Chapter 1274 – Your Disciple Died Again

“We have discovered the shadow of the Devil Race recently in the Holy City. This might be the plot of the Devils, causing the two largest races of Spirit Treasure Continent to fight and destroy each other. Should that happen, they will swoop down to benefit from our losses!”

Tiger Emperor was unwilling to listen and roared, “This trick again! Brother Lion had informed us earlier on that you Humans like to quibble, he is correct! What Devil Race? The Devil Race has been wiped out from Spirit Treasure Continent long ago, yet you people dare to use it as an excuse. I am not falling for this trick! If you are capable, catch a Devil and bring it to this Emperor to see…”


At that moment, a spirit pulse appeared in front of Snow Sage.

It was a unique spirit crane that was sealed and signifies urgent situations.

This spirit crane was sent using the power of a Sage and could also transfer images on top of words…

Snow Sage opened it and was shocked. Disbelief and anxiety coloured his face.

He mumbled to himself, “Impossible. I have looked at the lass in detail before, how can she be a Greater Demon? She obviously possesses human bloodline!”

He looked at the image attached to the spirit crane, it was a giant Phoenix-type Greater Demon that covered the skies…

Anyone could recognize that it was a Greater Demon from a glance!

A real Greater Demon!

It was not a disguise or a Demon Man. He could feel the powerful Demon Energy emitting from it even though it was coming from an image.

It was also not low in rank, at least at King-Rank.

Snow Sage went silently immediately, his heart was experiencing a myriad of emotions.

A demon, he has accepted a demon as his disciple!

He had mentioned before that no matter what Huan Qing Yan encounters, he would always be the firm backing protecting her…

Yet unexpectedly, she was a Greater Demon! She had also given the Demon God Command to the demons…

Humanity’s situation has become much direr.

Is it really, as they say, because we are not of the same race, that is why we can never work together?

In front of the greater good of his race, Snow Sage was afraid he would not be able to protect her.

An unknown sense of pain welled up within his heart when he thought of that notion. Ice started appearing around Snow Sage; layers upon layers of it were formed, creating one iceberg after another.

The powerful chillness in the air caused Tiger Emperor to curse, “Dammit, Old Man Snow, what stimulation did you receive? Did your daughter die or did your disciple die again? This is too cold, this Emperor will go rest for the day, we will continue our fight tomorrow…”

It was challenging to decide victory at the level of Half-Sage and Half-Emperor, all that could be done was to drag things out and restrain each other.

After it spoke, the Tiger Emperor disappeared with a gust.


Spirit Pond, Ji Mo Clan.

Various precious herbs have been continuously delivered to this place over the past few days.

The hearts of everyone within the Ji Mo Clan not sent to participate in the war was filled with worry for Young Master Ya, worried that he would not wake up.

The severe injuries he had were worsened after receiving a powerful blow to the mind. No matter how powerful a person was, he was still made of blood and flesh. Moreover, Young Master Ya is a person who values relationships dearly.

The Clan Patriarch Ji Mo Wu Chang and Fifth Elder, Ji Mo Yi Fan, have been continuously treating Ji Mo Ya’s injuries.

Ji Mo Ya was currently floating within the Spirit Pond.

He was not moving, looking as though he had lost all signs of life.

Ji Mo Wu Chang looked at him with pain in his heart, “He is not even forming a cocoon. Is this child giving up on life?”

The Spirit Pond is the healing holy grounds of the Ji Mo Clan. As long as one possesses a trace of life and is placed within the pond, silk will appear to wrap the person into a cocoon. The healing process will start automatically once the cocoon is formed.

Fifth Elder sighed, “Brat Ya takes love too seriously. He hated demons the most, yet he was deceived by a Demoness of his feelings for so many years, it would be hard for anyone to accept this. These caused his injuries to worsen to such a point… We have done all we could, it is up to him now.”

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