Game Over. or is it?

Its been a while since I started working on Heaven’s Will, now that I think about it this is the only thing that I did right in my entire life.

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My marriage? Ha, it could never last, 10 years in and I find out my wife is cheating on me, I couldn’t even confront her about it because I knew that the actual problem was me.

I never really shown her how important she was to me, nor did I give her the love she deserved and so desperately needed.

I knew I was the one in the wrong, but…


It hurts like a bitch.

My children? How could a person whose entire life was dedicated to his job, raise his children correctly, we barely even know each other.

I thought that money and a promising future was all that was needed for them to love me and without me realising it time passed. They grow to be a bunch of unfamiliar people that only saw me as their bank account.

They wouldn’t even call me father.

Who would have thought that I, the person who dominated the whole country’s economy, would crave the word, father?

I regret, I genuinely do regret all my life choices, if only I could have shown love to the women that I loved so much if only I could be there for my children.

But it was too late for regret now, at least I have achieved the one dream that I’ve been pursuing my whole life.

It all started with one book gifted to me by my late father on my 8th birthday.

My first Xianxia book, I was soon mesmerised by the world where only the strong ruled, even with how absurd it was, and how full of plotholes it was, I loved it.

And soon, I started reading and reading until reading books wasn’t enough for me.

So I started playing VR games one after the other, but it just wasn’t enough.

It wasn’t enough, because it didn’t feel REAL!

And that was the trigger that set me off, to achieve my dream, to fully immerse myself into my dreamland, I started working on Heaven’s will.

I started my corp from the base of dirt until it became an unparalleled skyscraper, delving to all and every industry.

I called for earth’s best world-class geniuses all for the sake of the one and only AI.

Heavens Will.

The only AI that could generate a world that is 100% real, with no faults and no mistakes.

It had finally come to life, what I have been working on for all my life, had ultimately been completed.

My tears came streaming down my face as I looked at the massive screen in front of me.

With complete Bold words on its screen, the sentence ‘World generation has been completed’ was written.

followed by ‘Creator Character has been created, would you like to dive.’

I couldn’t help but reply hurriedly while submerging myself into the capsule.

“Y-Yes! immediately”

A sweet and melodic voice sounded out in my ears, it was the voice of my wife that I had personally set.

At least this way, I could enjoy her sincere companionship once again.

“Please be sure to read the instructions for the safe dive, hav-hav-hav..”

Suddenly the voice cut off amidst its speech.

what’s going on? Could Heavens Will have some sort of malfunction, but that is impossible!? It was tested several times, and it never did this before.

“What’s going on?? “

I screamed out as I tried to open the capsules door, but it wouldn’t budge at all.

No matter how hard I tried.

Suddenly I felt as if the whole capsule body was lifted high up and thrown away.

My guts felt weird, and I felt like I was riding on a rollercoaster.

Could someone have trapped me inside the capsule and is currently throwing me into the sea?

I honestly had no idea what was happening, will I die even before experiencing what I worked so hard to experience.

What was this bull*hit didn’t I experience enough misery in my life, why must the heavens punish me over and over?

NO! I won’t take this laying down just like this! I won’t die before walking into my dreamland!

I started punching the capsules door with as much strength the arms of my 90 years old body could muster.

With a full-force punch, my fist slammed into the capsules door.

The pain that I expected never came, rather the door somehow, flew off like a bullet, leaving me surprised and taken off.

Eh! What’s this?

I walked out of the capsule, as I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.


I was in the middle of a desolate land surrounded by 8 gigantic mountains shaped like swords.

They really looked magnificent and mesmerising, on each of the 8 mountains, long stair trails spanned out to the top where a Chinese manor stood proudly with people bustling around it.

Only allowed on

Wait, how I’m I even able to see so far away and where I’m I exactly.

I try to calm down; my heart is leaping up and down about to explode.

Is this Heaven’s Will? But this isn’t how it was supposed to start off.


“Log out.”

I waited for a couple of minutes to confirm my suspicion.

“Logout, Log out, Logout!!”

There is no way right?

This couldn’t be ‘that.’

I swallowed my own spit very loudly.

Could it be the legendary transmigration!?

It was at that moment that I noticed that I was noticeably taller, my back wasn’t hunched back anymore, and I didn’t feel as weak as I used to be.

I started examining my own body.

“*hit isn’t this my in-game custom character.”

The two meters tall, lean man, with short black hair, and red eyes, that was definitely his in-game character.

I’m not sure about the eyes, but the rest definitely was the same.

There was one way to confirm this.


A small screen showed up in front of my face.

What the!

“Wait… This… Ha~ This really…”

Without me knowing, laughter came out.

It was unbelievable, looking at my Menu.

It felt like winning the top prize in the lottery, I feel nervous but excited.

This really was my in-game character.

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