Chapter 36: Destined for Tragedy

At that time, upon hearing the name ‘Shake the Heaven’, Shan Wanhong suddenly thought of that Shake the Heaven, the eccentric person who helped her before. Wow! As it turned out that he is Twin Dragons Village’s Village Chief. However, she also understood after thinking about it. Only Twin Dragons Village’s Village Chief had such great strength. One person could massacre all bandits.

Soon, Shi Hao came to the market and smiled at Shan Wanhong.

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Shi Hao had already learned of the words said here by Deep Purples and Bright Reds from his subordinate. Other people call me the most beautiful campus beauty of C University! Now, it was truly impossible for Shi Hao to not recognize Shan Wanhong. That iconic action and those iconic words. They belong to Shan Wanhong. He, however, didn’t want her to recognize his identity. She didn’t have any bad thoughts, but she was too stupid. If by chance she exposed the identities of himself and Feng Tianhao, then that would be troublesome.

Shi Hao looked at the local tyrant uncle again, showed the screenshot of the sold items, and said: “A level 1 warhorse is priced for 19,999 copper coins, which is not expensive. Do you know? Now, only my village can sell warhorses. Moreover, you are also not the first group of guests to come here. The first group of guests has already left, and only they have a discount of 15%. Therefore, those 100 warhorses obviously cost 199,990 in total. You’d better pay it quickly. I don’t want to waste my time with you. The soldiers are still waiting for my return.”

That uncle was so frightened that he sat on the ground! S***, warhorse? How can there be such a thing in the market? It seems the strength of Twin Dragons Village is far beyond my imagination. At this moment, this uncle finally understood why the price was so expensive.

That uncle turned his eyes and said: “I can pay, I’ve 20,000 RMB. But I bought those 100 warhorses. You must ask that woman to hand over everything! I’ll pay after I got them.”

That uncle thought. Spending 20,000 RMB for 100 warhorses was not a loss. The warhorses were very rare and worth the price. With a warhorse, a knight’s high offense and high-speed advantages could be displayed completely. Thinking that his village would also have a cavalry regiment, this uncle was very excited. 20,000 RMB was definitely worth it.

“Huh?” Shi Hao smiled coldly and shrugged his shoulders: “You seem to have made two mistakes! First, you yourself said that you will give them to this little girl. Are you regretting it now? In any case, I don’t care about it. Second, I don’t take RMB. I only want copper coins! Anyway, quickly pay it now. Otherwise, the soldiers behind me will be forced to get the money from you.”

“I won’t pay if you don’t give me the warhorses! Moreover, I don’t have 200,000 copper coins. I only have 20,000 RMB!” That uncle stubbornly persisted and ferociously glared at Shan Wanhong. But Shan Wanhong just stood at one side with an innocent face as if this matter had nothing to do with her. The more Shan Wanhong was like this, the more that uncle felt that Shan Wanhong had set him up.

Shi Hao knew Shan Wanhong, moreover, this matter was not her problem. If he had to blame someone, he could only blame this uncle for having bad thoughts. Shi Hao instructed soldiers to arrest that uncle, and Pei Yuanqing personally lead troops to collect 200,000 copper coins from that uncle. After all, 200,000 copper coins was not a small amount. With the appearance of Pei Yuanqing, everything was stable. No one could escape from here.

Afterward, Shan Wanhong happily returned with 100 warhorses and her soldiers. As for that uncle, his village went bankrupt. After all, he couldn’t immediately purchase 200,000 copper coins on the internet. Moreover, Shi Hao hadn’t given him any time to prepare. Therefore, under helplessness, all the goods and materials of his village were given to Shi Hao as a mortgage. Even the people of his village were snatched by Shi Hao. If one had to ask what was he left with, then the answer would be just his underpants. All the achievements in the game were reset for this uncle. Perhaps, some people might say that he could start all over again. After all, wasn’t this uncle quite rich in reality? Unfortunately, Shi Hao had already set his eyes on him. Shi Hao asked Pei Yuanqing to make that uncle sign a contract, which roughly stated that he had to pay compound interest on the debt. As long as he staged a comeback, Shi Hao would rob him. There was no way out, if this uncle got up again, then Shan Wanhong would fall. Shi Hao protected Shan Wanhong in passing. And this uncle was destined for tragedy. Later, this uncle would either sell his D grade village and become an ordinary player or he can only hold his empty village and be a beggar in the game.

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Okay! At this point, there was no need to worry about this unfortunate uncle. Haha.

A few days passed in an instant. At this moment, the main forces of Twin Dragons Village had already reached level 13 under the lead of Shi Hao. The other extra soldiers had also reached level 8. Moreover, since Twin Dragons Village had gotten a lot of new funds, there was another wave of fast development. Its strength had improved greatly.

This morning, Shi Hao was sitting in the Council Hall waiting for the arrival of someone. While waiting, Shi Hao admired the current state of Twin Dragons Village.

[Village Name: Twin Dragons Village] [Village Chief: Shake the Heaven] [Tax: 5% (affects financial revenue)] [Population Support: 95+2 (affects residents’ working efficiency)] [Public Security: 95 (affects residents’ security)] [Reputation: 130+2 (affects the attraction of NPC)] [Village Level: 3 (For every two levels of the stronghold, the upper limit of buildings’ level within the stronghold would increase by one level)] [Current Residents: 1045/2000 (10 level 2 housings can accommodate 2,000 people)] [Current Resources: 10,000 food, 10,000 water, 110,000 copper coins, 1,000 iron ores, 2,000 material stones, 2,000 lumbers, 500 gold] [Current Armament: Level 1 Iron Bow*500, Level 1 Iron Sword*500, Level 1 Iron Armor*500, Level 1 Iron Arrow*500, Level 1 Blue Cloak*500, Level 1 Red Cloak*500, Level 1 War Horse*50 (all used in the market sale)] [Village Area: 4 square kilometers] [Territory Area: 100 square kilometers] [Current Buildings: Level 1 Stargazing Platform (Durability: 5,000), Level 2 Council Hall (Durability: 10,000), Level 1 Market (Durability: 5,000), Level 1 Hospital (Durability: 5,000), Level 1 Teahouse (Durability: 5,000), Level 1 Warehouse (Durability: 5,000), Level 1 Military Camp (Durability: 5,000), Level 1 Tailor Store (Durability: 5,000), Level 1 Smithy (Durability: 5,000), Level 1 General Store (Durability: 5,000), Level 2 Housing*10 (Durability: 200)] [Constructible Buildings: Lumber Workshop, School, Dock, Pub] [Resources Required for Upgrade: 160,000 copper coins, 16,000 iron ores, 16,000 material stones, 16,000 lumbers, 16,000 gold]

Now, Twin Dragons Village was a level 3 village. It truly was amazing. In contrast, the next-door Tranquil Water Village hadn’t developed that much. Thinking about it, a month ago, Twin Dragons Village was far inferior to Tranquil Water Village. But the great development of Twin Dragons Village made Tranquil Water Village’s Zhang Yang look stupid. As a matter of fact, jealous Zhang Yang had run over to Twin Dragons Village. And now, the person Shi Hao was waiting for was Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang slowly walked in and sat in front of Shi Hao.

Zhang Yang sightly raised his eyebrows, looked at Shi Hao and said: “Village Chief Shi! I came here to give you good news. Don’t you also have something for me?”

Shi Hao shrugged his shoulders and jokingly remarked: “I’m not a gay, I have no interest in men.”

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