Chapter 204: Cloud Dragon Divine Walk

“Even though Teacher didn’t come, he can see us. So, do your best.”

Yiran Zhenren said with a smile.

“Very good!”

Fei Yu clenched his fists and glared at Ling Xiao, clearly wishing to fight Ling Xiao on the spot.

Although it was forbidden to kill or severely cripple an opponent in the Training Hall, teaching Ling Xiao a lesson would be good enough.

“Since today is the assessment, everyone has to fight, but it would be best to select opponents well-matched in strength. Otherwise, it will not be meaningful.”

The assessment was an assessment, not a competition. Prepared by White Cloud Great Master to assess the cultivation situations of his disciples, he wanted opponents to be well-matched in strength to best determine their problems.

If the differences in their strengths was too big, there would be no need to compete.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Yiran, it will waste a lot of time like that. How about I face the challengers and swap pointers with all of them? When swapping pointers, I will maintain an equivalent cultivation to the opponent. How about it?”

Ming Tian said with a smile.

“That’s a good idea. It will be fairer to use you as a reference.”

Yiran Zhenren thought for a bit before nodding. 

There were no hard and fast rules for the assessment method, so he had the final say.

“Who will go first?”

Ming Tian went to the center of the Training Hall, looked at the other 11, and announced with a smile.

“I will!”

The first one was actually Zuo Leng.

They should be very familiar with each other. With the same cultivation bases, they actually were evenly matched, and victory or defeat was undecided.

Sure enough, the aptitude and potentials of these two were truly equal, but Ming Tian’s cultivation base was higher than Zuo Leng’s.

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Afterward, Fei Yu, Fei Liu, Die Wu, Zhu Hua, Lu Xing, Shi Lei, Ling Yixue, Dai Yuling, and Leng Mei swapped pointers with Ming Tian in succession.

Naturally, Ling Yixue was able to endure the longest; she stubbornly exchanged one hundred moves without losing momentum.

But after one hundred moves, she gradually fell into a disadvantage.

Although Ming Tian had suppressed his cultivation base, the quality and thickness of his true essence was better than Ling Yixue’s. More importantly, he used Transcendent Martial Arts, so Ling Yixue was finally defeated after 120 moves.

This was normal.

The one who surprised everyone the most was Leng Mei.

Leng Mei actually was second only to Ling Yixue. She was defeated after more than 90 moves. Moreover, she left a scar on Ming Tian’s hand.


In the darkness, an exclaim resounded.

The others didn’t notice it, but Ling Xiao did. White Cloud Great Master had actually been paying attention to this assessment even though he hadn’t appeared here.

“Only you are left!”

Ming Tian looked at Ling Xiao with a smile and said, “I’m very interested in you. Come.”

Ling Xiao shook his head and said, “Let it be.”


Ming Tian was somewhat puzzled.

“In the same cultivation level, Senior Apprentice Brother, you will lose. Moreover, it wouldn’t be too meaningful to me.”

Ling Xiao explained: “It would be better to let me fight the Initial Rank Eight Martial Vein Dai Yuling. Perhaps, the result might be more interesting like that.”

“Presumptuous! Are you looking down on Senior Apprentice Brother Ming Tian?”

Before Ming Tian could speak, the geniuses of Heavenly Ren Academy were not happy.

“Not really!”

Ling Xiao was too lazy to explain himself. He truly didn’t look down on Ming Tian, but he knew that he was definitely better than him at the same cultivation level and wouldn’t feel any pressure. He felt that this kind of fight was meaningless.

“Ling Xiao, you shouldn’t think that you alone are special. Swap pointers with Ming Tian first. This is for assessing your cultivation, not to fight bravely.”

Yiran Zhenren looked at Ling Xiao and said.

“Never mind, since Zhenren has said so, I will obey.”

Ling Xiao knew that Yiran Zhenren and Lin Ze had a good relationship. Even if he didn’t give face to other people, he had to give the other face. Therefore, he stood up.

“Junior Apprentice Brother Ling, your cultivation is at Late Rank Seven Martial Vein. You can rest assured that I will suppress my cultivation to Initial Rank Seven Martial Vein. If you can defeat me, I will call you Senior Apprentice Brother.”

Ming Tian had obviously been offended by Ling Xiao’s words.

“That’s not necessary. I heard that Senior Apprentice Brother Ming Tian has an excellent grade treasured sword called Floating Snow Sword. If this junior apprentice brother wins, how about you give me that sword?”

Ling Xiao just shook his head and requested.

“Hahaha, no problem!”

Ming Tian basically didn’t think that he would ever lose to Ling Xiao.

He had a Transcendent Internal Core Law and a Transcendent Martial Skill; moreover, he also had a Quasi-Transcendent Movement Technique and Defensive Technique. He could easily fight an opponent while skipping levels.

Ling Xiao’s cultivation was just at Late Rank Seven Martial Vein, so even when suppressing his cultivation base to Initial Rank Seven Martial Vein, it was more than enough to deal with Ling Xiao.

One should know that when his cultivation had been just peak Rank Six Martial Vein, he had killed a Peak Rank Seven Martial Vein martial artist in a one-on-one battle.

Now, suppressing his cultivation base to Initial Rank Seven Martial Vein to deal with Ling Xiao could already be regarded as being very cautious.

He truly wasn’t being arrogant.

“Many thanks, Senior Apprentice Brother.”

Ling Xiao said with a smile.

“Okay, let’s start.”

Ming Tian waved his hand and said.


In an instant, Ling Xiao’s figure disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was already behind Ming Tian.

The entire process was almost like teleportation.

Too fast!

All present were surprised.

Even Ling Yixue who had always known Ling Xiao hadn’t expected his speed to have grown even more terrifying. No wonder he had said that even Ming Tian couldn’t defeat him at the same cultivation level.

This movement technique alone was enough to make him matchless.

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“A Quasi-Transcendent Movement Technique? No, this is an Entry Transcendent Movement technique!”

White Cloud Temple Master Yiran Zhenren’s pupils suddenly shrank, staring at Ling Xiao. He simply didn’t dare to believe what he was seeing.

His guess was right.

In the past seven days, Ling Xiao had successfully evolved <Soaring Cloud Steps>.

The current <Soaring Cloud Steps> had completely reborn, evolving into an Entry Transcendent Martial Art.

Its name had also changed to <Cloud Dragon Divine Walk>.

After all, it had evolved into Transcendent Martial Art, so such a big name change was reasonable.

Blood Blade Shadow King Kill!

Ling Xiao instantly urged <Duplicate Shadow Sword Technique> to the peak sixth layer as his Blood Blade Incomplete Soul appeared behind him.

His certain kill technique left a very strange shadow that appeared from a position Ming Tian had never imagined.

Everyone couldn’t help inhaling a mouthful of cold air.


Ming Tian basically had no chance to resist as the sword pierced through his body.

“I said it earlier: at the same cultivation level, you are not my opponent. Let alone when your cultivation is Initial Rank Seven Martial Vein. If this was a life and death battle, you would have already died!”

Ling Xiao returned to his original place.

He stood there with a cold look.

If he couldn’t even insta-kill an Initial Rank Seven Martial Vein Martial Master, his cultivation of many years would have been in vain.

“Humph, Ming Tian, you idiot! You underestimated your opponent too much!”

Zuo Leng couldn’t help but curse.

Although he was saying so, if he had been in Ming Tian’s place, he definitely would have been the one to suffer a hidden loss in front of Ling Xiao.

“Shut up!”

Ming Tian glared at Zuo Leng. He then treated his wound while looking at Ling Xiao and said, “Not bad. I admit that I indeed underestimated you. Let’s have another round. This time, how about we fight with the same cultivation level?”

Ling Xiao’s sword had impaled his stomach. Although it was nothing to him, he truly had lost face.

Therefore, he wanted to win the next round.,

“Before that, Senior Apprentice Brother, why don’t you give me Floating Snow Sword first?”

Ling Xiao asked indifferently.

He felt that this kind of battle was a bit boring. If Ming Tian and he had the same cultivation level, he would only be able to exchange a dozen or so moves. 

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