Chapter 178: Black Ops

It was a whole lot better if it were just a free pass, a common occurrence anyway, but the fact he had a string of passive wins shot all logic out the window.

And now that Li Mo got himself into the finals, he wiggled himself into being his base’s leader.

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The crowd didn’t make a croak even as Li Mo left the stage.

“I am in awe.” Bai Wudi cupped his hands.

Shan Ji and Lin Qingrou took Li Mo’s place on stage, but it didn’t take long as Lin Qingrou forfeited. 

This made the battle for third place between Lin Qingrou and Wang Xiao. She took it just as easy as Li Mo secured his spot in the finals.

“The fight for the champion title, Li Mo versus Shan Ji!” In this final battle of Experts Testing Grounds, Li Mo walked on stage just as casual. Facing him was Shan Ji with his staff.

Zhang Ji said, “With the monk’s Golden Shield range being 15 meters, that kid will lose for sure!”

“Power trumps luck. Relying on luck will always crush you in the end.”

“Yeah, but to think he had a smooth sailing up to the finals.”

“True, his luck far outmatches his strength, but he didn’t lose at all even if he falls now.”

“What lose? He’ll be a leader from now on! He’ll boss others around! Goddamn it, a leader’s salary is worlds above a plain member’s.”

While the crowd was heating up, the referee announced the start of the fight.

“Amituofo!” Shan Ji released his Golden Shield.

The Golden Shield slowly reached Li Mo.

Li Mo placed his fist on his waist.


Just as it was about to touch Li Mo, Shan Ji made a step forward and dropped the Golden Shield.

“Is benefactor named Li and surnamed Mo, from Shenjing’s Li clan?”

Li Mo nodded.

“Amituofo!” Shan Ji walked off stage.

“What the hell? Why is he doing this?” Zhang Ji screamed.

“I concede!”


The crowd was in chaos.

“What the flying f**k just happened?”

“No fight, not even a hit and he conceded? Just like that?”

“S***, this is black ops. Black ops I tell you!”

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“The hell? How did such a strong monk up and gave up?”

“Who is this kid? Is Shenjing’s Li clan famous? Why haven’t I heard of it then?”

“Not just that, he’s even capital’s Mo clan’s grandson…”

“Eh?! So that’s how it is. I see. “

“Using black ops so openly, is this what the Experts Alliance has come to?”

“I object! I absolutely object!”

“Let it be known that I am fully against this conclusion!”

Watermelon shells, pet bottles, all kinds of stuff showered the stage.

“Monk, what happened?”

Not even Lin Qingrou, from his own team, got what happened.

Shan Ji smiled dejectedly, “He has a red dot on his left eyebrow, not to mention his identity. If I dared to even touch him, that person will be extremely dissatisfied.”

“What are you talking about?” Lin Qingrou was lost.

“Amituofo. Silver Heroine, there is something requiring my immediate attention so I’ll be returning. I’ll leave the rest of the matters here for you to handle. Fare thee well!”

Shan Ji cupped his hands and power-walked away.



“That monk is in on it too. Look at him go!”

“That monk is so darn shameless!”

“I object! I absolutely object!”

The crowd wasn’t getting any quieter.

“People!” Lan Yue stood and asked for silence.

“There are no back doors within the Expert Testing Grounds and never will be. Experts Alliance had always upheld fairness. For Shenjing’s Li Mo to have taken first place it is all thanks to his luck. A loss is a loss. Regardless of how he won the championship, without any back door, his title is just honorary!”

Lan Yue may be extremely biased towards his son, but he knew how to handle affairs.

Mobei Province’s Zhang Jin barked, “Vice-chief Lan, you say that but what’s with his weird streak of winnings? You think that’s normal?”

Lan Yue said, “Not at all, but there is definitely no shady deals! going on behind it”

“Your reason is flimsy. To make it truly fair we will have to redo it all!”

“Yes, rematch!”

“I’m with Zhang Jin. Something is clearly shady regarding his winnings. I demand a redo! Experts Alliance cannot stand for such obvious malpractice!”


“I second!”


“Silence!” Lan Yue shouted, “Contestants, many of you are heavily hurt and countless injured. How can we have a rematch? My words are final. The Expert Testing Grounds this time has no shady deals. Are you saying my words are empty?

“The matter will stop here. With this, I declare Shenjing’s Li Mo this year’s champion! He is now Experts Alliance’s headquarters’ elite, allowed to enter its highest ranks!

“Runner up, Shan Ji, has given up his reward when he forfeited without reason. Third place, Silver Heroine, will receive the second place reward, and Wang Xiao will advance into the third place!”

“Amazing, Vice-chief Lan’s decision is utterly fair. He is a true model for us all.” Zhao Haisheng clapped fervently, turning many heads his way.

Lan Yue snorted, “Zhao Haisheng, the matters of our Experts Alliance has nothing to do with an outsider like you!”

“Of course they don’t. I’m merely stating the facts. A back door was used so openly to rob the first place that many would be left with a bad taste. Wouldn’t you agree, gents?”

Half of the people there grew angry.

Lan Yue shouted, “In Experts Alliance, any that dares go above the rules will be dealt with. I have said my piece and this so-called back door did not exist. If I say it didn’t then there it didn’t!”

“Just ’cause you said it? Your decision is always within the rules? Then please tell me, Vice-chief Lan, what is that?”

Zhao Haisheng pointed at the flashy golden sports car.

“I seem to recall Experts Alliance having a certain rule targeting this specific matter, no? Oh my, it seems not everyone is willing to abide by it. Vice-chief’s son sure is special.”



“So special!”

Zhao Haisheng managed to stir the resentment in many. That damn sports car stood out like a sore thumb in front of the headquarters. ‘Why can he do it while I can’t? Why does he have free reign while I don’t?’

This gaudiness earned the public’s anger from the start. Now that Zhao Haisheng tapped into it, it only grew!

Lan Yue snorted, “The sins of the son are the responsibility of the father. The car broke the rules and I will bear responsibility!

“This matter can only be settled in two ways, a fine or a demotion. As the vice-chief, having allowed it to happen, I am willing to suffer both penalties and step down as well!”


Lan Yue swept his eyes over the crowd, “Are there any objections?”

Zhao Haisheng snickered, “Vice-chief Lan sure is amazing. Such a clear-cut decision to settle all dissents.”

“Zhao Haisheng, this is not your home. Get lost, or I will make you!”


It was now that someone spoke up.

Mo Zhennan!

“Vice-chief Lan, today is Experts Alliance’s testing day. I shouldn’t be bringing up this matter, but my nephew was ruined by this Zhao Haisheng. Others might accept it, but not my Mo clan!”

Zhao Haisheng laughed, “Second master Mo, are you perhaps making a challenge for the Army God title? Fine, no problem. Pray tell though, who will be the challenger? You, or the master?”


Zhao Haisheng laughed, “You mean Mo Ziyang then?”

“I am!” Someone stepped out of the crowd.

Zhao Haisheng’s face changed.

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