze was extremely excited. Although there was a bit of a loss deep in his heart since he was handing over such a genius, he knew in his heart that it was definitely better to be the true disciple of White Cloud Great Master.

“Ming Tian will flare up now.”

White Cloud Great Master suddenly said with a smile, “Speaking about it, I truly have to thank Ling Xiao. Ming Tian, this boy, is actually very talented. Merely, he is too fond of playing around and not as diligent as Zuo Leng. Otherwise, I fear he might have already become a Peak Rank Nine Martial Vein martial artist by now.”

“Now, you all will see a serious Ming Tian!”

White Cloud Great Master still thought highly of Ming Tian. Regardless of how outstanding Ling Xiao was, he was still not his true disciple and not someone he looked after. Therefore, his attitude was naturally different.

“Come, all eleven of you, accompany me to play together! I want to vent!”

Ming Tian had indeed been riled up.

After all, he had been unable to freely display his power while suppressing his cultivation base. That feeling had been too uncomfortable.

“11 versus 1?”

Zuo Leng said with a smile, “Ming Tian, I understand that you want to vent, but do you truly want to do that?”

“Of course.”

Ming Tian looked at Ling Xiao and said, “Rest assured, I won’t target you. You can come and attack at will!”

“You all, accompany him to play! Naturally, you all should remember that the purpose of this battle is to obtain insights from battle.”

White Cloud Temple Master said with a smile.

Ming Tian was an Initial Rank Nine Martial Vein Martial Master.

Among the others, the strongest one was Zuo Leng, who was already a Peak Rank Eight Martial Vein Martial Master.

Meanwhile, Dai Yuling was an Initial Rank Eight Martial Vein Martial Master.

The rest were just Rank Seven Martial Vein Martial Masters. Whether they would get insights from this battle or not would depend on their fortunes.

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