Chapter 100: Days In The Thunder God Temple (Part 2)

300 years of cultivation was already the limit for Qi Huan. Although she didn’t know what level her cultivation level had reached, it was certainly strong enough for her to deal with a Third Heavens disciple in the Thunder God Temple.

Over the years, Lei Gong also did his best to help Qi Huan. Qi Huan wanted to know every happenings in the Heavenly Devil Realm, so he personally went to have a stroll in the Killing Divine Sea, and got a lot of internal news about the Heavenly Devil Realm.

It is said that before the deity-devil war, the reincarnation king Mo Yu of the devil world was fatally injured, the Mo family’s power fell sharply because of that, and even the leader representing the devil in the war, Mo Ye, had disappeared inexplicably. Although the Mo Family’s eldest son Xing Huang9Xing HuangLittle Huang was still quite capable, and could support the Mo Family, he didn’t step up to support, instead, he lived his life in seclusion at a very remote place.

What happened to the Mo Family was still a mystery until now, and the whereabouts of the person Qi Huan was most concerned about was still unknown.

“Little Huan Zi, why do you look melancholy?” Qi Huan sat in the house, supporting her chin, watching the fairy dancing among the flowers outside in the garden. The ling qi in the garden of the Thunder God Temple was more abundant than other places, so flower deities liked to come here to settle down, and because of their presence, the flowers all bloomed beautifully in this garden.

About seven or eight flower deities lived in this nearly 100 acres garden. They were very timid, and they were usually only willing to come out when no one was around, but Qi Huan had lived here for several years so they also knew her, so they would usually come out to dance for her.

Those flower deities were natural dancers, even people like Qi Huan who didn’t have much appreciative eyes also thought that their dance was beautiful, so in the end, she asked a few flower deities to teach her to dance. Although she couldn’t dance as gracefully as them, she was not too bad either.

It is a pity that the saying “a good teacher will produce good student” did not apply to Qi Huan. She spent more than ten years learning to dance, only to annoy away two teachers.

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In the end, Lei Gong also couldn’t stand her stiff dance which was comparable to a zombie dancing, so he pleaded with her to let off the remaining few flower deities in the garden. It wasn’t until Qi Huan vowed not to dance again, that the previous two flower deities who were scared away, returned.

“Second Uncle Lei, why are you alone? Where is Uncle Lei?” Second Uncle Lei refers to Lei Gong while Uncle Lei refers to Thunder God. The two brothers had also come to a duel to win the title Uncle Lei, the loser ranked second.

Qi Huan refused to be a disciple to the Thunder God Temple, but she couldn’t stand the torture from the siblings constant argument so she went directly to the gate and bowed a few times, becoming relatives of Lei Gong and Thunder God. Yeah, time has changed, now, even anyone can be apprentices or relatives. Qi Huan really gained some new insights about this.

Qi Huan appreciated that the two of them treated her kindly. She also knew that non Thunder God Temple disciples were allowed to enter the Thunder God Tower. The 60th floor onwards were even more forbidden, but they had never stopped her. Although she did not openly thank them, she was very grateful to them, so she didn’t feel dissatisfied with Lei Gong and Thunder God’s occasionally compulsive behavior.

“He went to the underworld. Recently, it has been quite chaotic in the underworld, I don’t know why. Several of our disciples were badly injured after coming back from there, so he had to go and assess the situation himself.” Lei Gong sat down on a wooden stool and explained. The wooden stool made a “squeaky” sound when his butt sat on it. It seemed that it was having a hard time to bear Lei Gong’s weight of nearly 200 kg.

“Isn’t the underworld all ghosts? They also need to transition through tianjie?” Qi Huan asked with some surprise. Although she had seen ghost cultivators in the mortal world, she had never heard that ghost cultivators could transition through tianjie and become deities. There were human form and monster form of deities but there were absolutely no ghosts.

“Of course not. Although ghosts cannot become immortals, if their cultivation level is of a certain level, their strength is actually comparable to that of immortals. It’s okay if they have a gentle personality, if they are bloodthirsty, the mortal world may suffer.” Lei Gong shook his head and sighed and continued to explain to Qi Huan, “Ghosts can’t ascend to the immortal realm and the heavenly devil realm, but they can travel through the mortal world and the underworld at will. Think about it, if a ghost with strength comparable to a deity entered the mortal world, in the blink of an eye, the mortal world would turn into purgatory, so the tianjie by a ghost cultivator is very terrifying. So it is usually our job to personally send a thunder penalty to the ghost cultivator especially if he is a powerful one.”

“What if they escape the thunder penalty?” Qi Huan asked after understanding the severity of the problem. It seemed that the journey of the ghost cultivator was really not easy, but after their successful cultivation, they would be very terrifying.

“If they escape, then we have no other way. We can only restrict them as much as we can, in various ways. We can negotiate with them in a good manner. If that doesn’t work, we will send someone to secretly kill them. Although we are in charge of the thunder penalty, we can’t do it arbitrarily. You can find how frequent everyone’s dujie is on the monument. If the law enforcement personnel are wrong, they will be punished by the sky thunder. And let me tell you, that is definitely a scary experience.” Lei Gong shivered as he spoke till the end. When he was young, he was quite proud, he felt that it was very incredible for a person to take charge of thunder penalty, so when he saw anyone doing evil, he would kill that wicked person directly. In the end, he was punished by more than forty thunders, and was almost tortured to death. He still had some lingering fears thinking of it now.

Of course, Qi Huan would never doubt Lei Gong’s words. In fact, he was lucky. If a normal being was struck by more than forty thunders, perhaps his or her ash wouldn’t even be seen anymore.

“Then, there are many ghost cultivators in this world that have successfully transitioned through dujie?” Qi Huan asked curiously, feeling a little scared after knowing how powerful a ghost cultivator could be after transition.

“What do you mean “many”!” Lei Gong’s eyes popped after hearing her question, “There hasn’t been any one so far. You think those ghost cultivators are so brave? The survival rate through dujie for a ghost cultivator is less than 10%, do you think they are fools? Even if they had cultivated a certain period of time, they will either return to their homes or reincarnate into the mortal world and live a normal life, growing up step by step.”

“Well, that’s boring.” Qi Huan waved her hand disappointedly. “Ah, right, is there anything you want from me? Why did you come here?”

“Ah right, you see your interruption almost made me forget to talk to you about the real problem. My brother said that you have been practicing for so long, you should go out and train now, so he asked me to bring you to the underworld to have a look around. There’s a problematic ghost cultivator there but his cultivation level isn’t very strong, so I will leave it to you to deal with it.”

“You just want me to clean up the leftovers…” Qi Huan pouted, absolutely not admitting that she was actually quite excited that she had something better to do now.

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Although the days in the Thunder God Temple were relaxed and comfortable, she still felt very empty in her heart, as if something was missing, and she couldn’t find anything to fill the void. Qi Huan knew that if she could not find Mo Ye, she would probably have moved on with her life on her own.

Maybe it was good for her to go out to have a look around, at least then she might have a chance to meet him, maybe they would meet again in some special place! Thinking of this, Qi Huan’s lips curled into a rare smile.

“Little Huanzi, why are you smiling? Are you thinking of your boyfriend? Come, come, tell me who it is, so I can give you some advice.” After talking about serious matters, Lei Gong quickly shifted to a lighter topic. He moved his stool and got close to Qi Huan, looking at her with a wretched expression on his face.

“…I don’t have a boyfriend for the time being, you don’t need to worry about me, Second Uncle.” Qi Huan also moved her stool, but it was to stay away from Lei Gong. She was afraid that if she asked advice from Lei Gong, she would end up causing troubles to the other party instead.

One time, a respected immortal, the Respected Du Wang came to visit the Thunder God Temple, and said that it was love at first sight when he saw Qi Huan. That man was quite old, and his mindset was a bit close-minded. He kept telling Qi Huan that she should be thankful that he had feelings for her…

As a result, Qi Huan went to look for Lei Gong for advice, and then that man was thrown out of the Thunder God Temple two days later.

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