Chapter 1275 – You Are Awake?

“If Brat Ya really dies, our Ji Mo Clan will make sure that demoness wishes to be dead!” a trace of coldness appeared on Ji Mo Wu Chang’s handsome and graceful face.

At that moment, a trace of life appeared within the pale and slender man within the water.

The corners of his mouth lightly moved, “Little Yan, Little Yan…”

Ji Mo Wu Chang and Ji Mo Yi Fan were delighted and exchanged looks.

“Brat Ya, are you awake?”

Ji Mo Ya felt as though he had walked out from abyssal darkness.

Suffocating darkness was weighing down on him like heavy chains, making each step a difficult task…

Ji Mo Ya only has one thought; an important person was waiting for him, he cannot remain in this darkness.

He has forgotten that person’s name.

After thinking for a very, very long time…

He finally recalled. Little Yan, it is Little Yan…

Little Yan is waiting for him! Always waiting for him!

Ji Mo Ya charged out of the darkness and opened his heavy eyelids.

When he saw the light, he also noticed the Lord Patriarch and Fifth Elder looking at him with a mix of sadness and joy. 

Ji Mo Ya weakly spoke, “Uncle, Elder…”

“Good. Brat Ya is awake. You nearly scared us to death kid.” Fifth Elder took out several worms and placed them on Ji Mo Ya’s body.

They could help condition his body and aid in recuperation.

He did not dare to use the worms when Ji Mo Ya was still unconscious.

Ji Mo Ya did not reject the help. The worms were good treasures that the clan has specially nurtured.

Ji Mo Wu Chang finally felt relaxed, “When a King Spirit Master brought your nearly lifeless state back from Blackrock City, Uncle almost fainted.”

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“I have caused Uncle and Elder to be worried. I am okay.” Ji Mo Ya displayed his trademark smile.

“You are okay? You dare to say you are okay now? Your cultivation has dropped to Mystic Spirit Master and not a single part of your body is intact. Recovery will take several years…”

“So be it. Everything is in the past. Brat Ya is a rare genius. Everything is fine as long as he is awake, his cultivation can be trained again. Brat Ya, forget about everything, your contributions to humanity are also enough. Just focus on recuperating.” Ji Mo Yi Fan said.

Ji Mo Ya stood up from the pond.

It was thanks to Fifth Elder supporting Ji Mo Ya that the latter barely managed to stand firmly.

Severe pain ran through Ji Mo Ya’s entire body, with some areas lacking sensations. The spirit energy within his meridians was also extremely chaotic. Any wrong action would cause him to go unconscious again.

However, he only lightly frowned and acted as though nothing happened.

“The healing is not that urgent yet. Uncle, Elder, where is Little Yan now?”

Ji Mo Wu Chang’s brow jumped, “Brat Ya. From today onwards, stop Xiao Yan this and Xiao Yan that. That is only a demoness, our Ji Mo Clan is the victim. Sage Cai has stepped up and has helped you draw a line between yourself and the demoness…”

“That’s right. Brat Ya, it was fine that demoness has deceived all of us, but she has deceived you for so many years! How have you treated her over these years? Even a wolf would know not to bite after so much time. Yet she dared to give away the Demon God Command obtained by you and Shang Qiu Meng Qian’s life to the demons! This is in her nature. As long as she is not a human, she will definitely not side with us…”

Ji Mo Yi Fan’s words caused Ji Mo Ya’s blood to pump wildly and nearly caused him to faint again, but the former quickly helped and managed to stabilise  Ji Mo Ya’s condition in the end.

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Ji Mo Yi Fan had even harsher words but did not say them out as he was worried it would be too much for Ji Mo Ya to handle.

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