Chapter 102: Immortal Ghost (Part 2)

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Back at the Thunder God Temple, Qi Huan spent her days in boredom, she spent a lot less time practicing, and more often she just sat in a daze in her room.

It had been more than ten days since they had returned to the Thunder God Temple, but Mo Ye had not appeared yet. Qi Huan even thought that perhaps it was just a dream when she saw him that day.

At night, Qi Huan lay down and slept soundly, her blanket was rolled like a spring roll and held in her arms, her slender snow-white thighs stretched across her blanket, and her saliva drooled all over it. She really knew how to ruin a good-looking perfect-quality beautiful blanket, just like anything that was given to her.

On the head of her bed, a figure floated in the air. The man cocked his legs and looked at Qi Huan’s terrible sleeping appearance with a look of disagreement. He had never expected her to act like a lady, but this… this was at a next level, especially to see with his own eyes.

What if that blanket was another man instead, would she drool saliva all over as well? Mo Ye held his forehead in deep thought, his face solemn. No, I must correct her, make sure she doesn’t drool all over another man, this is a serious problem.

“Qi Huan, wake up.” After staring at Qi Huan for a long time, Mo Ye finally couldn’t help but yelled in her ear. Even if her sleeping appearance was very ugly, she was still the woman that he loved, and Qi Huan also had a habit to wear very thin clothing when she slept, so it was like a feast for Mo Ye’s eyes. But how could such beauty keep sleeping when he was around? That’s too much.

“Ehh, Little Yin, keep quiet…” Qi Huan, who was completely asleep, couldn’t tell who was talking to her. She thought Little Yin was by her side. When she was in the mortal world, she would hug the little fox to keep warm in winter, call Little Yin out to cool off the heat in summer. Of course, it was not like Little Yin would actually do anything to Qi Huan, in fact, it would just sleep on the floor beside her, cooling her with its breath.

Although the breath in her ear was not very cold, it was no heat either, causing Qi Huan to mistake Mo Ye for Little Yin. However, upon hearing this, Mo Ye’s face became a little ugly. Little Yin, who was far away from the Thunder God Temple, shuddered suddenly.

“You hug Little Yin to sleep?” A jealous man is irrational, even if the other party isn’t human. Nowadays, even immortals and ghosts could fall in love with each other, let alone immortals and monsters, and Little Yin was also a male. If Little Yin knew that its innocence was accused by its master because of Qi Huan’s words during her sleep, he would surely cry, feeling very wronged.

Sleeping soundly, Qi Huan suddenly felt a thunderous roar in her ears. She opened her eyes, jumping up subconsciously. As a result, she plunged into a muscular chest, which unfortunately was not very warm.

“What the heck is wrong with you! Why are you shouting in the middle of the night instead of sleeping!” Anyone who is awakened from their sleep will definitely have a temper. Qi Huan was no different. Qi Huan’s temper was never really good from the start, so being rudely awakened, she didn’t care who the person was in front of her, she just poked the muscular chest very unceremoniously with her finger as she shouted. 

“Tsk, ruthless woman, you really abandon me for someone else.” Mo Ye’s tone was a little sour, but it is a pity that Qi Huan was still a little blurry.

“Mo Ye?” At this moment, Qi Huan suddenly became wide awake, a mind was clear, and finally she recognized who the person in front of her was. Then, before Mo Ye could speak, she spoke first, “How are you? Why are you only here now? You made me worry for so long. I was so worried, I could barely eat, you’re so mean.” In just a few words, she had concluded that Mo Ye was a heinous person.

Mo Ye was stunned. A wry smile appeared on his face. So, it was all his fault in the end.

“Hey, since when did you go to the underworld? What happened that time?” Qi Huan adjusted to a comfortable posture, nestled herself in Mo Ye’s arms, totally forgetting about her thin clothing.

Mo Ye blinked. He stretched out his hand to take the rolled blanket under Qi Huan’s leg, and then covered her with the blanket. Although he was a ghost, he was still a man after all, so naturally, he would have the same reaction as any other men when seeing their lover in such thin clothes.

“As you can see, I died, and then I became a ghost.” Mo Ye chuckled and gave Qi Huan a vague answer. He refused to tell her what she wanted to know.

“I want to know how you rescued me that time. Uncle Lei said that when I was sent to the Thunder God Temple, I was totally well, without any injury…” Not only that, even the four spirits in her body that were gradually disappearing that time were also saved, and she even had a new aura in her dantian that was not there before. For some reason, Qi Huan subconsciously believed that the changes in her body must be related to Mo Ye becoming a ghost.

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“Why do you want to know? Are you planning to repay me with your body? I remember that you have already begged me to marry you twice.” Mo Ye lowered his head and leaned forward to kiss Qi Huan’s forehead lightly, making her flushed.

“No, you must have heard wrongly.” Qi Huan hurriedly dismissed it, but of course, she still remembered it in her heart. Those two embarrassing “marriage proposals” were so coincidentally heard by Mo Ye at that time. Why did he always show up at critical moments, why was it so coincidental, seriously.

“Qi Huan.”


“Elope with me.” 

Qi Huan’s surprised face appeared in Mo Ye’s eyes.

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“Why? What happened so serious that we have to elope? You are not a devil now. Who will stop us from getting together?” Qi Huan was puzzled. She struggled to get up, but was hugged by Mo Ye instead.

Mo Ye closed his eyes and rested his head on Qi Huan’s shoulders, remaining silent for a long time. If he was just a devil, yes, it might be troublesome if they got together, but he would always be able to find a solution, but now he has become an Immortal Ghost.

An Immortal Ghost transcending the existence of the six reincarnations was very rare. If his identity was discovered one day, perhaps all realms would want to get rid of him.

“The presence of an Immortal Ghost is the death of Liu Dao.” These were words left by those ancient immortals, and no one would deny their authenticity. Liu Dao acts as the channel that supports the mortal world, the immortal/deity world, the heavenly devil world, and the underworld. They are also the skeletons. If they collapse one day, basically not many will survive.

In order to survive, he had to make sure no one doubted him, because even his biological father would kill him without hesitation. Of course, Mo Yu wouldn’t have such an opportunity to kill him now. The Mo Family, who once had the boundless beauty of the Heavenly Devil Realm, finally came to an end in Mo Ye’s hands.

He had personally destroyed his father’s cultivation core, perhaps this could be an avenge for his mother, but also for Qi Huan. Now, he had nothing to do with the Mo Family.

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