Chapter 102: Immortal Ghost (Part 1)

(TLN: Something is wrong with Chapter 101 so I skipped it, and edited a bit Chapter 102 to maintain the continuation.)

And so Qi Huan and the two Lei siblings (Lei Gong and Thunder God) went to the Killing Divine Sea…

Qi Huan frowned, looking at the tower. Now, no matter who the person in the tower was, she seemed to have no way to stop Thunder God and Lei Gong. She stretched out her hand and made a thunder barrier in front of her. Her silver thunder descending gave a clear hint to Lei Gong and Thunder God, who were hidden in a cloud in the distance.

Every thunder tribulation (leijie) that came down from the sky was usually made by the two of them, and they would basically use more than 50% of their power to create it. They kept throwing thunder into the thunder, it seemed that they would never stop dealing with the Immortal Ghost inside.

Truthfully, Lei Gong and Thunder God didn’t want to be so fierce. However, according to the recorder, that Immortal Ghost needed exactly nine thunder strikes in order to get rid.

It stands to reason that Immortal Ghost that had just been cultivated would need at least forty-nine thunder tribulations. They had never encountered such a situation before. But they could not violate the rules of the recorder, so they could only kill the Immortal Ghost inside.

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After four thunder tribulations, the tower had begun to falter. The faint gray light on the tower body had gradually dimmed, and cracks appeared in the tower body. On the whole, the Immortal Ghost inside still seemed calm, but through her lightning barrier, Qi Huan could feel that her two uncles were starting to get tired, and they were sweating profusely.

Both of them had used at least 80% of their strengths now, and they hadn’t even caused any fear to that Immortal Ghost inside, how was that possible?!

It wasn’t until after eight thunders that the tower finally collapsed, and at the same time an expressionless man appeared in the eyes of Lei Gong and Thunder God.

When Qi Huan saw that figure appear, her heart beat hard. It was Mo Ye! She was certain, it was impossible that she recognized wrongly. It was Mo Ye’s back so she couldn’t see his expression at all.

In the last thunder, Lei Gong and Thunder God used all their strength, the two respected immortals from the deity world had joined forces, what would happen to Mo Ye next? Qi Huan knelt sitting on her cloud, staring at Mo Ye blankly, her teeth biting her lower lip tightly, but she didn’t seem to notice the bloody taste in her mouth.

Even eight thunder tribulations couldn’t kill him. The two brothers were bursting with anger. They glanced at each other and sat cross-legged on their cloud. Seemingly black thunder emitted from their bodies and surrounded them. They emitted black light and slowly gathered together, converging into a bucket thick black thunder pillar, and struck down directly.

Then, in Qi Huan’s scream, she watched Mo Ye’s body completely turn into ash and disappeared.

He died? He died just like that? Qi Huan’s mouth was still agape, she stared blankly at the ground that was struck by lightning. Other than the ashes on the ground, there was nothing left.

“Liar, how could you die just like that? You haven’t married me yet! But you dare to die earlier than me…” Qi Huan fell sitting on her cloud and cried like a child covering her face. She felt as if her heart had broken into two, she was very heartache, and she couldn’t seem to find any way to vent her feelings except crying.

“So you want to marry me…” A happy voice came from behind Qi Huan, and then she felt a pair of very cold arms encircling her, dragging her into an equally cold chest. However, that too familiar voice made her forget to struggle for a while.

She turned her head back abruptly, and found in astonishment that the man who had just been struck by lighting and turned into ash was standing on her cloud and staring at her with interest, as if he was very satisfied with her confession just now.

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“You… You’re not dead?” Qi Huan’s smiling face looked like a tabby cat because of her crying earlier. Her eyes were red and swollen. It was really not pleasing to see, but it didn’t stop Mo Ye’s fiery eyes to stare at her.

No matter what he had to do, as long as he could see her cry or laugh, it was enough for him. As long as Qi Huan was still alive, no difficulties could overwhelm him.

“I’m indeed dead.” Mo Ye smiled bitterly, looking down at Qi Huan’s little hand that had touched his chest. Err, well, to be exact, her hand had reached into his clothes, which made Mo Ye doubt a little on what she was planning to do.

“You have no heartbeat, and yet, you’re here, so cool!” Anyway, she could see Mo Ye, and Mo Ye could talk to her. For Qi Huan, it didn’t matter whether he had a heartbeat or not. This man was a heartless man anyway.

“So, you are a ghost now?” Qi Huan had seen ghosts twice in her life. Her first encounter was that old ghost granny, and now, it was Mo Ye. She didn’t have the chance to observe a ghost cultivator properly last time, so she certainly wouldn’t let go of this opportunity to learn, now that Mo Ye was a ghost, and he was right in front of her now. So, she rushed towards Mo Ye with excitement.

“…You’re that excited to see me being a ghost?” Mo Ye asked, sitting cross-legged on the cloud, raising his eyebrows at the woman who was clearly molesting him.

“You are a Immortal Ghost, such a rare species, of course I am excited.” Qi Huan exclaimed. Lei Gong once said that if someone became a Immortal Ghost,no one could hurt that person. At the very least, she didn’t have to worry that he would suddenly disappear now. This was the best news for Qi Huan.

Nine Thunders had passed. Lei Gong and Thunder God were also prepared to go home. Although they watched the Immortal Ghost disappear during the last blow, they still felt something was wrong, and that feeling made them both unhappy. They felt very weird. However, the two of them were still very confident in their strengths, it was absolutely impossible for anyone to get out alive from their thunder strikes.

“I’ll let you study me at night, the two of them are coming back.” Glancing at the two people who were on the ruins of the ruined tower that had just been torn down by lightning, Mo Ye squeezed Qi Huan’s cheeks and then disappeared in an instant.

One of the benefits of being a ghost was that he could disappear any time, without being detected by anyone.

When Thunder God and Lei Gong walked towards Qi Huan, Qi Huan was still touching her cheeks with a smirk, still couldn’t believe that what happened just now was true.

“Little Huanzi, what did you see?” Although the two siblings felt uncomfortable, they still worked very hard at teaching Qi Huan. They wholeheartedly cultivated her as the future heir of the Thunder God Temple. Although Qi Huan was still not a member of the Thunder God Temple, her qualifications were quite fitting to be the future heir. The Thunder God Temple needed someone new who could control thunder power excellently.

“You two gang up to bully other people, that’s what I see.” Qi Huan accused them. Apart from this, of course she saw a lot of useful information. Truthfully, she was very grateful to have them teaching her how to mobilize her thunder power; it would certainly bring an incalculable benefit to her cultivation in the future, but the two of them had just used their power to strike Mo Ye, although he was basically fine, she was still quite furious.

“…” The two brothers looked at each other, not knowing what to say. Thunder God glared at his brother, Lei Gong, who was scratching his head, “This…this… Actually, what you saw is nothing special. You’ve probably misunderstood, nevermind, I’ll take you to observe again next time.” Fortunately, they killed the person in the end, otherwise, it would be very embarrassing for them to throw so many thunder strikes, and yet finally to no avail. How could they maintain their reputation then!

Then they all left to go home. 

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