Chapter 99: Death? (Part 1)

Qi Huan stared blankly at Yan Yin, who had long been dead. At this time, if she still didn’t know that she was framed, then she really had lived all these years in vain.

Who on earth wanted to frame her to the point that they would rather kill an innocent child? She didn’t seem to have provoked anyone in the Heavenly Devil Realm. Other than Mo Yu’s hostility to her, and perhaps the chief, which shouldn’t be that big of a problem, there seemed to be no one else that could be her enemy to the extent of murdering the daughter of the Asura Emperor just to frame her!

Looking at the situation now, if Qi Huan couldn’t find proof to show that she was not guilty now, she was basically bound to die. Yan Yin was lying dead in front of her but she (Qi Huan) was totally fine. Who else would they suspect if not her? Would Asura Emperor let her go? Would Mo Yu let her go?

Before Qi Huan’s mind calmed down, she could hear Mo Yu’s voice was getting louder and louder. Listening to the chaotic footsteps stopping in front of her door, Qi Huan felt that her heartbeat seemed to stop at that moment.

“My little daughter, Yin, I’m h-” The door was pushed open. Qi Huan looked up and saw a middle-aged man with a beard coming in, but he stopped after taking two steps into the room, ” Yin’er? Yan Yin..?!” Asura Emperor, also known as Yan Si, rushed to his daughter’s side, his face full of grief.

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“How could this be, what happened? You, why did Yin’er’s soul flew away?!” Yan Si’s voice hit Qi Huan’s chest like a heavy hammer. His cultivation level was at the Ninth Heavens, and Qi Huan was no more than the First Heavens. His loud roar was enough to make Qi Huan’s voice crack, and her body that hadn’t fully recovered was trembling slightly.

She held her chest and took several steps back before stopping. She subconsciously glanced outside the door and saw Mo Yu’s mouth raised slightly, and his eyes were looking at her coldly, as if he was looking at a dead person.

Could it be him? Qi Huan took a breath. Not many people dared to approach Yan Yin in Li Du City. Besides, that person was also able to send her and Yan Yin back to Mo Mansion. Who had this kind of capability? Mo Yu also came with Yan Yin’s father as soon as Qi Huan woke up. Could there be such a coincidence in this world? Qi Huan only had one thought, that was, Mo Yu wanted to frame someone else for his murder of Yan Yin, but why did he pick to frame her (Qi Huan), did he do all this just because she ruined his stupid garden??

Although Qi Huan had a lot of doubts, she didn’t say a word because she had no evidence, and even if she said it was Mo Yu’s fault, who would believe her?

“You killed my daughter?!” Yan Si glared at Qi Huan with blood red eyes. His gritted teeth made Qi Huan take several steps back. Although she could understand Yan Si’s anger, she was not the murderer, in fact, she was also the victim, OK!

“I didn’t do it.” Qi Huan took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down.

“If it’s not you, then where did this soul eater soup in this bottle come from? Don’t you dare to quibble!” At the moment Yan Si’s roar reached Qi Huan’s ears, his fists had already punched into her chest. In a flash, Qi Huan felt a terrifying burst of blood spurted in her chest, but she did not feel any pain.

She lowered her head and looked at her chest. Little Yin, who had transformed into its human form, had blocked Yan Si’s punch. The punch directly pierced into its chest making a hole in its body. Watching Little Yin slowly turn back into its snake form, its blood kept spurting out from the hole in its body, Qi Huan didn’t know how to react.

“Little Yin, Little Yin, don’t scare me, Little Yin, wake up…” Little Yin’s breathing was getting weaker and weaker, Qi Huan knelt on the ground and hugged its body with a look of horror.

“You must…must… hold it until… Master comes back…” Little Yin’s cold voice sounded in Qi Huan’s mind, and then there was no sound. Qi Huan could only hear Little Yin’s increasingly weak breathing. (TLN: omg……)

“Guards, take her to the blood cell!” Seeing that Little Yin was seriously injured, it might be difficult for it to survive, so Mo Yu gave an order.

At this time, Yan Si was holding his daughter’s body and crying like a child. He didn’t even look at Qi Huan anymore. Qi Huan knew in her heart that if she was punched by Yan Si, perhaps she would be dead right now. But then again, she would rather be dead now than to be captured in the blood cell. She might be torture to death in there.

Mo Yu clearly wanted her life. What else could she do now that she had fallen into his hands?

Little Yin asked her to hold on until Mo Ye came back, could she really live until that time? Qi Huan was totally uncertain.

“Brother Yan, my condolences. I will definitely punish this woman and give you a satisfactory result.” This was the last sentence Qi Huan heard before she was rudely dragged from the ground by Mo Yu’s guards. Mo Yu lowered his head, his voice was full of sorrow, but there was no expression on his face.

Qi Huan had only heard of the blood cell from the women in the inner courtyard, but had never seen it before. This time she was really “fortunate” to be able to walk around inside, she felt as if she had learned a new place.

The blood cell was built under the Mo Mansion. Just after being pushed into the big iron cell guarded by heavy guards, Qi Huan smelled a pungent bloody smell and heard various wailing screams, which made her feel chill from the bottom of my heart. What kind of punishment did the people in here receive to make such a terrifying cry?

Just as Qi Huan was pushed into prison, a smiling middle-aged man greeted her. When he saw Qi Huan, his eyes lit up, “This is…”

“Old Master ordered us to bring her in, take good care of her.” The guards gave Qi Huan another rude push. For a moment, Qi Huan didn’t notice the ground and was tripped over by some shackles on her feet, and fell to the ground with a bang, making the other people in the prison laugh.

Qi Huan propped up her upper body with her hands, and stood up blankly.

“Thanks for the care.” The middle-aged man squinted at the few people in front of him with a wretched smile, and the guards responded with the same smile. They all knew that a woman would never leave the blood prison alive, so as long as the woman was just slightly beautiful, she would not escape her tragic fate.

Qi Huan calmly looked at the middle-aged man. He seemed to be the warden here. All the prisoners respected him. After seeing Qi Huan, most of their faces showed excitement.

In Mo Mansion, the ones who had the most unsatisfactory life were these prisoners, because they were locked in prison strictly, they would undoubtedly be killed if they escaped. Therefore, they had not seen a woman for hundreds of years. Every woman who was sent into prison became their toy to vent.

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When the warden was done playing with the toy, it would be their turn to play.

The place where Qi Huan was locked up was considered quite clean, but the cell was very dark. Even if she opened her heaven eye, she couldn’t see that far. When she opened her heaven eye, she could see powerful resentment and angry devil spirits in the cell, how many people had died here to make this place so eerie.

After Qi Huan was pushed into the cell, the warden kicked the cell door open with his feet, the lock was useless. It seemed that he was very confident of his own strength, but it’s true that Qi Huan’s cultivation level was very low, any prisoner in this cell was at least Third Heavens, so they weren’t worried that Qi Huan would run away. Moreover, even if she escaped the blood cell, she would not be able to escape from the Mo Mansion.

Outside the blood cell, if Qi Huan were there, she would be surprised to find that the owner of the wine shop was standing not far away looking at the iron gate that was exuding an endless chill.

“Young Master, the Master is looking for you.” After a while, Sui Lei walked straight to the man, but the name she mentioned was unbelievable.

“Very well, I’ll go right away.” The owner of the wine shop casually responded, and that man was Xing Huang9Xing HuangLittle Huang! He turned around and walked a few steps forward. Then, he turned his head and his face returned to his original gentle and handsome face, a trace of guilt flashed in his eyes, but it quickly disappeared. 

When she just got into the blood cell, Qi Huan still didn’t feel that anything was wrong, but slowly she realized that her mind seemed to be chaotic, and hallucinations always appeared in front of her eyes. Coupled with the wailing and screams that had never stopped since she entered the prison, Qi Huan had become increasingly difficult to control her emotions.

“How are you coping, are you still satisfied?” The warden would come to Qi Huan every day to say a few words. Qi Huan had never opened her eyes to look at him, but he didn’t mind it, but today, after he finished speaking, he did not leave.

Seeing that the prison door was opened, the warden walked to Qi Huan step by step, then he held her chin very frivolously, “Look at me when I am talking.”

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