Crazy OP

Combat Ability: a2e3638368..

Qi Atunement: a2e3638368..

Crafting Ability: a2e3638368..

Treasure Control: a2e3638368

Spiritual Bone: Prototype-1

Heavenly Body: Prototype-1

Heavenly Soul: Prototype-1

Bloodline: Prototype-1



Alright, this is definitely the in-game character that I made myself.

God damn, this basically ruins the fun of it, I was planning to start with a brand new character, so I can play the game fair and square.


Its this kind of world that I transmigrated into, so being Overpowered might have actually been much better than just starting off as a random nobody.

It’s a really bittersweet situation.

I had made this character for the sole purpose of testing, but now I ended up like this.

Not to mention there was also Inventory which basically held all and every item in the world.

Where was the fun if I just have everything from the start.

Wasn’t this basically easy mode?

But I guess I’ll just have to deal with it anyway, I can still have fun even if I’m overly powered.

Now that I think about it, I should have that thing as well.

“Ban Hammer”

I of 3 seconds earlier was gone with no trace as soon as I held the long hilted Hammer in my palms.

I had made this weapon as a joke, it was a formidable weapon made of mortal iron. Still, it had godly stats that in no way matched the material it was made of.

Regardless, I threw the Hammer back into my Game inventory and started planning out my next course of actions.

My stats were insanely high, I’m basically a God right now.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun, I’ll just pose as a weak person and join some sort of sect.

Speaking of sects, I seem to be standing just a bit far off the gate of a secluded sect.

The gate was truly towering, putting most of the skyscraper back at earth to shame.

The gates body seemed to be made of the skeletal bones of two huge giants holding the sign in which the sects name was written with Chinese characters.

“Sleepless Devil Sect”

Cool, I couldn’t help but feel excited. A bit nervous, it was as if I went back to the days when I used to run as fast as I could to the bookstore nearby whenever the uncle that was running it brought new xianxia books.

It was exhilarating.

“This is it.”

I spoke out excitedly as I made my way towards the sect gate.

I had just reached the gate after a quick run, when an old man with a horrific scar on his face, dressed in traditional cultivation robes approached me.


He stopped me in my tracks with a carefree expression.

” What business do you have with the Sleepless Devil sect.”

He said around the same time I was dishing out an excuse.

“I have journeyed for 3 years in hopes of stepping into the road of immortality, looking all around the earth for an immortal mountain that I could join, thus Is the reason I have arrived here.”

While speaking out my words, I had brought out a middle-level spirit stone from my pocket, I was still wearing my casual clothes from earth, so it was kind of awkward.

I just hoped the elder wouldn’t notice anything weird and end in a fight between us.

“This is the heirloom left to me by my long-deceased father, I was told it is of very good use to sir immortal.”

I spoke out in a humble voice as I handed the Spirit Stone to the elder, who gladly, took it away from me.

Soon the Spirit Stone disappeared as if it never existed.

Is it possible the legendary spacial artefact of the cultivation world, it must be?

My eyes shined, as I scanned the body of the elder of anything I could deem as a spacial artefact.

Of course, my Game Inventory was much better, but I couldn’t help but get excited at the idea of having a Spacial Ring of my own haha.

“Uhm, Do you have more of this kind of stone?”

The elder asked shamelessly.

“Unfortunately no sir immortal.”

I answered back, but soon I felt as if something was trying to peek into my body and all my possessions, I knew it was the doing of the elder in front of me, but I didn’t bother to try resisting.

“Hm, you do seem to have an ordinary Spiritual Bone, which doesn’t really qualify you to join the sect, but I was in need of the stone you just gave me so.”

He suddenly threw a badge on the ground next to me and said.

“Take the badge and report to the sect, and make sure you don’t lose it, it is the badge which signifies that you’re an outer disciple of the Sleepless Devil Sect, if you do lose it, you will be faced by severe punishments.”

I took hold of the badge in my hands, holding it if it was some kind of an unparalleled treasure. While nodding at the elder.

I didn’t really care about what he said about my spiritual bone, as probably only I knew its worth in this universe, it was I who made it after all.

The elder scoffed at my enthusiasm, thinking ‘just another fool’ as he floated away to wherever he came from.

After he left, I walked into the sect with a gigantic grin hanging on my face.

There were many small houses and just as many luxurious looking manors.

A towering pagoda stood in the middle of what seemed to be the central area of the sect.

But what was truly eye-catching was the 8 sword peaks, yes sword peaks that was what I decided to call them.

What could they be if they weren’t sword peaks!?

Soon I made it to the area with the less luxurious houses which I deemed to be the outer disciples’ area.

I tapped on to the shoulders of a guy who just happened to be passing by, his back was hunched with somewhat of a sad expression on his face.

“Hey leave me al-“

he immediately cut off his sentence when he saw the towering 2 meters tall figure and the intense Red eyes looking back at him.


“What can I help you with Senior Brother.”

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