Chapter 203: Disciple Assessment

Other than Transcendent Martial Arts, Ling Xiao could view all the other ancient books and records, including those focusing on astronomy, geography, interesting tidbits, and so on.

In the outside world, Quasi-Transcendent Martial Arts were something experts at the Martial Master Realm craved for day and night, even Rank Nine Martial Vein Martial Masters were the same.

But here, Ling Xiao could read Quasi-Transcendent Martial Arts at will. This might be the biggest benefit of becoming a transcendent martial artist’s disciple.

However, you could only read, cultivate, and study them. It was forbidden to take these martial art manuals outside.

Naturally, this kind of restriction was useless against Ling Xiao. Every time he picked up a Quasi-Transcendent Martial Art, it would be immediately copied.

After reading a brief summary, he would take a few more glances if he were interested and throw them back if he were not. In any case, he had already copied it.

One must not be greedy on the martial path.

Therefore, Ling Xiao’s objective was very clear.

His defensive martial art was a Transcendent Martial Art, <Heavenly Dragon Golden Body>.

His Internal Core Law was a Quasi-Transcendent Martial Art, <Snow Lotus True Solution>.

His fist technique was a Quasi-Transcendent Martial Art, <Divine Prison King Fist>.

His Cultivation Secret Technique was a Quasi-Transcendent Martial Art, <Shadow Cultivation Secret Technique>.

His Soul Cultivation method was a Quasi-Transcendent Martial Art, <Soul Burning Formula>.

Therefore, there was no need to select martial arts for these aspects.

<Duplicate Shadow Sword Technique> was a bit inferior and just a Superior Peak Martial Art. Although its might was not inferior to a Quasi-Transcendent Martial Art after comprehending its certain kill moves, it was still a Peak Martial Art.

Therefore, he had to upgrade it.

In addition, <Soaring Cloud Steps> and <Bull Demon Technique> needed to evolve while  <Sword Controlling Technique> also needed an upgrade.

 Thus, his goals were very clear.

After some careful selection, Ling Xiao couldn’t help sighing: “A transcendent martial artist is a transcendent martial artist. The Quasi-Transcendent Martial Arts in the Technique Imparting Hall of White Cloud Great Master are truly comprehensive, simply making people breathless. It is far more abundant than the Ling Clan’s Library Pavilion!”

<Duplicate Shadow Sword Technique>’s complete version, <Transform Shadow Thirteen Swords>, was a Quasi-Transcendent Martial Art. The cultivation of the first six layers was exactly the same as <Duplicate Shadow Sword Technique>’s. Merely, this <Transform Shadow Thirteen Swords> had three more layers.

Cultivating to the seventh layer, the number of shadow clones would increase to six.

Cultivating to the eighth layer, the number of shadow clones would increase to nine.

Cultivating to the ninth layer, the perfection realm, the number of shadow clones would directly increase to thirteen clones that could impale any opponent with their swords. 

<Bronze Sweep Sword Controlling Technique>, a Quasi-Transcendent Martial Art, also went by the name <Five Elements Sword Controlling Technique>.

After cultivating it, one could integrate the power of the five elements in one’s flying swords, creating different effects. It was more powerful than <Black Iron Sweep>, faster, and its effect even more mystical.

Altogether, there were five styles: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

As for the cultivation of <Soaring Cloud Steps> and <Bull Demon Technique>, that relied on the foundation of a lot of Quasi-Transcendent Martial Arts. In the past, he had already succeeded without <Shadow Cultivation Secret Technique>, and now that he had <Shadow Cultivation Secret Technique>, his cultivation speed would be even faster.

He decided to cultivate a few more Quasi-Transcendent Martial Arts to upgrade these two outstanding techniques.

After selecting their martial arts, other people would be impatient to cultivate.

After all, they only had sixteen hours per day.

However, that didn’t apply for Ling Xiao. He would slowly cultivate after returning.

Therefore, he began browsing through the notes and records left behind by White Cloud Great Master, hoping to learn more about this world.

When he had been beggar, he had enjoyed listening to his grandfather’s stories about the matters of the outside world.

But his grandfather Hong Qi, after all, had just been a beggar, so he hadn’t know many things. Most of the things he had talked about were matters of White Cloud Province. He couldn’t even talk about Northern Han Capital, not to mention the Human Race’s Sacred Dynasty, various overseas nations, or the wider world.

“No way! Isn’t the Human Race’s Sacred Dynasty the center of the world? Why is it a mere nation of the Heavenly Dragon Continent?”

Seeing a record, Ling Xiao was dumbfounded.

This world was called “Xuan Realm.”

Xuan Realm had thirteen continents. Heavenly Dragon Continent was just one continent among them, and Human Race’s Sacred Dynasty was on this continent. Although it was a relatively large nation, it was only ranked third on this continent!

It was a bit difficult for Ling Xiao to accept this fact.

Traditionally, the Human Race’s Sacred Dynasty was called the center of the world, the largest nation, and the only nation that belonged to the Human Race.

It seemed the facts were somewhat different.

On Heavenly Dragon Continent were several hundred big and small nations. However, there were three nations that were truly powerful——Human Race’s Sacred Dynasty, Blue-Eyed Empire, and the Barbarian Race’s Golden Tribe.

Ren Country where the Ren Race was located was relatively well-known, but it was just a small country.

Merely, the current martial arts development of the Ren Race was obviously better than the Human Race’s Sacred Dynasty, so their reputation was gradually overriding the Human Race’s Sacred Dynasty on Heavenly Dragon Continent.

The current Human Race’s Sacred Dynasty could be called truly gullible. Originally, it had had thirteen vassal states and been incomparably powerful and prosperous, the strongest nation on Heavenly Dragon Continent.

But with the disappearance of martial souls and the Sacred Dynasty’s internal decay, this huge behemoth was now almost falling apart.

Ling Xiao couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

In the past, he had felt that Heavenly Peak City was a flourishing city, and Hollow Cloud City an unattainable place.

Now, he discovered that let alone Hollow Cloud City, the entire White Cloud Province was nothing.

After all, White Cloud Province was just a province of Northern Han Country, one of the thirteen vassal states of the Human Race’s Sacred Dynasty.

When trying to see more content, he found that there was too little information.

Other than some comparatively detailed records of Heavenly Dragon Continent’s Sacred Dynasty, everything else was only casually mentioned.

As for the other 12 continents of Xuan Realm, not even their names were recorded. Even White Cloud Great Master might not know of them.

It seemed that if he wanted to know more, he could only explore it himself after becoming more powerful and stepping into the Transcendent Realm.

How big was Xuan Realm?

What kinds of mystical things were there on all 13 continents?

This truly made his blood boil.

Ling Xiao suddenly felt that he now had another reason to become stronger: to find the secrets of this world.

The world was so big, and he wanted to overturn all its secres.

After leaving the Technique Imparting Hall, Ling Xiao began cultivating again.

However, he only had one goal this time, evolving <Soaring Cloud Steps>.

Movement techniques had always been very important for him. Although <Soaring Cloud Steps> could reach the level of a Quasi-Transcendent Movement Technique when coordinating with Ghost Ship Incomplete Soul, it was still unqualified, making him fall behind others in terms of movement techniques.

<Bull Demon Technique> was a supplementary technique, but <Soaring Cloud Steps> was an important measure to save his life. Naturally, he shouldn’t muddle through it.

It was quite simple to evolve <Soaring Cloud Steps>. He only needed to use two Quasi-Transcendent Movement Techniques for the foundation.

Someone might say that since the end results would all be Quasi-Transcendent Movement Techniques, why should he bother evolving <Soaring Cloud Steps>?

The reason was simple. Even if <Soaring Cloud Steps> didn’t reach the level of a Transcendent Movement Technique, it would certainly be the strongest movement technique among Quasi-Transcendent Movement Techniques.

Thus, it would be a lot stronger than an ordinary Quasi-Transcendent Movement Technique.

After seven days, Ling Xiao emerged from seclusion.

At the same time, Dai Yuling and others also left seclusion while White Cloud Temple Master Yiran Zhenren presided over the assessment.

White Cloud Great Master’s 12 disciples below the age of 16 gathered at White Cloud Temple’s Training Hall.

“Will Teacher not come?”

Fei Yu asked Yiran Zhenran with some disappointment.

In this period of time, he had studied hard and bitterly cultivated. Although his cultivation had not advanced to Rank Eight Martial Vein, he had cultivated a Quasi-Transcendent Martial Art to the perfection realm, so he wanted to show off in front of White Cloud Great Master.

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